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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody bought one of those cable tongues? if so thoughts...

    I havent purchased one myself yet but has anybody bought one of those cable pulling tongues yet.. A couple of the premium tool brands have them out such as super rod, ck etc... some glow in the dark. What were your thoughts? I am unsure how useful it really is? how flexible is it? I use the...
  2. buzzlightyear

    Are you one of the people lost by Thomas Cook going bump?

    are you one of those people affected by T.COOK .by buying a holiday or flight it a shame a company like that gone ,but who next . I know a spark that booked a family holiday ,he is not happy.
  3. littlespark

    Domestic One of those easy jobs that’s turned sour

    Add a few sockets to existing cottage. partition walls, back to back with other sockets. First one went without problem. Onto number 2. Plug in socket and see to identify mcb..... buzzes constantly.... off, off, off..... hmmm. Not on any of these socket circuits? Turned off...
  4. buzzlightyear

    any body seen those fitting on the rounds

    those where fitted by a another spark and did not tell the customer where he got them from .any body got any idea .
  5. C

    Those lovely fitting from local DIY store

    You know the ones,bolts attached to the back,fit the front,then fiddle with the dome nuts. Bottom entry,you don’t have achance &1.5 mm cables,I nearly smashed it to bits.
  6. Z

    Questions about "price per point" for domestic

    I've been working for a firm for a number of years now with jobs on the side, recently gone full time solo. Everything I've done up until now has been either day rate, or price work. I'm based in Surrey / Middlesex by the way, most of my work is in the areas surrounding Heathrow airport and...
  7. G

    Those bloody foxes chew my plug

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can get a replacement plug as shown in the pic as the foxes have chewed through it. It goes to an AC adapter for chriChris lights . Many thanks, Martin
  8. Zdb

    Question for those who have done 2396

    Silly question but, when designing your final circuits did you have to calculate the voltage drop in the main supply cables from the service head to the main distribution board? I know it will be bugger all but just wondering if your tutor asked this of you? I was only going to do from the...
  9. happyhippydad

    Do you have Personal accident cover? Just for those self employed.

    Afternoon all... Just reading through Professional Electrician and got to the article about the self employed chap with the broken wrist. This poll is just for those self employed as if you're employed you can probably get sick pay. I'm considering getting this insurance and wondered how many...
  10. E

    to those of you who number 2 in portaloo

    STOP IT.
  11. Pete999

    Tool Tarts everwhere, and those who are OCD about tools

    I want a set, don't need it but I want a set.
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Should EICR's be restricted to those qualified

    Just read a post about a poor EICR and given the amount of reckless plastic sparks out there running around doing poor EICR's and ultimately putting people at risk I do think its time they are restricted. The cowboys do not have a clue what they are doing or inspecting and only want the quick...
  13. R

    Newbie would like to know more about electrics starting with why is my dimmer connected up wrong?

    Hi forum, I do have a genuine interest with electronics and have successfully installed a dimmer and replaced a light fitting or 2 oh and changed multiple light bulbs! My latest project is a big one a dimmer switch and light fitting! the existing light and dimmer has been up for 10 years with...
  14. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Surely not

  15. H

    Intercom wiring help

    Got an intercom to sort, the pictures speak for themselves I think. What happened was a dog chewed through the cables and some Jack the lad tried to fix it. The ones with orange conductors haven't been touched. The one with a yellow conductor to the terminal has been touched - that is how it is...
  16. T

    Anyone play WOW on here?

    Hi just wondered does anyone play wow on this forum as a matter of interest. I just leveled one of my Characters to 110 over the holiday it was great. Playing Legion the latest patch. Had a great time!
  17. U

    Scariest Games on xbox 1 Recomendations

    Just a quick post to see if any members like playing these scare crap out of you games I do personally lights out job headphones on. Im really old school though and some of the best for me were Aliens and the Dead space games lol some really jump out of skin gameplay in those. But can anyone...
  18. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Nice, easy aint it? not

  19. Andy78

    Old MK Sentry

    Not having much experience or knowledge of working with MK gear I thought I would ask a question of those more au fait with MK. Have a job coming up where RCD protection is required for alterations over three circuits. The existing MCBs are MK LN59 BS3871 type 2. Does anyone know if a modern MK...
  20. H

    JB's under floorboards

    What a ridiculous way of rewiring lights this was. Got L-N fault on lighting in a nursery. No lights on the entire bottom floor. With it being a nursery it's literally impossible to do anything whilst it's open because of the children. Anyway I went tonight to try and trace the fault. Every...
  21. H

    Software for Certs

    So a little while ago I started a thread with a digitally fillable MIWC I created with a promise of creating an EIC and EICR too, however, I hit a stumbling block with the limitation of the Adobe Reader software and the needs of those forms. I'm in the process of creating an app - primarily...
  22. M

    Sub Contract PV Installer Wanted

    Hi, We are looking for a Sub Contract PV Installer. We have been installing systems for about 3 years and operate solely in the newbuild domestic market. We have secured more work and could do with another hand to install. Applicants must hold relevant qualification and be able to provide...
  23. driverman

    Fluke tester

    Hi guys, for those of you into testing a lot, using a Fluke 1652C all in one tester. What does EER 5 mean when testing? I'm told it could mean noise. Could someone explain please? The test are mainly carried out on larger size distribution cables (longer runs etc) as opposed to domestic...
  24. TaffyDuck

    Competent person and EICR

    I`ve just had my annual coffee drinking exercise otherwise known as Part P assessment. Obviously we discussed the weather, the price of fish and the new regs. No worries there. One thing that my assessor did say however was that as of next year an electrician would need to prove his...
  25. C

    solar pv hand over documents

    hi, just had solar pv fitted, should there be a minor works certificate issued or any other information, only got a schematic, bit worried i really thought there would be at lest some installation tests any information gladly recieved charlie
  26. P

    Leaving the trade

    I don't know if any of you are in the same boat. I'm seriously considering leaving the trade all together, everybody wants to cut costs and its killing me! I don't even work for myself, I really feel for those of you fighting to win work. After being made to carry out a 4hr unpaid round trip...
  27. D

    Domestic sockets on external wall

    Hi everyone. Can a domestic socket be located in for example a bedroom on the external wall. My father was a spark back in the 60's and 70's and taught me his trade and I can distinctly remember him saying you never put a socket on the external wall. Now I'm planning a rewire of my house on...
  28. D Skelton

    Engineer54, some hardcore smut for you here ;-)

    Working on another genny today which needs an earth reference. I was an hour out of Brighton so had some lovely clay to play with (as opposed to solid chalk), I'm back next week as the job isn't finished so no test results yet. Thought I'd take some snaps :) Feel free to chip in with your...
  29. C

    Split Boards!

    Hi, I'm a Electrical Trainee, not long qualified to be a Domestic Installer. I have my 2382,2377 and EAL Level 2! The question is: I'm going to upgrade my mums electrics as there's no rcd and it's on the old re-wireable! My query is because the under floor heating is on a separate cu and economy 7! Can I put...
  30. J

    100-240V charger - Changing plugs

    Good morning, First of all I am not an electrician. I have two batteries in two different enclosures that are each powering instruments, that run on 12V DC. The instruments are provided with chargers that plug into regular 240V AC UK plug or European 230V AC plug. Those chargers both...
  31. N

    And todays pudding goes to the odd job man

    oh yet another one of those days eh , job im working on kitchen fitter / odd job man wired in the hob and oven hob is 8.7kw so 2.5 ok look closely at the live yes it is touching the cpc , if you look you'll see it wont work as its been connected to an unused terminal in on a big lable was the...
  32. Worcester

    Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Component Suppliers

    Hi Guys, up until now we've been buying complete kits of Solar Thermal, however some of our systems are starting to get interesting (hybrids, integrated boiler controls etc), so we are now looking for suppliers of the bits that make them up. We've found that although all the usual suppliers...
  33. S

    RCBO trip times - no, not the usual what should it be . . .

    I was doing a board change today and 10 out of the 15 RCBO's were returning a value in the region of 19ms at 1x and 30 at 5x. Tried more than 1 MFT (both Metrel but got the same sort of results). So this is still within the 40ms's but with new RCBO's would you personally accept or return them?
  34. FatBob

    Wago Topjob DIN rail connectors 1 - 16mm 2-5 ports

    Lots of suppliers carry the standard range of Wago connectors, and although I had seen these before, never realised they were made by Wago. Found them last week on ************, and they are excellent. Trivial and fast to fit, and makes everything really tidy, and pretty if you buy the coloured...
  35. P

    Rogue Traders

    Morning all, Just wondered if any customers or professionals on this site have any shocking stories or photographs they can share with me? We have done a piece on our blog "Solar PV Rogue Traders" and I'd like to continue it. Would be grateful for anything you could share.
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