1. B

    Uk Lamps

    Hi, I recently bought 2 lamps from eBay, when they arrived they had European plugs, when rewiring the plugs to UK plugs I noticed the wiring is only 2 gauge and has no earth. This concerns me as the casing for the lamp is made from eBay appears to be metal/ brass! Also there is a what looks to...
  2. H

    Wiring a table lamp direct to a mains light switch?

    Hi all, was wondering if is possible to wire a 3 amp table lamb directly to a mains light switch? The light switch is used for an outside light has two brown wires going to the switch and two blue wires in a chocy block going nowhere? Thanks. Steve.
  3. Andy5678

    Table saw switch

    Looking to replace a table saw switch. The saw has a slow start motor, so the usual retrofit start stop switches won’t work. Anyone ever replaced one/recommend a retrofit switch?
  4. J

    The First Table in Section 7 of Onsite Guide....

    The first table in the OSG, p64 (it has no table name). It says the following maximum loads are assumed per circuit, and then it lists circuits and their rating, along with Load. My question, is this table showing maximum load that it's recommended these circuits should reach? Or is the Load...
  5. N

    Domestic Toggle Flick Switch 12V on Table Lamp?

    Hi All, First time poster here. I'm an ex-plumber and lamp making diyer. My question is this: Is it safe to wire a lamp like the one here (image 1 below): with a toggle switch as seen here (image 2 below): Switch type: toggle Contacts configuration: DPST Switching method: ON-OFF AC...
  6. LeeH

    Industrial Asked to bond a sink (table)

    I have been asked to ‘bond’ some tables or industrial sized wash bins by the engineering supervisor here at work. People stand and work out of these. Simple structure with water that’s filled from a hose. Q “can you bond these tables, and what do you think?” Me. “Well, seeing they are not...
  7. A

    How to rewire a table saw

    Hi guys The power cable on my table saw attached to the motor came off when I changed blade to 45 degrees. Turned saw upside down and the power cable was hanging loose, the only wire coming out the motor is a red live cable, how can I reattach the power cable when it has live and neutral wires...
  8. Zdb

    Table 41.3 18th edition

    Anyone got the updated maximum Zs values that they'd like to share?
  9. R

    Finding the correct cable table

    A lot of these mock exam questions are not specific about armoured or non armoured multicore cables, flat twin or not etc, the correct table to use can be a bit of trial and error until you get the correct answer for Volt drop for example.
  10. W

    6 3kw table top ovens and hobs

    Hi guys some help required!! My sister runs a centre and has bought 5 x 3kw table top combined oven and hobs they are supplied with plugs which cant be removed as that will invalidate the warrentys. There are 3 spare slots on the consumer unit how can she safely run all 5 appliances. she says...
  11. G

    Table 4.1.2a/b in Electricians Guide

    Could somebody please clarify the difference between tables 4.1.2a & b. It appears to me that the difference is in types of circuit breakers - B or C depending upon max test loop impedance. Is this correct and which measurement do they mean by test loop impedance?
  12. O

    Dual CS 430 Turn Table issue

    We have a massive selection of LP's - not all on CD or downloads! Some of which I'd like to listen to We also have an early 1990's Dual CS 430 turntable - but the central spindle will not rotate free - there is no obvious way to clean or lubricate it and despite doing a number of internet...
  13. John Lundrigan

    Advice on TABLE 41.3 please?

    Table 41.3 provides max Zs values based on Uo = 230V. Can this this table be used to assess Zs for Uo = 110 v ac on a reduced voltage system. Perhaps reducing Zs pro rata? Thanks
  14. Edtwozeronine

    Can anyone point me towards a complete installation method table

    I have one in the OSG and I have the BSI IET (size of a yellow pages) regs book. I found this too: I've chosen A for air tight conduits in the concrete wall of a...
  15. D

    12 volt metal table lamp for sale.

    Hi all. I am planning a metal table lamp. The light will be a 12 volt LED fed from a plug in transformer, so there will not be any 240 volt cable or connection to the table lamp. Do I need to earth the metal of the table lamp?
  16. Wilko

    How to modernise an old brass table lamp ?

    Hi All, the story so far : Customer has asked me to make her old brass table lamp work. How hard could it be? No earth, so first step was some new 3 core flex and a brass lamp holder that's got an earth point. An inline switch and I'm away. But no, the new flex won't fit up the stem of the lamp...
  17. CDB

    Diversity Table A2 OSG P118

    Morning all, Thumbing through the OSG guide today and I have a couple of questions regarding the above table. Firstly, just a idiot check but electric showers would fall into no.5 water heaters of the instantaneous type. I know this but so often doubt myself. Secondly, No. 9. Am I right...
  18. CDB

    Elec.. Guide.. Build.. Regs Table 4.1.2a - Is this a cooker mistake?

    Hi, I hope my abbreviated title caught someone's attention and makes some sort of sense. On page 58 of the Electricians Guide to the Building Regulations there are some standard circuits listed. In particular I'm looking at the cooker entry on page 59 and have a couple of questions: 1) Why...
  19. M

    Resistance per meter of armour

    I know it's late and the lap dances are still open , so i will wait till tomorrow for any replies . Does anyone have resistance per meter tables for steel armour 90degree thermosetting ,can't find it anywhere . Ta
  20. L

    R1+R2 Values

    Hi all, Quick question when doing r1+r2 testing wether its a new install or a EICR, is there a table to show maximum readings we should be getting? Or is it a calculation? Thanks in advance Luke
  21. S

    Assignment help

    Determine the minimum size of cpc for the circuit giving consideration to; Disconnection times Thermal Constraints? Here is what I have worked out so far for the circuit - Ib=p/(Ulx√3) = 12000/(400 x 1.732) = 17.32Amps From Table B6 I selected a C20 which has a max Zs of 0.87 Ω 20>17.32...
  22. Flanders

    4mm 90 Degree Thermosetting cable on a 32 amp MCB

    Hello Can I just confirm that if 90 degree cable is used in switch gear that is only ratted at 70 degrees then you use the 70 degree tables to find the maximum current carrying capacity in this case Table 4D1A I ask this as I carried out an EICR and found 4mm 6491B cable run in trunking...
  23. E

    Ci - for cable calcs

    Also just revising: trying to apply a rating factor for insulation on a cable calc. Just in theory, it's not for an actual job. The cable will be clipped direct to joists above ceiling and is covered in >100mm thermal insulation. I cannot find the correction factor for insulation. Advice please!
  24. D

    Derating Factors

    Hi guys, Might be a silly question but getting really confused. Table 4D5 for choosing cable size for different installation methods, does this already have de-rating factors applied for the different methods? If so, then if you calculated your current capacity using specific de-rating factors...
  25. KennyKen

    How do you get promoted to Electricians Arm status?

    Got a Gold J.I.B card if that helps?
  26. M

    Domestic 1NO1NC switch

    i am trying to install a 1no1nc push on off led switch in my car to intercept my power antennae. it has 5 terminals with red, white, black and 2 green wires. the 2 green wires are marked NO and NC. i think the red is marked+. cannot see any markings for black and white did not come...
  27. juice

    do you use the multipliers from tab 13 in OSG when calulating volt drop?

    I've recently done a C&G 2396 Electrical Design Course and unfortunately the tutor who taught the course did so for the first time and in my opinion didn't do a good job of teaching the material. I'm now doing my revision for an exam this Thursday and trying to make sure all the formula I use...
  28. J

    On site guide single core Mv/A/m question

    Hello all I have a quick question on using my on site guide. I've found this forum fantastic for help so far. It's quite simple. I have a question which asks what the voltage drop for a single core 6mm² 70⁰c insulted cable for a single phase circuit is, enclosed in conduit. Page 151 of the...
  29. happysteve

    Another OSG error I haven't seen mentioned... RCD and zones

    Eh up :) We all know about the duff max Zs tables in the OSG (Table B6) and GN3 (Table A4)... in fact, I've only just recently updated my GN3, and I'm pleased to say they have reprinted it and it now has the correct tables in. I've noticed in my (early-purchased, with dodgy table B6) OSG that...
  30. 1capybara

    Table 41.3 Max earth fault loop impedence (Zs)

    The heading of table 41.3 says it shows " max earth fault loop impedance Zs for Circuits Breakers..... giving compliance with 0.4s disconnnect time of 411.3.2.2 and 5s disconnnect time of 411.3.2.3." 411.3.2.2 is for final circuits not exceeding 32A. 411.3.2.3 is for distribution circuits and...
  31. A

    Max permissible ZS for rcbo 61009

    So, when I did my 2391 I&t course I was told to use to values in table 41.3 of the regs for max ZS value for rcbo which provide earth fault, and over load protection. Recently a colleague of mine said you should use the value in table 41.5 which states a max permissible ZS of 1667 ohms. I don't...
  32. J

    Voltage drop for fp200

    Hi, Am running a radial power circuit in 4mm fp200 with a 20A rcbo but am a bit worried about the voltage drop. I have a 70M run clipped direct and by my calculations I will need to go to 6mm. I am using table 4d2 but don't know if there is a table for fp200.
  33. N

    10.5kW Shower Cable Size

    Hi all, Would a 10.5kW Shower require 10mm or 16mm twin and earth? I've been doing cable calculations at college and im not 100%. Cable Length = 20m Protective Device = 50A Wiring method = Above plasterboard ceiling not exceeding 100mm insulation I belive 10mm is sufficient but my calcs...
  34. beatboaby924y

    61009 rcbo max zs 1667ohms?

    Doing some testing today and came across something I was hoping to get cleared up. The maz zs of a c type 16amp 61009 is 1.44 ohms on table 41.3 however on table 41.5 it states that a 30ma 61009 under 32amp can have max zs of 1667ohms. Would you write on test sheet maz zs 1667 ohms and...
  35. O

    Another scam??

    Got this today by email: Congratulations xxxxx. You've got it. Your Business We've been told you've got what it takes to become a Which? Trusted Trader. Dear xxxxxx, We're delighted to let you know that our members have recommended xxxxxxxxxxx to join our Which...
  36. telectrix


    anyone within reach of stoke-on-trent, this might be of interest: Inspection & Testing Saturday Course Rebus Training Ltd ([email protected] Inspection & Testing Saturday Course!!! View this email in your browser Inspection and Testing...
  37. K

    D curve breaker

    I have been asked by a customer to solve a problem, he has a 3 phase 20A D curve breaker supplying 3 single phase breakers 2 x 6A and 1 x 2A. The 6A breakers are supplying 2 pumps with a load of about 4A each. When 1 of the pumps are turned on, the 20A trips. Any ideas why? The earth loop...
  38. A

    Volt drop tables for LSF T&E

    Which table do you use in BS7671 for volt drop for LSF Twin and Earth? There does not appear to be a table for LSF cable. 4D5 refers to the grey PVC cable and is not the right one to use for the white LSF. Any help would be appreciated.
  39. J

    3 phase supply size

    Hi all, I need to put in a 3 phase supply for a piece of equipment in a commercial unit. They've sent the spec sheet for the item over and all it says is Current type (Ph/V/Hz): 3/420/50 Power rating (kW): 7.8 I just want to clarify if it's 7.8kW per phase or 7.8kW total over all...
  40. M

    Domestic Max number sockets

    Is 5amp sockets classed same as light fixture. As in 100w each and max 13 per 6 amp. Cheers
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