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volt drop

  1. Bear

    Select (Scottish) Certification Scheme Question on volt drop from 2391

    Hi all, I have worked out the volt drop on other questions using the formula mVxAxM. had no issues, but this question below has just fried whats left of my brain, I have the answer because i got it wrong, but how do you work this one out?? Being Dyslexic i do sometimes read the questions all...
  2. Dan Carroll

    Volt drop maths

    Morning team Question about volt drop. I presume I am missing something here. So firstly the facts out the OSG. Table 7.1, page 66, lighting circuit, 6 amp, RCBO protection, 1.5mm cable. The max allowed length is stated as 106m. Using table F6 for the cable info, for 1.5mm cable the mV/A/m is...
  3. bigspark17

    Float switch wire volt drop

    Hi guys and gals. a job that has got me second guessing my calculations. I have been asked to fot a float switch to a pump not a problem but the distance is 525m. Now there is no load on the float switch as i will be using a contactor to switch the pump Locally. So can i use a small 1.5mm 2c...
  4. J

    Voltage drop on rgb LED strip

    Hi! I’ve installed an rgb strip light to a friends house with a dropped ceiling and I did expect some voltage drop but not as bad as it is, the problem I have is 1. I have ran 2X 2 core 0.75mm2 cable from the carcass unit where all the sockets and less driver is in, into the wall and comes up...
  5. N

    Max volt drop for 25mm or 35mm feed to sub CU

    How does max volt drop for 25mm or 35mm feeds to sub CU work. Do we for example allow only 1% drop on the 25/35mm so we can keep 2% drop for lighting circuits and 4% for power circuits, or is there any where else in the regs that gives specific figures on maximum allowed volt drop? Any...
  6. P

    Volt drop calculation and cable size

    Hi A good friend of mine is having a large electrical installation carried out in his garden.Hes had 3 prices from various electrical contractors regrading the install. He is having a summer house built that will house 9kw 3 phase sauna 5kw hot tub 27kw 3 phase electric boiler A 32 amp ring...
  7. S

    Doorbells again - volt drop / max bell wire length

    Hi Folks I've been trying to work out whether a doorbell will work with approximately 16m run of bell wire. I've tried to find out volt drop, resistance (to calculate volt drop), or even CSA of typical bell wire. But no luck. I tested an approx. 3m length with my MFT and got 0.87 Ohms. That...
  8. G

    2365 Level 3 Design Project. Volt Drop feed to Summer House and earthing

    Afternoon Gents, just a query regarding volt drop and extending the equipotential zone on a PME in the level 3 design project. In my design I used a 16mm armoured and the associated volt drop was 5v, this left 1.9 volts for the lighting ring in the summer house. Tutor said not to worry about...
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