1. D

    Could someone please confirm whether CAT6 cable is suitable for DALI bus wiring in terms of communication protocols and technical compatibility?

    Dear Forum Members, In my house, I have already installed CAT6 cable specifically for DALI2 D+ and D- bus wiring, utilizing a separate conduit. Power cables have been laid in a distinct conduit as well. Could anyone confirm the practicality and suitability of using CAT6 cable for this...
  2. southernlead

    Replacing coax cable runs with cat6

    Hi, I have bought a new house. It has coax cables running to pretty much all rooms. I would like to replace these with cat6, and install new face plates/keystones. I'm pretty comfortable with the process of terminating the cables for RJ45, but I would like some advice on how to run the new...
  3. S

    240V AC Mains rated CAT6 ethernet cable? Avoids segregation... like CBus pink CAT5 cable?

    Hello I have recently discovered Cbus pink Cat5 / Cat5E cable. My interest started after finding out about EV-Ultra Cable, designed for electric vehicle charge points. They run power and data in the same cable. My understanding is allowed due to the data cable sheathing being rated to same...
  4. D

    Quick Question on Cable Route

    Hi All, Long-time lurker and user as a resource! Ex electrician with limited domestic experience! Currently routing CAT6's through my 1920's semi from first-floor landing through to the loft, and found a potential route through an old doorway, nicely inside a 150mm dimension from the junction...
  5. pirate

    Question on CAT6 cable

    Here is a pic of a CAT6 cable. usual pairs, plastic wrap, foil wrap, draw-cord, plastic separator...and a bare copper wire, which may be cca, i'm not sure...but what is that bare wire used for?
  6. sythai

    CAT6 to summerhouse 100m away

    Hi Guys Got supply data to summerhouse we're doing. Will be powering small office set up : 1 x MAC and and smart TV. Run is approx 100m away with some having to be clipped along a wall and some underground. Was looking at SWA cat6, never used this before anyone else ? Any pointers/...
  7. B

    Running CAT6 cables...

    Hi All Just moved into a new house and am going to re-wire the whole place (sparks by trade). I have very little experience in home network systems but would also like to run CAT6 cable for internet in each room, CCTV also. Are there any good websites or can anyone give advice on where/how I...
  8. T

    Can a Non POE device be powered using a CAT6 cable using POE splitters and Injectors?

    Can I power a Non PoE device using a CAT6 cable and use it with a PoE splitter or Injector
  9. D

    UK DIY - Install Cat6 through rigid insulation glued to Drywall

    I'm looking to data points for Cat6 in a couple rooms through out my house. Plan is Patch Panel, though brushed panel, through eaves, terminating in a gang faceplate. I've got easy access to eaves so getting the cables from one wall to another should be easy enough. The walls are...
  10. sythai

    Which cable... need some tougher CAT6

    Hi All After some advice please..... we've been using just basic off the shelf CAT6 from our electrical wholesaler for a while now. We're finding it twists easily, haven't had any problems yet.... but you never know! And we seem to be installing more and more of it on every job now. Can any...
  11. B

    CAT6 points in house

    Looking at putting some CAT6 points around the house for various TVs, Xbox’s, Laptops, all I have at the minute is a Sky Hub (router) what would be best way to do this? Never done Data before am I looking for Patch panels, TP-link? Just looking for best way thanks
  12. J

    cat6 network cabinet

    quote for a job that they want 4x tv positions and 4x wifi spots then a central cupboard to house a network cabinet + switch for tv aerials they want 1x twin coaxial+ 2x cat6(1 for internet, 1x for hdmi) from tv to cabinet cupboard and 1x cat6 from wifi spots to cabinet cupboard so in total...
  13. Q

    cat6 to outbuilding

    I'm pricing a job whereby the client wants wired internet to a remote office about 40mtrs from the house. I'll be running external grade cat6 to the office through the garden. Question is do I need to install a joint box at the house and run standard cat6 from there to the router or can I take...
  14. B

    Uk. Structured cabling / Cat6

    Hi all I have just been told by a tricky desiger that the structured cabling I have installed throughout the years has not been properly commissioned as I have no structured cabling accreditation is he right? Is there any National acreditation for structured cabling? I am aware that many...
  15. M

    CAT6 Outdoor Grade Cable Termination Issue

    Hiya All I am wiring my house using CAT 6 Ethernet cable and bought outdoor grade CAT 6 cable as some of my runs will be outdoor. The problem is that outdoor grade CAT 6 cable is not very flexible by design - due to the black external layer, the white inner sheaf and the gel filled interior. I...
  16. L

    sky over cat6 cable question/advice needed

    Hi all, Advice needed on this one, 6 bed house , tv position in each room - each tv location wired with 1xct100 coax , 2x cat6 , 1 x cat5e all cables wired back to central hub location Coax already used for aerial to each tv Cat5e already used for Internet to each tv Sky...
  17. W

    Metal Clad Ethernet outlet cat5e or cat6

    Been looking for part number for a few hours and such and was wondering if any of you guys have some part numbers/good catalogues for either a grid switch setup or a whole unit? Need it for a job and is in the specifcation as its armoured ethernet cable! Cheers!
  18. P

    sourcing cat6

    Doing an install of cat6 at home, looking around the net, prices vary from £35 to £500. Shielded and solid would be better for me as it will come within a foot of 230v at a couple of points and being terminate in outlets and a patch panel. Looking for a 305m reel. How much should I be paying for...
  19. B

    Cat6 cable install?

    I have been asked to run the data cables for a new office network. The system will comprise 12 2gang cat6 outlets wired on a 1st and 2nd fix basis. Is there any special requirements for cat6 apart from segregation? Can I fit ko boxes and capping as per twin and earth? All cables will be run in...
  20. B

    Cheap cat6

    What's the difference between cheap cat6 and more expensive cable? I have seen some 305m boxes for about £35 and some for more than£100. Is there really that much difference in quality/performance?


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