1. M

    DIY Help! Damaged Quick Connect 2 same color wires one side, Black & White the other

    A quick connect on the bottom of my farm tractor was snagged by a limb and one side of the connectors wires were pulled free from the housing. The good side with the wires still connected has a black wire (hot?) and a white wire (neutral?) but the 2 wires that were pulled free from the other end...
  2. DannyJS

    Quick intro...

    Hi All, Quick intro as i've read a lot from a distance but now I am looking to get involved, ask questions and get some advice. Thanks everyone up to this point :thumbsup: I am 33 in Greater Manchester area, completed C&G 2365 L2 & 3 at Trafford college a couple of years ago, recently updated...
  3. A

    UK is twin and eath aloud in hot tub installs

    hi, just a quick question for installing a 32 amp hot tub a friend told me it HAS to be in SWA but I have seen lots of 32 amp tubs installed with 6mm twin and earth in conduit, Is he correct? and is there anything in regulations not allowing me to use twin and earth in conduit? many thanks
  4. K

    Domestic EICR before Napit registration.

    Hi all, having been 40+ years in the game, have just done 2391 & 18th, waiting for Napit to access, i have been offered a contract to EICR a quantity of rentals. Can i do these prior to Napit accreditation? I have all Insurances needed. Thanks.
  5. Ruairi Hansen

    Gas bonding

    Hi guys just wondering what peoples thought is on this. I was out looking at a job today and noticed the main gas pipe is not bonded at the meter but has a 10mm earth at the boiler is this a code c2, c3 or nothing?
  6. M

    Hello everyone:) quick self introduction and question.

    Hi, I've come across this forum, started reading it and couldnt resist to not share my point of view and ask the question. About me: I was always interested in electricians trade. I've worked 3 years as an electricians mate in Poland, 3 years in France, then I come to UK. And I've...
  7. Doomed

    Just a quick question

    In a large yard, incomer in corner, TNS, feeds some switch gear and then a long length of SWA to garage in other corner of yard about 100m away. By garage I mean a big garage, water canteen and all. Readings are good at the garage sub board. There is a bit of me that wants to TT the garage, but...
  8. RutlandFox

    Industrial Quick Question(s) - BS4343 Sockets - switched/interlocked or not?

    Hi all. I am looking to fit a couple of blue 230V single phase 32A sockets for a portable welder in a workshop. Indoors. Though the welder has the option to be outdoors on a long flex. Two sockets as it gets wheeled around and used in two locations and the current long extension flex gets in...
  9. T

    Quick Thermostat Query

    Good morning all, Probably quite a simple question for all of those who use thermostats/temperature sensors regularly. I'm in need of a thermostat which has the ability to close it's contacts once the temperature in the room has reached a degree which is deemed too high. Do most thermostats...
  10. ipd1961

    Quick reference guide for 18th

    Just completed the 18th Regs course and we were given a quick reference guide by the company delivering the course. I have redone it because there were a few typos and here it is in plain black and white or glorious colour
  11. M

    Just a quick hello from Mike in southern UK

    As I'm new here and this seems the right place to say it ... My name is Mike and mainly I do electronics (design and test) rather than truly electrical, but I like to keep abreast of the state of the art, and still keep my hand in on occasions. Though if I'm honest these days it seems to be more...
  12. R

    Any quick calcs to get a rough min Zs allowable

    Any quick calcs to get a rough estimate min Zs allowable for protective devices MCB, BS-88 etc, Im thinking in an exam saves time even looking at the tables if there's a fast ball park check rule of thumb.
  13. Doomed

    quick info on car charging port

    Wiring up a series of offices in an converted factory unit, all well and good. They have asked us to install a car charging port for one of the managers cars, we have never fitted one and have no interest in getting in to fitting them, but we need to do this as a one off. TNCS, will be approx 5m...
  14. D

    Switch and Socket product design, Quick question

    Hi There, I'm designing a range of switches and sockets for the UK market, to launch in the next 6 months. Any feedback or thoughts on the below would be much appreicated. Socket/Switches are attached to metal or plastic mounting boxes. When a plastic box is used there is a 1mm flange. This...
  15. A

    Is there a gas/heating engineer here? Quick question

    Is this an "energy certificate" which needs to be filled in by a gas engineer and sent to a council after boiler replacement is completed? If so, where should i put the sticker which was originally on the boiler?
  16. C

    Quick question regarding wiring a light.

    So i have my College level 2 practical exam on Wednesday and we need to produce a board following a sheet. on that board we need to produce and wire up a 2 way light switch, i have always had trouble wiring up lights and found it very complicated, i have been doing some research on some wiring...
  17. Baker1988

    A Quick Laugh.......

    Just been recommended this from my youtube feed and it give me a bit of a laugh.
  18. Chris_G

    Quick Hello from Cornwall

    Hi all, just a short note as I am a newbie to this forum. I am a self employed sparks living and working in Cornwall. I cover mainly domestic work and enjoy the variety that working on domestic brings.
  19. S

    Quick question re smoke detectors

    Hava a mate who asked a question and as you know I am not up to speed with current regs, can you piggy back of a lighting circuit to power smoke detectors or not they will have a battery backup. It seems the build is a bit of a c0ck up and don't ask me about the missing pad stones. Just trying...
  20. S

    Quick Question About Cable Cutters

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this is a stupid question but why are Cable Cutters not insulated, wheras everything else is VDE protected (sidecutters, pliers, screwdrivers etc)?? Seems odd that the cable cutters have been left out? Shane
  21. V

    Quick Question - Sockets for appliances

    Hi All, Looking to change all appliances in my house (which is approx 20 years old) and I was wondering if I could change these fuse sockets for normal plug in sockets. Saves me from cutting off the plug on the appliance. I have a switch grid on the splashback near the hob to switch on/off all...
  22. marconi


    My wife has been complaining about the hot weather so I put together this 'evaporative air cooler' for her using a plastic storage box. Along the broad front side is a kitchen extractor fan and along the broad back side is a grid of 50 x 6mm holes. The 3 plastic containers contain ice bought...
  23. B

    Just a quick hello to you all!

    Hi all, As per the intro just thought I'd say hello! My real name is Alan and to cut a long story short I'm a UK expat moving back here next year and I've just bought a house that will need some work. In the meantime I'm planning and budgeting for stuff that needs doing and although I have a...
  24. S

    Quick Question Old 3 Phase Install

    A friend has a question regarding an old dead 3 Phase install thats to be ripped out and was curious about what type of fuse would have been fitted to this unit, must be some sort of bolt on/in cartridge type of fuse, any ideas?
  25. M

    Light switches question. Only very quick!

    Bedroom had two light switches. One by the door and a pull cord by the bed. I've taken out the wires attached to the pull cord one and obviously now the light doesn't switch work. I only want the switch by the door. Inside was 3 red and a double earth (accached pictures). How do I wire it in...
  26. dinger809

    Just a quick intro of me

    Hi all, first post on here although been watching for a while. Approved, gold card carrying electrician and proud of it. Been doing new builds, (domestic and commercial), refurbs and changing LAMPS for years now. Still learning every day and enjoying the posts on here
  27. H

    Bit quick advice please

    Wiring a couple containers up, refrigeration units. External to factory unit, about 10m from incomer. TNCS supply, thinking we should be dropping a rod in at the containers, but additional to TNCS earth so not separating. Can anyone advise?
  28. Loki

    Anyone using Quick books self employed

    Hi, Anyone using Quick Books Self Employed? if so i was just wondering what your thoughts were? Is if user friendly? Do you use the invoice part? Or is it too basic? Is the end of year self assessment any good? Etc What other software's options would you recommend if not this? Thanks...
  29. K

    quick question by a new to the trade

    Hello all, currently in training so be gentle if this is obvious....i have come across a consumer unit where the sockets are all on one fuse ( 1970s) there are 4 2.5 mm conductors. I assumed it had been wired as two loops onto one fuse however all four line conductors have continuity to each...
  30. SparkyChick

    Under counter fridge earthing - Quick sanity check

    Morning all, Did an EICR a couple of weeks ago and one of the things I commented on was the fact that the metal work of an undercounter fridge (the door hinge/skin mounting arrangements) did not have any continuity to the CPC of the circuit supplying it. I can find no indication of it being a...
  31. A

    Quick question about rewiring a plug

    Hi I'm in the uk. My dog has chewed the plug off our tv upstairs during the night. The earth pin is plastic. When I'm rewiring a new plug into it, am I okay to use a plug that had a metal earth pin but obviously don't attach anything to it? Thanks..
  32. M

    Quick Conservatory Question

    Hi, I wanted to ask a question about a conservatory. I am looking to buy a house with a conservatory. The row of houses have over-head electrical incoming supply. The conservatory was built approx 4 years ago, no documents for it. The conservatory has a hole in the lead flashings to allow the...
  33. A

    A quick check on if replacement CU is required.

    I had a new extension done recently and the extension electrics have been added to the ring main of the downstairs sockets etc accordingly. I am being told though the work can not be signed of unless the plastic CU fitted only 3 years back is changed for a Metal one following Jan 2016 regs...
  34. N

    Quick Help! Switch only switching one spotlight off!

    I'm changing 4 spotlights over to LED and the spotlight which has all the switch wiring in is the only one switching on/off at the switch. I have identified the switched live but I am obviously missing something as the other 3 are permently on and will not be switched off at the switch. Any...
  35. DPG

    'Modern Electric Wiring'

    Evening all. Does anyone want to buy a copy of 'Modern Electric Wiring'? Have ended up with some duplicate books in my collection. Published by Caxton, hardback, 1950 (66 years old). Was after a tenner but that would include postage. Mods - if this isn't allowed let me know, cheers. Daz
  36. G

    C3 and unsatisfactory cert, advice please

    Hi all, asked by a friend to go and look at a shop for them and give a cert as requested buy the estate agents, ive gone and had a quick look, two wylex dis baords, no RCD . told me mate the boards could to with changing for new and coded this c3, then i (wrongly i assume) put unsatisfactory...
  37. Pete999

    Who Else

    Who else in the world has guys like this, America take note, the bravest of the brave and they aren't even born in this country, hats off guys well done.
  38. amlu

    my new universal crimper

    arrived in the post, whole set of the frame + 6 sets of dies was under £100... 4 times less than comparable knipex. frame is aluminium really lightweight and there is a steel version too. all machined metal no wobbly plastic bits and feels well made. dies click in place no messing with the...
  39. S

    parallel circuit

    Just a quick one. have a new machine install that is 3p+N 270 Amp (protected by bs88 315 amp fuses) cable length 80m from main switch board. cable required 120mm, But installing this size cable will be a nightmare as high level with a lot of racking etc. would two 50mm cables in parallel...
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