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  1. HappyHippyDad

    Another poll! Average age of the person on this site.

    Lets keep it simple. Anyone can vote! It's just to get an idea of the age of the people on this site, thought it might be a little interesting. I've always assumed its mainly middle aged with a few retired and a few youngsters, we'll see. edit.. the damn thing just pressed enter by its self...
  2. F

    Small caravan site: Walk in freezer converter to toilet/shower room

    Hi, I have a client with a small caravan site, approx 5 hookups. His old toilet block was nothing much more than an old shed. He's now 'upgraded' to using an old walk-in freezer, no wheels, but was just lifted onto blocks from a trailer. He has kitted it out with 4 toilets and one shower which...
  3. A

    Greetings to the site

    Hi All New to the site. Thank you to all for sharing and all the knowledge provided. Greetings Andiman
  4. M

    G99-SGI-3 4.4 kw set export limit phase to neutral loop impedance test on site

    G99 SGI-3 4.4 kw set export limit phase to neutral loop impedance test on site 0.309 ohms and dno max being 180 m ohms or 0.018 ohms so site reading are well over the top or is this not unuall for 1950 lead cable TN-s
  5. V

    Wanting to get into site work UK

    Hi all, just looking for some advice about getting into site installation work. Currently 32 yo, 1.5 years qualified gold card in electrical installation on a static site doing 3ph and single phase db's, tray, motors etc. Just wondering how would I go about getting into site work? Do I need to...
  6. E

    How to calculate site load and availability for expansion?

    I have been tasked with seeing if a site is capable of accommodating a large new installation. I have done some working out but I'm not sure if I am going down the right lines, as this is not my area of expertise. The site has a main fused switch disconnector on the main incoming supply...
  7. K

    Getting into Site Work UK

    Hey everyone I am looking at getting away from dealing with customers (haha) an am looking to get into site work. I have ECS Approved gold card, fully qualified. Not domestic installer. Just getting tired of having to justify my costs and prices over 6 weeker undercutting. I dont mind either...
  8. N

    Repurposed 3.2 KVA site transformer drawing 56A

    I never did like transformer theory in my degree course and that was 40 years ago. I'm a boat builder now and we tend to have big battery banks and thus big chargers with all sorts of dodgy stuff going on. I have repurposed a series of power transformers to be used as the basis of high power...
  9. W

    Introducing Myself To The Site

    Hello, my name is wpollock and I live in the greater Austin, Texas area. I am a home diy person and adhere to my own limitation skill set when attempting any repair. Thank you to all who offer any advice to future posts and I hope to reciprocate when possible.
  10. B

    Virginia Home and Land Owner Just Joined the Site.

    Looking forward to learn from the site. I'm a semi-retired Remodeling Contractor and never had much Electrical experience. I always left that up to the subs. Will need a little advice now and then on my home projects. Bill
  11. A

    Site Temps earthing question

    Hi Currently on a job at a hospital where we are installing temporary site supplies to canteen toilet block and office. The supply is Tncs from hospital but the hospital electrician and contractor doesn’t want us to install earth rods in case of services below ground and they’re not prepared to...
  12. littlespark

    Caravan site vs caravan electrics

    There’s been a few recent threads about caravans, caravan sites etc, and I thought I’d post up some photos I took today while on one such site. This is on a caravan club site, so I would assume it’s all done correctly. Main HV transformer for just this site. 208 pitches, 2x shower blocks...
  13. sythai

    Electrical plans mark up: On site & In the office

    Hi Guys Couple of questions see what others do maybe 🤔📝 Been using pen/ paper for yonks when dealing with re-drawing plans, everything else I seem to be digital and want to go this way if poss. Question 1 (in the office).... is there any 'electrical themed software' thats easy to use that I...
  14. R

    Repair a site transformer ?

    I'm repairing a 110 v 3 kva site transformer that the base cracked and all the sand leaked out, can anyone tell me exactly what the sand is there for and can I replace it with any dry sand or even just leave it out? The transformer won't be used on site but at home.
  15. M

    Electrical surge on caravan site

    Hello, not sure if this is allowed but here goes, I was recently staying on a caravan park along with many others, (touring caravan not static) on the morning of June 8 The shower block and laundrette on site adjacent to our caravans lost its electrics, when the site fixed it 7 caravans...
  16. E

    Voltage drop when transformer on site

    I've got what may be a stupid question but the only answer that I can come up with is 'because it says so in AS 3000', is there a reason why you only get 5% voltage drop when your transformer is on the site but not dedicated to the site? To me, the physics would suggest that it should be no...
  17. S

    18th Edition practice exams - great site

    Note i am not affiliated with this site at all, get no kickbacks for recommending it etc. This site has loads of practice exams for the 18th edition for just 20 quid. I used its sister site for my CSCS card when i did that way back when. For my CSCS i did nothing but practice exams and passed...
  18. UKMeterman

    UK Curious how the UK EHV network fits together? Check out this map site

    Ever curious how the nation grid and DNO networks fit together? This map site might help Open Infrastructure Map -
  19. G

    ‘Chime Site’ App. Questions/Concerns.

    Hi all. Long shot… but does anyone use the ‘Chime Site’ app for work? It’s an app that you sign in and out of a site and tracks your position, by GPS I presume. I’m starting a new job where they use it and have a few questions/concerns. Give me a shout if you use it please. Many thanks in...
  20. J

    Anyone else having issues accessing the site?

    Today I appear to be having great difficulty accessing this site, and only this site! 95% of the time or so I am getting this: Is it just me or anyone else? Every other site is ok.


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