1. Dustydazzler

    Interesting article about small business pension pitfall Thee three words
  2. Lou

    UK Brexit and your business

    We don't want to discuss what you voted for and who likes who the best - but for discussing how your think your business could be affected by Brexit then use this thread. So How do you think your business will be affected by Brexit? Would it be better to leave or stay? Has your business...
  3. Dan

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in

    Please add your electrical business to our directory, it's free, and should get you calls coming in @Lou and I have been working on the electricians directory for a week or so now. And we're pretty much complete. We now need you guys and gals to add your businesses to it for us to tweak it some...
  4. Dan Directory Listings are getting business in and ranking in Google, look.... Directory Listings are getting business in and ranking in Google, look.... 2 or 3 posts down I have the results. The listings were made when I created that thread. So they...
  5. Electrical2go

    Industrial 18th Edition - How has it changed what boards you buy?

    We're interested in what changes you've made to become 18th edition compliant. We want to ensure we're stocking what you need most at Electrical2Go. So Overload and Surge Protection... Are you buying fully populated 18th Edition boards? Or buying cheaper boards and adapting? Cheers...
  6. T

    invoicing help? advice from the businessmen/women sparks

    This is more for accounting reasons rather than customer convenience, how detailed does an invoice have to be? for example, if I quote someone £80 to install a new light fitting (fitting included) on my invoice can I just put the whole amount "Parts and Labour" and rely on material receipts to...
  7. Ckiner

    СRM for small business? Many thanks in advance!

    Hello everyone, We are currently looking for an 'all in one' CRM system to use within our business. We are looking at using Work etc, has anyone had any experience with this system or could you advise on any others? We need the CRM to have the below features: - basic invoicing - sales lead...
  8. K

    Does anyone specialise In Home Automation

    Hi guys I am looking for some advice; I am interested in starting a business specialising in home automation installs but not sure where to start. I've done some research and it seems some of the big brands I should be installing are companies such as Centron, Lutron, Control4 & Savant. I am...
  9. Midwest

    Closing down my business

    I've decided to close down my business. After my apprenticeship, I did about 12 years in the industry, before moving onto pastures new. When I retired from that job, I thought I would try being a sole trader electrician. I gave it a bash for 5 years, but for various reasons, I've decided to...
  10. B

    Business admin documents templates

    Hi I want to start my own business doing fairly standard electrical installations and testing. Does anyone know of a reference for administrative stuff I'll need such as complaints book, risk assessment templates. I know that competent person schemes provide some of this stuff but was...
  11. D


    Hi guys, bit of advice needed. I currently work in an electrical engineering factory building high voltage switchgear. I am a qualified electrician but have been out of contracting for 6/7 years now. I have been given an opportunity to set up an electrical arm to a building company. Keen as I...
  12. J

    Solar Energy Installer Business Owners - Uni Case Studies

    Hi everyone! My name is James and I am a Business student at the University of Southampton. As part of my studies I am looking at the solar energy industry. I am currently researching the market and reaching out to business owners in the industry and I would be really grateful if you could...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    NICEIC Certification Scheme The NICEIC creating new roles in the electrical business?

    Had this email pop up in my inbox, seems the NICEIC are looking into creating a new role in a electrical business, by sounds of it one rung below QS... Not sure what responsibilities it would give them or would it be the case they can then sign off the certificates? No doubt it will be an extra...
  14. T

    So how do I get my business name at the top of the page like ergelectrics then

    So I suppose I have to sponsor the forum. But maybe it is not the best place to advertise for electricians an electricians forum?
  15. Soulsurfer

    Lighting and power to a new motorcycle workshop trackday business.

    Hey all, Got to estimate out an install for a friend who's got a high roof shed/workshop and all power is fine and easy enough to sort but as far as lighting for the centre of the shed and / or around perimeter I need to look at best way to go with it fittings wise. In the centre there will...
  16. W

    Advise on a startup business

    Hi . New to the forum and this is my first post. I am after some advise if you’ll Help please ? I am an electrician with 20 years experience. I am looking into opening my own company. I know all the info on creating the business . Where is the best place to advertise for free? Also, I don’t have...
  17. D

    Your Tradebase - for small electrical business

    has anyone subscribed to Your Tradebase for quotes, invoicing etc? It looks great and I’m on the free trial but it’s £25 a month if you subscribe. Would be keen to know your thoughts if you’ve used it for your sparky business or if there are less expensive ones out there or alternatives. Thanks
  18. B


    Hey all, I'm a qualified electrician and have been for 20 years now (Although not on tools right now). I'm in the process of putting together a course that guides/helps/coaches and provides systems for people to conquer their pain points. I've experienced the long days, then getting home and...
  19. R

    Phone calls asking if I want to sell/know value of my Business

    Hi all, I`ve been trading for the last 8 years, in the last 8ish months I`ve been getting calls from firms asking if I would be interested in selling my business. Also getting calls saying that they have clients that want to invest in the area and would I sell or when I say no they ask whether I...
  20. JackSparky

    Sole Business Needs!

    Evening! If an electrician was to go solo and set up a business, what would be needed?
  21. simPRO

    Invite to FREE business workshop (26 September 2017, Cambridgeshire)

    simPRO is a new sponsor on this forum and we would like to invite members to our Build a Better Trade Business Workshop - a day of essential business advice for trade business owners. Join us on 26 September 2017 at our offices in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, to receive essential tips and tricks in...
  22. T

    I need some help with business name

    Looking for a bit of advice on what to put after the business name. What would you guys recommend i put after the name? Im going to mainly want to specialise in commercial/industrial install so i was think of just put electrical or electrical contractors after then name, i worried this then...
  23. JK-Electrical

    Cut-throat Competition: The Race To The Bottom

    Electrical installation work, as all self-employed electricians will know, is a highly-competitive business. My own business operates mainly in the greater Glasgow area, and I have to say that I'm finding it increasingly difficult to compete on a level playing field. I was recently approached...
  24. D

    Quiet spells with new business

    Hi folks, I started up my own electrical business back in November last year and it's not been too bad so far. I find that there are times when i have lots on and things are rosey - then the next time can be a week or two with not much coming in. Just now is one of those periods - been busy...
  25. Dan

    10% Off Business Cards from InstantPrint!

    Use the code to get 10% off business cards from InstantPrint. They do some really cool cards on there. I was looking at the silver foily text ones the other day myself but rarely give them out to anybody to be honest so perhaps not worth me getting some until I've used my old boring normal ones.
  26. N

    Getting business on google search?

    I have a website which isn't anything fancy but for a sole trader is hopefully fine. I know everyone wants to be at the top of the page on a google serach, but I am not even at the bottom! I have a free listing, but even when I search for an electrician in my area via google and get...
  27. N

    Unpaid Invoices & Paying Suppliers

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice from anyone who may have been in similar situation, at one time or another. I'm a one man band, I've been set up as a limited company since I started in 2015. I had been doing a lot of work for a big contractor at the tail end of last year, I have...
  28. R


    Hi all, Been in business for quite a few years now. Work has always come to me due to advertising and word of mouth. Things have got to a stage where word of mouth and repeat business (domestic 40% commercial 60%) are keeping me super busy. Ive found that the last 6 months ive been pretty much...
  29. O

    Making Tax Digital - impact on the self employed....

    I was listening to BBC's Money Box yesterday and it sounds as if this will catch the self employed in FY2018 Tax simplification. It's complicated, Money Box - BBC Radio 4 - its the first 10 minutes you need to listen to.. So we are going to have to...
  30. jaydub

    Start Up Costs

    Hi everyone, this may have been posted before so sorry if that is the case, but... Thinking of starting up by myself and I'm trying to calculate the average costs involved in starting up, followed by the on-going annual costs. I will be setting up as a sole trader and do not wish to grow the...
  31. B

    Who to choose

    any advice on what would be best for my starting company as in who to register with as in niceic, napit, elecsa or the benefits of Eca. I am looking to do domestic work aswell as commercial jobs. Are they all the same or are more beneficial than others. Thanks
  32. D

    Electrician Experienced Electrical Sub-contractor Required in London - Hamlets Hackney Islington Camden Central

    Electrical Sub-Contractor required for various short projects in Tower Hamlets/Hackney/Islington/Camden/Central London. I have a growing electrical business and am looking to take on a sub contractor as I am getting too busy to do all the work myself. The projects in question are short term...
  33. Lou

    Cwmbran Electricians

    We here at Cwmbran electricians are a local company that looks to provide our residents and business owners the professional services they need when it comes to electrical work. When performing a range of electrical tasks from installation to maintenance and repair, we bring nothing but the...
  34. Lou

    Alger Electrics & Alarms

    Alger Electrics and Alarms Limited started out with Gerrard Devoy as a sole trader in 1979 with the ambition to provide an electrical service that works to a high standard and provide the customer with a consistent quality service. Over the years a reputation has been established on this basis...
  35. Lou

    T. Beacom & Son Electrical

    With nearly 42 years of experience in the electrical trade Tom Beacom & Son Electrical Contractors is a family run business based in County Fermanagh with a reputation earned from the professional services we offer through our fully qualified electricians. We insist on the highest of standards...
  36. T

    Trigger Electrical Services

    Celibrating ten years in business we are a small but very much appreciated and busy local business serving the Penwith area of Cornwall.
  37. GJCES

    GJC Electrical Services Ltd

    GJC Electrical Services helps people. Whether you are a home owner, in facilities management, landlord, commercial property or industrial business, I can help to reduce your stress. By taking on your electrical problems, it leaves you free to run your business, or life knowing that everything...
  38. Simonslimline

    What happened to the trainee section?

    I am possibly overlooking something here! I cant seem to find the trainee section anymore, has my access been removed? Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.
  39. surelec

    EICR advice

    Good evening everyone! Finally created my own account after scrolling through the forum for the past couple of years (great site). Right, down to the actual situation I have... I have just started my own business which I am currently starting to run alongside my full time employment. Now...
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