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  1. sythai

    CAT6 to summerhouse 100m away

    Hi Guys Got supply data to summerhouse we're doing. Will be powering small office set up : 1 x MAC and and smart TV. Run is approx 100m away with some having to be clipped along a wall and some underground. Was looking at SWA cat6, never used this before anyone else ? Any pointers/...
  2. B

    Running CAT6 cables...

    Hi All Just moved into a new house and am going to re-wire the whole place (sparks by trade). I have very little experience in home network systems but would also like to run CAT6 cable for internet in each room, CCTV also. Are there any good websites or can anyone give advice on where/how I...
  3. T

    Can a Non POE device be powered using a CAT6 cable using POE splitters and Injectors?

    Can I power a Non PoE device using a CAT6 cable and use it with a PoE splitter or Injector
  4. D

    UK DIY - Install Cat6 through rigid insulation glued to Drywall

    I'm looking to data points for Cat6 in a couple rooms through out my house. Plan is Patch Panel, though brushed panel, through eaves, terminating in a gang faceplate. I've got easy access to eaves so getting the cables from one wall to another should be easy enough. The walls are...
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