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  1. M

    UK Homeowner - advice on my electrician's status, with regards to Part P regulations

    We have had a rear extension built on our home, and our builder arranged the electrician for the electric work required. I have established that the Electrician and his helper (apprentice/junior) are from a country to the east of Europe and are not currently registered as UK electricians and do...
  2. G

    Advise on whether outbuilding should be TT’d

    Hi all first post so please go easy on me. Just to give a bit of background on myself I have been qualified for 12 years and have recently completed my 18th edition and 2391. I’ve recently been carrying out an EICR on a MOD industrial waste water treatment site. The question I have is about a...
  3. T

    Looking for opinion on whether this scenario is compliant

    Went to daughters house to replace a couple of broken sockets and did a Zs and RCD test after replacing. CU was replaced and notice on it said inspected 2015. Plastic dual RCD 30 ma/Main switch 60947-3 isolator. System is TT. (100ma RCD?) Zs at socket was 11.75 ohms L-PE 2.64 ohms L-N. No...
  4. S

    Confused about whether downlights need to be fire rated or not.

    Hi I'm sure this question has been asked before, but here goes:rolleyes:: I'm thinking about installing down lights in my hallway. This is on the ground floor of my house, and above is the first floor, all of which is my own house. There is no insulation the the ceiling void. So my question...
  5. R

    Saying Hello.......

    Hi everyone, My name is Richard, I am 35 years old and seriously looking into re-training to be an electrician. I have just achieved my ECS card and am planning to work as an electricians mate in order to get some basic skills and at least earn a bit of cash to fund my training. I am currently...
  6. A

    Urgent Question about fire risk following leak

    hello, Our bathroom was installed professionally 4 weeks ago in a 1st floor flat, tonight our neighbour from the flat below came upstairs and advised us that water was leaking through 3 of his light fittings. I've captured it on video. The plumber came out and fixed the leak, however, we are...
  7. S

    Spanish Earth Road installation

    Hi, Quick question, does anyone know if there is a different spec to the U.K. for earth rods? I'm told in Spain they are longer but not sure if that is correct? Also are there any regs in Spain relating to the positioning of the rods etc (i.e. distance fro property)? Any advice greatly...
  8. C

    Clarksonevans assessment day

    Hi all I am new to this site and I am due to attend the Clarksonevans assessment day and was wondering whether anyone has attended this day before and can give me advice on what to expect for e.g. What the practical assessment involves and whether the English and Maths tests are easy? Any...
  9. S

    Earthing redundant pipework

    Hi all, scratching my head with this one so any help would be Great.basically I'm working in a block of flats, they all have gas supply pipes and installation pipework but have since had the gas within each property plugged of for one reason or another all the meters have been removed in each...
  10. M

    upgrade meter tails, or downgrade main incoming fuse??

    hi guys hoping you could give me your thoughts, i am pricing for a consumer unit change, its an old fuseboard with re-wireables. it has 16mm meter tails, but it has a fairly new looking 100A main fuse. its a small-ish house..... 2 ring mains, 2 lighting radials, a couple of sockets in the...
  11. Dean Williams

    touch voltage help

    Hi all i'm currently testing a very large office complex on nights. in the boiler house, there are some boilers fed with SY flex. As per usual, the SY braid has not been bonded. When i tried to test for continuity to the braid i found 23v ac on the braid, only with that circuit switched on. is...
  12. O

    Contencious - is solar worth while

    My brother is seriously considering having solar panels on his house. The roof is facing south, south west, and is not obstructed. How would he be able to decide if its worth it or not?? Yes this sounds a daft statement!! He lives in the Leighton Buzzard area.
  13. SibertSolar

    Section 2.1.2 on DTI Guide - Voc/Isc mulitpliers

    Guys, As we know, for switches/cables/isolators etc, you need to multiply your Voc values by 1.15 and Isc values by 1.25 to calculate the relevant max values for suitable protection. However, does this apply to MPPT or Max DC voltage/current input values on inverters? Any thoughts? Thanks Andy
  14. S

    Thin-film panels, anyone using them?

    Before crystalline panels had started dropping in price there used to be a lot of interest in thin-film... Usually lower efficiency (which doesn't actually matter if you have space) but also lower price than crystalline... Just curious whether any of you use thin-film panels and whether you...
  15. T

    Sma 17000tl multi functional relay

    Hi, Im Currently installing my first g59 install. I am using Sma 17000tl inverters and was wondering if anyone knows anything about the multifunctional relay. I understand under g59 you need a g59 relay and was wondering when you set the parameters on the inverter whether this is suffice or do...
  16. SibertSolar

    Type A and/or B RCDs

    Hi all, Not trying to push/promote sales etc, just a serious question really to try to gauge market demand. Without getting into the discussions of whether you do or don't need an RCD device to protect the PV installation (quite happy to discuss off-line if people wish to), what is the...
  17. C

    enquiry to DNO about earth type

    Hi does anyone know if the DNOs keep a record of the type of earth they have supplied to properties so I can enquire if a particular commercial property is TNC-S or TNC. If they do is there a particular department to ask for when making an enquiry.
  18. S

    Contactum RCBO won't trip during test

    Hi again, just considering whether I'm going crazy or I've got a duff RCBO. Perhaps someone will help me see the light either way. Quite prepared for the former! Installed it yesterday and when I got to doing the certificate I couldn't get it to trip. It's one of the ones with no earth wire...
  19. M

    documents bs5266 part 2 and bs5839 part 2

    hello everyone, basically i a have applied for the approved contractor scheme and was told that i have to buy these documents, I have been searching around and found out that these documets are in the 200 pound mark. well ,thats quit a bit of money, especially for me, anyone got any advise...
  20. S

    Owner of Fluke 1652 with a question, if you can help....

    Hello all; I bought a Fluke 1652 at Christmas and now want to sell it on now the new 1650B series have come out. Does anyone know whether the warranty would be void if I sold it on? I want to put it on eBay but don't know whether I can sell it as 'new'? It has only been opened once. Thanks for...
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