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  1. nicebutdim

    Dodgy EICR clampdown?

    Not had time to watch this, so it may well be nonsense, but title suggests a landlord has been fined £45k for having a dodgy EICR...
  2. K

    Quick confirmation needed of whether meter wiring is dodgy or not.

    Hi. Have searched the net and the forums first for an answer but had no joy so here goes.. Quick background. My son just bought his first house which is an ex rental repo and the neighbours told us the last tennants got arrested for using the house to grow weed. I'm round here on my days off...
  3. Dartlec

    Dodgy Manufacturers Instructions for lights

    On two occasions recently when changing light fittings I've been bored enough (after fitting the light naturally), to read the instructions that came with them... Two different manufacturers (or at least brands) have had instructions calling for terminals to be covered in insulation tape...
  4. J

    Possible dodgy oven wiring discovered

    I've moved house and have had a full re-wire and new kitchen fitted in Nov 2020, incl a new electric oven and gas hob. The oven is a Bosch HBG675BS1B. We only actually moved into the properly on 21st Dec. On 23rd Dec (not good timing!) the oven stopped functioning and would not power on. The...
  5. J

    Dodgy EICR (Consumer)

    Good morning I am a consumer, an accidental landlord, which means I rent out my former home as my circumstances changed a few years ago. I need an EICR in order to carry on renting my flat. The NICEIC registered electrician that came turned out to be unqualified and the report not worth the...
  6. S

    UK Dodgy EICR

    Have a board change booked in for someone after a unsatisfactory EICR Seeing what others think of the report. Seems to me they are either misinformed or looking for the extra work It’s a second floor flat, he has written this. C2 no rcd for cooker circuit C2 no rcd for immersion circuit C2 no...
  7. S

    Dodgy LayZSpa

    Hi all. I have had my LayZSpa a few years now and it was a few years old when I bought it. A few months ago I felt a shock when I was standing on the (wet) decking and then touched the water. I got the MM out and it read 50v to both the decking and of course into the ground/earth. I then took...
  8. J

    Dodgy light switch

    Hi hoping for a little bit of advice. My light switch in the kitchen is playing up. When switched off the lights keep flicking and in the switch I can sometimes see a little light. Do you think moisture has got into the switch?
  9. G

    What next, dodgy customer....

    Hi all, Got called out to a job today where there was 240 volts found between neutral and earth on a cooker circuit (load side only, after the switch). Customer advised me the cooker engineer said it was the switch, I advised I doubted it very much, and my testes indicated it was not this...
  10. JK-Electrical

    Yet Another Dodgy EICR

    A prospective customer has contacted me via a recommendation received from a mutual contact and asked me to provide a quotation for remedial works that have arisen from an EICR that was recently undertaken at a three-bedroom property he rents out. In his initial e-mail, he said that the letting...
  11. AlmondSauce

    Dodgy Legrand switches

    We seem to have a spate of Legrand light switches in our house that have failed in a rather "interesting" (read: dangerous) way - the plastic switch covers seem to get loose over time and then eventually just fall off, exposing the live contacts underneath: I've since gone through and...
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Dodgy builder and 'electrician' fined for dodgy work and using the scheme logo

    I expect this bunch of blokes would not have got into as much bother if they hadnt bothered pretending to be NICEIC members and used the logo. either way its good to see cowboys fined for shoddy work. Copied from NICEIC website:- TRADESMEN FINED FOR DANGEROUS ELECTRICAL WORK THAT PUT LIVES AT...
  13. S

    Dodgy meter move, how to fix?

    Hi all I have just bought an old house. At some point in the past someone moved the meter and consumer unit from their original position next to the incoming head (?) to about 8m away, using pyro cable. There is also a 60A fuse next to the meter. I don't know what size the fuse in the head is...
  14. weevilward

    Dodgy website - “element lighting”

    Hi all, Hope this doesn’t contravene forum rules, but thought I should send out a warning. I think I have been scammed by a dodgy website: https://www.elementlighting.co.uk/ The Website seems fine. A month ago I ordered over £200 of track lighting for a job and I’ve been chasing it ever since...
  15. Gavin John Hyde

    Dudley 'electrician' in court for dodgy work

    Saw this online and makes a change to hear of a person claiming to be a spark end up in court. Electrician in court for failing to carry out work to a safe standard - http://www.dudleynews.co.uk/news/16610327.dudley-electrician-alan-riley-in-court-for-failing-to-carry-out-work-to-a-safe-standard/
  16. Gavin John Hyde

    £land selling dodgy lights for... well a quid!

    popped in poundland over lunch time to grab a bottle of something to drink and a snack. saw these 'downlights' on the display... turns out poundland have gone into downlights... I started to get all excited thinking of the mark up if i could fit these on a forthcoming job instead of the £12...
  17. Ib≤In≤Iz

    I've lost the job, Dodgy electrician gets it

    I had a call from a commercial landlord about 6 weeks ago who rents out a unit. There's a mechanics garage, hairdressers and hand car wash there. He wanted the existing supply split up so every business had their own meter. So I told him as I'm very busy it would be a month or so before I could...
  18. S

    Hi from a gran with a dodgy socket.

    Hi everyone, I have a problem I hope you can help with. Today I plugged a small fan heater into an extension lead with 4 outlets. Also plugged in was a tumble dryer and small dehumidifier. The dryer was OFF, the dehumidifier was on. After around 15 minutes I could smell that distinctive...
  19. D

    Turn me on, fused out with dodgy light fitting!

    Looking for assistance and advice. I have damp coming in my ceiling and it caused one of my lights to short taking out all the lights in my house. I changed the main fuse and turned the socket off for the dodgy light but still it keeps randomly making the 'popping' noise and I am worried about...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    Dodgy socket testers being recalled

    Saw a notice on screwfix that a batch of socket testers are being recalled. Might give a new meaning to the bang test if somebody uses one of the dodgy ones then...
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