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  1. littlespark

    Looks like a fluorescent, acts like a fluorescent.....

    ..... but where is the control gear? looking at the age of the fitting, the choke must be massive, but can’t figure out where it is? In between the ceiling and upper floor?? it’ll be coming down at some time, I was only in pricing the job.
  2. James

    All looks perfectly fine to me.

    Ah, wait. there may be a problem. who came first, the spark or the plumber? p.s. its not one of mine, just came across it whilst browsing and thought of you guys and girls.
  3. W

    What is this please its in the house i have just bought

    Can anyone please tell me what this Is? One wire runs a light, the other runs a forget extension, one looks to run to the box in the wall which I presume maybe earth, one is blank and it is all plugged into the wall. Can this just be unplugged,the box removed from the wall
  4. happyhippydad

    Struggling to find a class 2 light that looks anything like this.....

    As in the title... The customer has no earthing on lights and wants to change from pendants to something different. It's in the kitchen. She bought some class 1 lights that looked a little like these Does anyone know where I can get a class 2 light that is at least a little like the above...
  5. Paul228

    When it looks wrong.

    So, went to look at a property for a landlord. In the bathroom there is an electric shower in zone1, but it's mounted approx 2 foot above the water line. The isolator pull switch is outside zone2. Oh and the circuit is rcd protected and on a separate 45a breaker. My thoughts were....why would...
  6. P

    Hi All new to this looks good

    Hi all new to the forum looks good. Looks like it will come in handy for problem solving and finding new recruits etc. Also hope to give some back with extensive knowledge of the commercial side of things
  7. happyhippydad

    Where can I buy a weatherproof 3 gang switch which looks like this.....

    I'm sure I once saw a weatherproof 3 gang switch which looks like (or was) the BG ones in this link IP66 20A Switch 2 Gang 2 Way SP - https://www.toolstation.com/shop/Electrical/d190/IP66+Rated/sd3138/IP66+20A+Switch/p24607 but I cant find them! Was I imagining it??
  8. S

    Looks like the Chinese are back.........

    and the added security that the Mod's have installed for when you access the site has failed, must try harder springs to mind.
  9. 7029 dave

    Unable to post

    Mods, help please unable to reply to post's. Dave
  10. S

    Wonder how much this would cost to install nowadays using modern Panel Equipment

    Have been working in a building installing emergency lighting. Was taken back by the size of the Main Intake Room. Biggest Intake Room I've ever been in! Like to see other people's pics and experiences of any other interesting buildings etc. Thanks Sam
  11. U

    Marxman hole marker

    Hi chaps have a look at this amazing bit of kit its really helped me for marking of holes when a pencil or sharpie wont mark the drill points. Marxman Pen • The Perfect Drilling Companion - https://www.marxmanpen.co.uk/ The best and easiest way you will not be disappointed with it. The misses...
  12. N

    Electric meter time switch help

    hello, Apologies if in the wrong section, I'm a complete novice at this so... I've just moved into a new house with electric storage heaters throughout. Ive found a horstmann vmk srs time switch downstairs next to the meter reading which I assume is the time switch that controls when my...
  13. D

    Who to complain to????

    Need help, this is gentoo contractors work after a combi boiler was installed. This job was bought off as complete, could you explain in detail all that is wrong. It is located below the stairs, in a cupboard that was in constant use and is easy to access. We have children living with us 11, 9...
  14. Bob Geldoff1234

    Remote controlled light switch

    Could anyone recommend a remote controlled light switch? It must be able to dim and switch up to 320 watts,preferably not be too deep at the back and not cost a fortune.Also there is no neutral at the switch so it would have to be a live in and live out one. The ones i have looked at on Ebay...
  15. Dan

    Gold twin plug sockets with USB!

    Check this out
  16. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Clever or what??

  17. Dan

    Sidebar banners

    I'm changing the sidebar banners, working my way up from the bottom for some reason, I've only just realised that lol Think they look better and more professional like that than the old smaller ones with text under them?
  18. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Test and Inspect NZ style

    How easy is this? still bored but it's nearly vino time
  19. V

    Commercial Anyone Got Any Idea What This Is?

    I got an email from a owner of a light commercial unit (old printing unit) and I have recently done an EICR that failed and is still ongoing follow up work to get a satisfactory. The owner\landlord is not a problem and is trying to pass some of the costs onto the tenants because frankly they...
  20. jackhammerJIM

    Make of LED floodlight

    Hi Men . Can anybody shed any light on the make of this floodlight ?
  21. polo1

    Off topic, van security.

    Hi peeps, anyone out there had deadlocks fitted to the lower part of the side sliding door of a Vivaro panel van (2009-14 model)? I've just had this work done, and I'm unhappy with the finished product on the side door. Sure it locks, but the cylinder sits on a slant (the back door lock is...
  22. Z

    Question regarding service cable / head for EICR

    I'm doing an EICR for a customer in an old property at the moment, and there are a few things I'm not entirely sure about. The consumer unit is in a kitchen cupboard, mounted behind the units below the worktop on what looks to be some old wooden panelling from a previous kitchen (the back panel...
  23. charlie76

    Domestic Asbestos light switch accessory boxes

    I've come across what I think are asbestos accessory boxes. 1938 wire VR. Just popped light switch off and came across this. What do you think?
  24. H

    Alarm Systems

    I fancy reading a little on alarm systems - anyone recommend a good book that will teach me the basics?
  25. G

    Fluke T5-600

    I'm on the lookout for one of these, been told there is a few fakes knocking about... How can they be distinguished on the second hand market? Also, what's the best price for a new one? Ta.
  26. V

    Can't afford LEDs

    Heres the solution
  27. A

    Hello from a new trainee

    Hello everyone! I have finally registered to the forums but I've been following your discussions for some time now. :) Thank you for filling this place with tons of useful information and advice, you've made my life a lot easier. Now just a few words about myself. I'm an Italian/Japanese man...
  28. K

    Call-for-heat on Boiler circuit

    Hi All, Just look for a quick solution so I can complete my installation of the nest thermostat in particular the heat link. from the image attached I'm seeking your help to understand which terminal:juggle: I should attach the call-for-heat from the heat link box for the SPDT relay. Your...
  29. S

    light switch wiring - bottom landing light constantly on after new fitting

    Morning all.. I've replaced an old rose with a new spotlight fitting and light is constantly on... ...I've removed all red circuit words so just the live that goes to the light is connected... The switch for this light has just 2wires.. Both are red. .... How do I go about solving the...
  30. J

    What's with the IR Port on the Fluke 1652c??

    Hi, Does the Fluke 1652c have an IR port on the front to upload data. As it looks like it is an IR port but there's is no info on it? thanks anyone willing to answer :) James
  31. J

    Britain's got the builders in - BBC1

    Literally just got this trash on in the background and couldn't help this catching my eye... Sounds like it's something to do with a £50,000 bed with motorised drink cabinet?! In any case, as if putting two cables into one plug top wasn't bad enough, it looks like one of them is T+E! Looks...
  32. C

    Light Switch Advice - Help Needed

    Hi, I've just bought a Belkin Wemo light switch to begin some home automation. I'm trying to fit the switch in my hallway which has a switch at each end. The wires going into the switch I intend to change haven't been labelled and I'm not sure what each one is because they don't seem colour...
  33. S

    Burglar alarm and CCTV, Advice needed

    Hi, Id like to install burglar alarm and CCTV in my home, and was hoping someone could spec me a decent quality setup, at a reasonable budget. Less than £1000. Im a qualified spark with lots of experience with all types of industrial install but very little domestic. A system that could...
  34. telectrix

    SWA fault.

    never seen anything like this before. new cable supplied by cient, installed by ne. no probs. 2 weeks later get a call.. no power. continuity test proves brown conductor is o/c. client is in a catch22. has to return cable for replacement involving me 2 call-outs.... as a temp. measure, i...
  35. O

    The talking shop scammers are at it again....

  36. W

    Todays EICR gem - must be having one of those weeks

    Three phase board in mechanics shop no main earth conductor ZE - 586ohms no rcd
  37. eNigMar

    Anybody recognise this brand of switch?

    I didn't get a chance to take it off the wall to see if it's branded inside and only had half a second to get the photo. They were late to pick up the kids from school or something. I need to source another one. If no one recognises it I'll take it off the wall the next time I'm on site. I can...
  38. S

    dodgy work

    Been to look at an extension earlier and told by the client on arrival it's already been wired by someone else but he's been taken ill , the extension is very large and the first fix looks very rough I'm not sure I want to put my name against it just incase as some walls have been boarded ...
  39. L

    Engraving MK sockets

    Evening all, bit of a pointer needed if you please! I'm looking at buying an engraver for traffolyte to make basic labels, but wondered if anyone has any experience in engraving MK accessories? I've spoke to a few people on the phone at different companies and it seems the capability to do it is...
  40. D Skelton

    Engineer54, some hardcore smut for you here ;-)

    Working on another genny today which needs an earth reference. I was an hour out of Brighton so had some lovely clay to play with (as opposed to solid chalk), I'm back next week as the job isn't finished so no test results yet. Thought I'd take some snaps :) Feel free to chip in with your...
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