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  1. mattg4321

    Came across some cable I haven't seen before

    I came across some cable today I haven't seen before. It has some sort of tough, inflexible pvc type sheathing (definitely not rubber). It's quite a light silvery grey and more oval shaped than modern flat T&E. Rubber insulation. No CPC. Probably tinned copper conductors, but maybe even...
  2. markocosic

    Preparing for EV charger: cable and earthing before driveway?

    Hi, Can I ask some advice on what to bury please? This is the the front of my house in plan view. House at the bottom. Porch at the bottom left. Driveway at the top. There's a fence between the driveway and the lawn. The incoming electricity supply runs underground down the left hand side of...
  3. M

    Isolator before the meter

    I wish to find out what’s people’s thoughts on isolators before the meter? Typically they are installed after the meter and before the CU, but does anyone know if there is any reason why it cannot be placed before the meter? Aside from what revenue protection like or not, is there any legal or...
  4. Dustydazzler

    Anyone tried these before..?

    https://www.screwfix.com/p/knipex-5-in-1-vde-electrical-installation-pliers-8-200mm/5211f 40th Birthday coming up and my parents are insisting they get me something so might cut a new pair of cutters / shears and wondered about these
  5. J

    Switch before or after transformer?

    Hello- I'm planning to install a bunch of LED lights in my kitchen cabinets. The idea is to have a small LED strip turn on automatically when opening the cabinet door. I've found a 12v LED strip that can be cut into 30cm long sections that will be perfect for my application, along with some...
  6. J

    2391 before completing my NVQ L3?

    Hiya fella's, I have almost completed my NVQ L3 (with the final 10% completed via employment) and I have been working as a sparks mate for the last 3 months on-site. I have so far gained experience in emergency lighting, most containment, installing industrial safe isolation boards (with them...
  7. Michael J

    Domestic Green neutral anybody seen this before?

    Haven’t seen this before
  8. S

    Commercial Sometimes you have to laugh before you cry

    Got a call from a beauty salon to ask if I repair electronic beds. I said no but the very camp voice begged me and told me no one would repair it apart from the German makers - and they wanted a fortune. He badgered me until I said I would come have a look. I've never been in such a place like...
  9. Marcus Vaughan

    Anyone seen this symbol before?

    Logo in the bottom right corner - looks like I shouldn’t be installing them in a home. Also - 30 of them needed per lamp at 15w each - two lights (one already installed by customer) + other lights. It’s right up close to maximum demand - even with diversity..... Customer supplied lamps - time...
  10. Richard Cook

    Dishwasher needing switched off at wall to ‘reset’ before each cycle?

    I’ve got a dishwasher from IKEA (integrated into unit) and it’s under 2 years old. For the best part of since I’ve had it... when I go to turn it on it will beep (as if it’s picking up on the pressing) but it won’t show anything on the display etc. I have to switch it off at the wall and wait...
  11. G

    Circuit Breaker drops before Fuse

    I have underfloor heating rated at 3kW. The circuit goes through a fused switch with a 13A fuse in it. That is supplied directly from the main fuse box with a B16 circuit breaker dedicated to that circuit alone. Every time we use the system, it warms up for a bit, then the circuit breaker goes...
  12. Steve93

    Help! Never seen this before!

    I am installing solar to a house and this is there main incoming. I can’t see an Earth anywhere but test ZS across L-N coming out at 0.20. Then with gas bond disconnected is 0.38! But we only have gas bonding. No other earth anywhere. Anyone had this?
  13. telectrix

    calculation check before i rip the flat to bits.

    hi folks, got a CU change to do. flat rewired circa '70's. wylex 3036 fuses. my concern is earthing conductors. at present they are 6.0mm. TN-S. Pefc is 700A. not sure of main fuse size, so have taken worst scenario at 100A. referring to tables, @ 700A the disconnect time for a 100A BS1361 is...
  14. T

    Re suspended ceilings thread and the mess in it, before and after

    Just a little update as @marconi expressed it may be interesting to see before and after on sargasso sea of cables above ceiling.
  15. Dave OCD

    Before and after some 'unbodging'.

    I've been doing quite a lot of work in a nice house for the last 3 days, bought by a retired lady and her son last Autumn and I was recommended after they'd had a N####C A/C in a few months ago. The biggest job was lowering the C/U to a sensible accessible height, the previous 'Electrician' has...
  16. S

    1ph DB Piggy backed off 3ph DB Before Isolator. - EICR

    Hi Guys, This is the second time I've come across this on an EICR, but with slightly different circumstances. It has made me ponder if my previous code, and if my current idea for coding is correct or not. Basically someone has bodged an extra single phase supply off the incomer side of a 3...
  17. C

    VYTEC Fuse board never seen before

    Hello People Has anyone Came across a VYTEC board before and successfully installed a more easy to come by brand of MCB asides fro VYTEC? I have been told its a rebadged GEC apparently
  18. Rick Ellmore

    Am I being asked for a Ze reading before any work?

    Hi Guys and Gals, currently I am finishing off my NVQ & i'm being asked the question on One file "Check the safety of electrical systems prior to the commencement of inspection, testing and commissioning".... Is this just fancy wording to say check Ze before you do anything else? Any advice...
  19. littlespark

    Something else to disconnect before testing...

    First came double sockets with integrated USB outlet, now BG has a double socket with USB and a built in wifi repeater. I think i'll just stop using 500v dc across L & N completely. I'm now waiting for double socket with integrated toilet roll holder.
  20. GBDamo

    Will a B type 32 trip before a C type 16?

    Morening all, I have a dilema that you may be able to help with. Manufacturers instructions ask for the unit to be fed from a C Type 16Amp MCB. At the moment this is all the technical information I have. In one in twenty cases they experience nuisance tripping and have now recommended fitting...
  21. S

    Zdb before dead tests.

    Hi guys got my assesment in 3 weeks and want to get my testing spot on. Little confused whether to test Zdb on 2 way CU before dead tests?? Or do I jump straight into continuity? Thanks in advance.
  22. Pete999

    First Volunteer for Age UK tomoz ( no not electrical before you all start)

    Like the title, first job in the morning Volunteering for Age UK, wish me luck if you feel inclined to.
  23. happyhippydad

    Blimey, never seen anything like this before!

    I was asked by a friend to connect up some lights in their store room. You can make out the cable on the ceiling coming out of the conduit ready to be connected to one of the CU's. This is what I came across. I said 'No'! :)
  24. telectrix


    as title.cable tapped into N, disappears into the ground. assume to a rod.
  25. C

    Has anyone cut these before

    hello guys I need to put some plastic switches on some switch drops with no Earth and replace the backboxes. The plan is all class 2 fittings and plastic switches I have been told these old 12mm conduits and backbones are made of nickel and my multi tool won't cut them, i suspect they had...
  26. O

    Not seen this before .........

    Been doing a CU change today. House was rewired in 1999 Picture of inside of Wylex board: This was one of several marks that the cables had left - and yes its heat damage to the enclosure.. The cables aren't damaged, and as all the rings were protected by 16A MCB's its not exactly a high...
  27. Gavin John Hyde

    External earth loop Ze with switched fuse before CU

    Got a job where im having to do the usual testing. I have never tested a set up where due to the tails needing to being so long to reach the consumer unit there has been a switched fuse, this is i believe a standard directive from the DNO the tails then terminate into swa and run from the...
  28. KennyKen

    Prestart Stretches before work

    For the blokes who work in a fairly large crew 20+ Sparks. Before work do you do prestart stretches.. just wondered if anyone else does this?
  29. C

    Has anyone seen a service head like this before?

    Hello guys Just finished an installation for a client and got to the testing and cert phase and thought id check the primary device. i found an old rewire able fuse holder with what looks to be a copper cable installed as opposed to fuse wire. Can i get some fuse wire to protect 25mm cable...
  30. F

    problem i should have sorted before now but not had money.

    Hey everyone i'm really hoping this issue is fixable and cheap as i have put it off due to low cash flow and tonight it got a bit dangerous. My car started acting up a couple of months ago and has gradually got worse and it all began when i started leaving my car parked for days while working...
  31. G

    Surge Protection Device question

    I am busy doing some work with a local contractor to get some up to date hands on experience. whilst doing a EICR today i come across a CU with SPD in. The property is a recently built 5th floor flat about to be let on a new tenancy and meets the criteria for requiring a SPD. The whole set up is...
  32. T

    Commercial kitchen water heater ideas.

    Anyone got any brilliant ideas for a over sink water heater for pretty demanding washing up environment? Could be under sink I suppose. Actually doesn't need to be brilliant could be just a good recommendation.
  33. D

    Quick Question - Which course should I begin with?

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about a career change to becoming an electrician. I've found some courses at my local college and was wondering if it was worth me doing the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671) course before any other? Or am i going in too deep with that straight away? I have no...
  34. J

    EICR required for Part P installations?

    Hi Everyone, I have been told that when I join a Part P scheme I have to complete an EICR form for every installation or addition to a circuit before I can do any work on the circuit. So even putting a new socket on a bedroom circuit I have to complete an EICR form. To do that I have to have...
  35. B

    Replace shower pull switch

    Hello Guy's I replace shower pull cord switch like same last one but there before not conecte earth wire I done like that before wire connect with shower in future working like before in there any danger if not connect with switch box?
  36. R

    Hi all..... advice needed

    Hi all..... Im Ross. Spent the last 5 years running my own sales company but sadly this has now come to an end. Long story short I've decided I want to retrain as an electrician and I'm really excited about it. Looking at what qualifications I need and a way in, being 27 an apprentice scheme is...
  37. S

    Copper sheathed cable - Glanding Enquiry

    Garden lighting job. All this cable is to be stripped out and replaced with SWA. I have to join where it emerged from the house however. I've not come across this cable before or how to gland it. Any tips?
  38. Midwest

    Substandard Cable

    I was reading an article in the winter edition of 'connections' about counterfeit or poor quality cable. Apparently the 'Approved Cables Initiative' (ACI) reported a fall in the number of cables being submitted to them for testing. The ACI are suggesting complacency in the industry. They've...
  39. D

    high r1+r2 on lighting circuit

    Hi all, Strange one today that i've never seen before - hoping someone else may have seen this... Wiring an additional outside bulkhead today - couldn't easily get to the last fitting to take a switch wire from there so split the switch wire as close as i could to the fitting and wired in a...
  40. O

    Holiday 2017

    The Misses and I have been discussing what we should do for our holiday next year. Our son will be 18 and our daughter will be 16 having done her GCSE's. My idea is to go to Florida, rent a villa with a pool for 2 weeks and do some of the park's, Kennedy and some sight seeing. Ouch it's...
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