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hi everyone

  1. H

    Hi everyone

    I just joined the forums and I'm a DIY so I may need some advice. Have NICE DAY. Dan
  2. D

    Hi Everyone.

    New to this forum platform. Looking forward to reading all of the opinions on the anything but straight forward industry that we are all part of. Stay safe. (Part 4 :)
  3. FoldPV

    Hi Everyone

    Hello guys, I'm a DIY since I was 10 with my commodore64 and watched my grandpa fixing the radio. Now I repair electric stuff at home and love green energy and Hi-tech things I hope to give and get advice from everyone in the world! STAY SAFE by 1 Italian without covid19 o_O
  4. Andy Cam


    Hi, Everyone new to the forum looking to progress as an electrician.
  5. T

    UK Hi Everyone. An light on What an Electrical Professional Discussion is.

    Hi Everyone . I need advise on my situation. I have C&G 2365 L2 and L3, AM2 certificate and I have 100% on all my mature student L3 EAL Diploma modules . I uploaded my AM2 after passing it and it was approved. Instead of getting the portfolio certificate sent over I have been advised I need to...
  6. K

    Hi Everyone

    RE-Registered member, couldn't log on with old details. Currently Elec Maint supervisor with FM company.
  7. D

    Hi Everyone

    new here I hope to learn a lot from you my new friends
  8. F

    Hi Everyone

    Just popping in to say hello. Nice forum. Off to have a better look around
  9. R

    What this?

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