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  1. J

    Dodgy light switch

    Hi hoping for a little bit of advice. My light switch in the kitchen is playing up. When switched off the lights keep flicking and in the switch I can sometimes see a little light. Do you think moisture has got into the switch?
  2. G

    What next, dodgy customer....

    Hi all, Got called out to a job today where there was 240 volts found between neutral and earth on a cooker circuit (load side only, after the switch). Customer advised me the cooker engineer said it was the switch, I advised I doubted it very much, and my testes indicated it was not this...
  3. JK-Electrical

    Yet Another Dodgy EICR

    A prospective customer has contacted me via a recommendation received from a mutual contact and asked me to provide a quotation for remedial works that have arisen from an EICR that was recently undertaken at a three-bedroom property he rents out. In his initial e-mail, he said that the letting...
  4. AlmondSauce

    Dodgy Legrand switches

    We seem to have a spate of Legrand light switches in our house that have failed in a rather "interesting" (read: dangerous) way - the plastic switch covers seem to get loose over time and then eventually just fall off, exposing the live contacts underneath: I've since gone through and...
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Dodgy builder and 'electrician' fined for dodgy work and using the scheme logo

    I expect this bunch of blokes would not have got into as much bother if they hadnt bothered pretending to be NICEIC members and used the logo. either way its good to see cowboys fined for shoddy work. Copied from NICEIC website:- TRADESMEN FINED FOR DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL WORK THAT PUT LIVES AT...
  6. S

    Dodgy meter move, how to fix?

    Hi all I have just bought an old house. At some point in the past someone moved the meter and consumer unit from their original position next to the incoming head (?) to about 8m away, using pyro cable. There is also a 60A fuse next to the meter. I don't know what size the fuse in the head is...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Dudley 'electrician' in court for dodgy work

    Saw this online and makes a change to hear of a person claiming to be a spark end up in court. Electrician in court for failing to carry out work to a safe standard -
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    £land selling dodgy lights for... well a quid!

    popped in poundland over lunch time to grab a bottle of something to drink and a snack. saw these 'downlights' on the display... turns out poundland have gone into downlights... I started to get all excited thinking of the mark up if i could fit these on a forthcoming job instead of the £12...
  9. Ib≤In≤Iz

    I've lost the job, Dodgy electrician gets it

    I had a call from a commercial landlord about 6 weeks ago who rents out a unit. There's a mechanics garage, hairdressers and hand car wash there. He wanted the existing supply split up so every business had their own meter. So I told him as I'm very busy it would be a month or so before I could...
  10. S

    Hi from a gran with a dodgy socket.

    Hi everyone, I have a problem I hope you can help with. Today I plugged a small fan heater into an extension lead with 4 outlets. Also plugged in was a tumble dryer and small dehumidifier. The dryer was OFF, the dehumidifier was on. After around 15 minutes I could smell that distinctive...
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    Dodgy socket testers being recalled

    Saw a notice on screwfix that a batch of socket testers are being recalled. Might give a new meaning to the bang test if somebody uses one of the dodgy ones then...
  12. J

    Dodgy shower installation

    Hi everyone, I am not an electrician myself but I am after some advice regarding an installation that was recently carried out at my elderly mothers house. She has recently had a shower installed where there was one many years ago, the pipe work was still usable but no one could find where the...
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    many house fires a week caused by dodgy white goods!

    According to story I just had pop up on my sky news app 60 house fires a week are attributed to white goods catching fire. the link says 8 a week so havent a clue which is correct???? Makes you wonder if they ever managed to recall and fix all them iffy tumble dryers? 60 house fires a week...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Building control finally prosecute dodgy tradesman

    Just seen that in Cardiff the building control have for once actually prosecuted a builder for dodgy trading practices, the cowboy was hired by friends to do a loft conversion and made a right mess of it by all accounts. It poses the question if they can prosecute him, then why cant they deal...
  15. S

    Dodgy electrician consumer unit change

    Hi guys Being to a job today where a customer wanted a quote for doing the bonding to water and gas. She had told me that an electrician had fitted a new board with no main earth present and had told her that it would cost an additional 300 pound to get the bonding done when the main earth has...
  16. mrhorse

    Dodgy DIY pic thread?

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for that thread with all the pics of dodgy DIY electrical jobs that was on here a while back. Could anybody point me in the right direction of it please? If it's still about, that is... Cheers
  17. G

    Dodgy meter keys and electric credit

    Visited my cousin today and her neighbour recently had a guy knock her door offering her £50 of electric for just £10. They have a key they put in the meter that adds the credit on. she said she was tempted but couldn't afford to pay it back if it all comes on top for her. I have heard of this...
  18. polo1

    Another tripping rcd.....

    In case I've missed something- 40a mcb in an old Simplex cu feeding a standalone, plastic cu consisting of a 63a, 30ma rcd as main switch and a 40a mcb. 10mm t&e serving a 9.5 kw Mira shower via a 45a dp switch. Random tripping of the rcd when the shower is off ( power to the switch internal to...
  19. G

    Hyundai PV Panel Array - RISO test help

    I have two 8 panel strings laid flat on a flat roof connected to a Power One inverter. One of the strings is showing a RISO of 0.5 mohm or less. The cables and connectors are all dry and intact, so I think is is a faulty panel. The voltage test doesn't identify the actual panel. If I take off...
  20. P

    views on working for british gas

    hi all, have been offered a job at british gas as a sparky, anyone have any experience working for them? it is working on their breakdown insurance side? any views? ta Peanutty
  21. H

    Rcd trouble

    Rcd not tripping x5 over 40ms any ideas? Changed rcd same problem,cheers guys
  22. amlu

    rewire pricing help

    hello, please point me in the right direction did two jobs, both in 4 bedroom properties, working together on proper refurbishment under a dodgy building company. one was moving 3pendants, 3 new sockets, 23 led spotlights on dimmers, new bathroom install, new kitchen, aerial+2 aerial sockets...
  23. T

    yet another poor installation

    hi all, went round a friend's house today - he gave me a call and asked if i would look at his electrical installation as he thought some things weren't 'quite right'. i had no intention of doing any work, this is more experience for me as i'm still learning. first up - tails from the meter...
  24. D

    PIR for loft conversion only?

    Can I perform a periodic inspection report for a dodgy looking loft conversion only or does it need to be the entire property?
  25. sythai

    RCBO not tripping on x1 and x5 tests... thoughts please....?

    Just wondering if I'm thinking correctly here.... Newley installed rcbo, but not tripping when tested at x1 and x5 ? Got to be either a dodgy rcbo unit (was a cheaper make - CED) or maybe a dodgy earth connection ? Many thanks, Sy
  26. E

    Rogue Traders new series dodgy sparks

    reading in the elecsa newsletter that they,ve been assisting the program Rouge traders with some dodgy sparks . Anyone know when the program will be shown ? should be intresting viewing.
  27. M

    wots yer wurst customer

    i have had a few really dodgy ones, , , ,yer hear all this rouge TV stuff un cowboy this, un dodgy that, wot about a dodgy costumer program. . . .had one recent phoned for an emergency so i drove through traffic to help the poor dear un when i got their she had gone out for a hair appointment. ...
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