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  1. Leroy Merlin

    Network problems - Blupont 72

    Hi all I have a customer having issues with their Blupont A72 DVR system. System is plugged in, cameras working and confirmed recording. I'm trying to connect to their broadband so that I can set up mobile access to the camera feed. The system is in the attic and uses plug in network...
  2. S

    braided network cable

    moving into a rented house and i always check the condition of the cables on display to make sure there not fraying or worse now when i looked at the main incoming cable i noticed they have renewed the service cable to a new head with a 80amp fuse(labelled) but from the service head there is a...
  3. OttoF

    Domestic How to tell if mains sockets are on same circuit?

    Is there a safe and easy (but also precise) way to tell if two separate mains sockets are on the same circuit? I need to know because I'm trying to use existing mains circuitry to create an ethernet network in a communal area of a multistorey block of flats, using Powerline Adapters...
  4. R

    Band 1 / Band 2 Cables in Trunking

    Hi, Just wondering on thoughts for complying with Reg 528.1 "... a Band I circuit shall not be contained in the same wiring system as a Band II circuit ..." The current setup has steel trunking running around the walls with conduit coming down from here for network points and plug sockets etc...
  5. R

    Access to utility network plans

    Can anyone help me with a utility network plan for a site I’m currently working on? Iv tried sp energy networks, rang the number it says on their website, got passed pillar to post for 35 minutes then hung up on by the last department they were transferring me to! Ideally needed before...
  6. fishkake

    Mains vs data vs PoE

    Hi, I'm guessing this is the right subforum for this. I'm a DIY'er who knows how to wire a plug and change a lightbulb. I often pretend I know a lot more than that but I'm in the company of experts here, so I'll accept my place. So if I want to mess with mains electric, I need some form of...
  7. H

    Network Powerline Adapters with Dual Split Consumer Unit

    We're looking to get our consumer unit replaced and local electrians are suggesting a dual split unit so the 'workshop' can be on its own RCD. My question (which no one seems to be able to answer) is will network over powerline adapters work if one adapter is on one 'side' of the split and...
  8. FatAlan

    Guidance on home network wiring.

    Can anyone recommend any good books on the subject? Just about to move in to a house that can be best described as a project. Will be ripping the place to bits so will be looking to put in decent conduits etc. Will want some guidance on merits of Cat5/6 , HDMI, TV / satellite wiring.
  9. SWD

    Network Cabling Installs

    Did a "quick" search (that means I was lazy) but are you guys moving forward with structured/network cabling in the work that you do or advising your customers of the benefits of having a central area where network cabling ends as well as the entry point for all feeds?
  10. J

    Home Network Question & Master Socket

    Hi Currently having some work done. We wanted to have the router upstairs. and then have 2 cables going to other rooms from that point. My basic understanding was it would be : 1 wire from Master to Bedroom 1. (Where another master would be put in) 1 wires from Bedroom 1 to Bedroom 2 1 wire...
  11. S

    Home network Advise

    Hi Guys, not sure if this is the right place or not as it is a combination of systems. I am looking for some guidance to best equipment and how it should be installed as well. i am away to try create a Local Network for my house. Hard wire in my desk top computers in my Office room with 3...
  12. D

    Internet controls with wires from boiler to thermostat

    Hi all. This is a question about internet controls for a replacement combi boiler in my own house. My existing ancient combi boiler is sited in an unheated utility room, next to an unheated kitchen, with an unheater stairwell through the wall behind it. The bathroom above has tiled floors that...
  13. tombrooker84

    Extending a wireless network using an already existing CAT5e hardwired system

    Hello Guys. I have currently got a client with an existing hard wired network to various rooms in her house, it's a very large town house in Clapham, probably about 5 bedrooms. She currently has all the Cat 5 wires to a single locations, just dangling out of the wall with no connections, but...
  14. E

    Anybody experienced with Bno distribution boards

    Hi my names Steve running a small electrical firm in the southeast, I'm in the process if second fixing 4 flats which I wired couple of months back, I've wired plenty of flats over the years and when the builder asked what's details he needed for the supply, I said put down 5 single phase...
  15. RyanCheetham

    oval conduit

    Decided to add a high socket and aerial point for a wall mounted tv in my spare bedroom today and was not looking forward to chasing a cable to spur for my socket. Decided to chase my dual box out first and half way through there he was, oval conduit. So i move my box over, perform surgery on...
  16. P

    home theatre network

    Happy new year everyone I'm in the process of renovating my first home. 3 bed house with Open living room and dinning. I'm going to be installing the cabling for a home theatre system as i rewire. Ill give you and idea of the end product/system I am after: I want to be able to have a htpc on my...
  17. E

    Green Deal Network

    If anybody who is intrested in becoming part of a small green deal network you can now register online on our home page Join the green deal network image at the top. so if you are taking part in the green deal it wont hurt to join.
  18. jason121


    Had a few drinks last night with a mate from DNO high upin the ranks, let slip that DNO don’t want PV installed that’s why they takethe full 65 days for applications. Too much work for them altering network and processing paper work
  19. J

    Network Topology

    Has anyone as a matter of interest wired a network in the Ring Topology if so what Media was used?i
  20. E

    Peak Atlas IT Network LAN Tester & 1-8 Identifiers

    Hi guys, used once, bought in September for a data installation and won't be used again. The tester cost £80 and the extra 8 cable run identifiers labeled 1-8 were £60. All is in brand new condition with spare battery 10 identifiers in total and a hard carry case to house it all in. Looking for...
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