1. bigbill867

    Quick post to prevent account Deletion!

    Just had a note from forum admins that I need to post something to prevent my account being deleted, well here it is. I joined the forum as an ‘old’, newly qualified sparky awaiting final on-site visit from napit assessor. I appreciate that a forum needs content to keep members but I’m also a...
  2. J

    Quick introduction

    Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself. Old git who likes to have a go and then when I've mucked it up, call the pros in (if I can afford it!). Decent enough at carpentry and happy to give anything else a turn, but getting too old and knackered now to be crawling around in small spaces or up...
  3. A

    Connecting A Quick Windlass & Side-Power Remote Control

    Connecting my Quick windlass to the Side-Power should be simple enough. The remote is only expecting 3 wires: Common Windlass in Windlass out See diagram: I presumed that the remote red common wire should be connected to the Windlass 4A fuse wire, but pressing the remote control up/down...
  4. K

    Quick confirmation needed of whether meter wiring is dodgy or not.

    Hi. Have searched the net and the forums first for an answer but had no joy so here goes.. Quick background. My son just bought his first house which is an ex rental repo and the neighbours told us the last tennants got arrested for using the house to grow weed. I'm round here on my days off...
  5. Lucien Nunes

    Silly quick Q about BS1363 unsleeved pins under ACoP Ed.5

    I can't find my current ISITEE ACoP (5th edition) but I need to be quite certain about the position on unsleeved 13A plug pins. I think I know the answer but I am being challenged on it. Can anyone quote directly?
  6. GMES

    Quick hello

    Hi Guys Just thought I would pop in to say a quick hello, it's been a while but work is crazy so I haven't had much spare time. I hope all the usual suspects are still frequenting the forum and that you're all well. I'm off for a look around and try to catch up on things.
  7. Lucien Nunes

    Lucien's quick Tuesday quiz

    Every three weeks I get to hang around the Royal Free Hospital between blood tests, physical exam, scans etc that take a few hours of separate appointments. Not all locations in the building have enough signal to get an internet connection so I tend to work offline writing letters etc. This...
  8. M

    ECU Quick Disconnect

    Built a sand rail with the engine and electrical from a 1993 pontiac grand am. Using the stock ecu and installed it in a small pelican gun case for protection. The ecu has 3 connectors with about 30 wires (originally had more, but I simplified the harness and removed systems/wires I don't need)...
  9. littlespark

    “Can you do a quick EICR before end of year?”

    Picked up the keys this morning and had a quick visual… will do the actual testing on Monday… but what I’ve found so far…. (Not necessarily leading to anything worse than a C3) Missing pendant. Pendant in bathroom, non splash proof panel heater in bathroom, no fan isolator in bathroom…...
  10. Lucien Nunes

    A quick European wiring puzzle with a simple answer

    Following from a recent thread mentioning some continental electrical practice, I made this mock-up of something you might see in an older installation in a certain West-European country. It's not standard practice now but is widespread enough to have a specific name. What is the name of this...
  11. H

    Quick question about light switch voltage

    I have a light switch that was crackling sometimes when I would turn the light on. Swapped out the switch today, and checked the voltage on it while it was switched off. It started out at 109 volts, and slowly went down until it hit 80 volts, and stayed there. I only have one other thing on this...
  12. W

    Quick quote

    Hi guys, I’m new to self employment and I’m not sure my pricing is accurate enough. I’ve been asked to do a small job local to me and wondered if someone could give me a rough cost. I’ve been asked to supply; 1 x stainless lantern for front of house 2 x 30w flood lights with built in PIR (for...
  13. W

    Quick quote.

    Hi guys. I’ve got a rough cost in my head, but I just want some guidance on a quote please. I’m doing a small job for a local guy, he wants 4 downlights added to his kitchen, the existing pendant relocating and swapping for new fitting (customer provided). And a pendant in his laundry room...
  14. D

    Quick Question on Cable Route

    Hi All, Long-time lurker and user as a resource! Ex electrician with limited domestic experience! Currently routing CAT6's through my 1920's semi from first-floor landing through to the loft, and found a potential route through an old doorway, nicely inside a 150mm dimension from the junction...
  15. W

    Quick question

    Hi all, I have a quick question from a level 4 exam paper I'm stumped on. Why would you test a rcd used as additional protection at 5 delta I before any other test on a periodic. My possible answers 1 as it used as additional protection you are verifying it will trip within 40ms as required...
  16. J

    Quick Volt drop Q re Table 4ab P 383 Regs Book plz

    Hi I am being thick i am sure. I am doing some pre work on an EV charging course i am doing in November. I got to a part mentioning volt drop and ref in the regs book. Not looked at this for a while, so i thought i better check it out. Table states figures for Public Supply and figures...
  17. S

    UK Quick bit of advice about earthing

    Good morning all, first time poster, thanks in advance for any help! I'm planning on relocating a socket on my downstairs circuit about 2ft from its current location. Having taken a look at the socket, it appears the circuit is earthed at this point, the other side of the external wall pictured...
  18. littlespark

    Two quick questions

    Father in laws project. He’s bought a massive shed to store our caravans in and I’m bringing the electrics up to decent condition. (30 odd double sockets and a couple of 16A commandos on one rfc!) so.... can anyone tell me what size this breaker is? I’m guessing 63A. It fed a 32A 3ph socket at...
  19. N

    Hi everyone, new to the forum

    Hi all, just a quick hello as new to the forum
  20. S

    Hi all, quick intro.

    Business established in 2006 in the Grantown on Spey area (Scottish Highlands for those who dont know :)) 5 employees at present. Mostly domestic work but a fair bit in the industrial category.


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