1. HappyHippyDad

    Moving on to earthing and bonding at the farm!

    This thread is in relation to the job at the farm I am thinking of taking on (3 phase thread). At present the farm is all PME. I believe it needs to be TT'd as they have now brought 2 x goats in to the main barn (no other animals anywhere). In addition they have some feed for the goats and also...
  2. HappyHippyDad

    PME on a farm?...........

    I am about to install 4 sockets in 4 separate stone enclosures, housed within a large stone outbuilding. They have stone floors and are completely weatherproofed. They may be having small animals in them, goats, sheep etc. The existing set up is TN-C-S. BS7671 doesn't go into much depth with...
  3. S

    I bought a cannabis farm

    I'll try to cut a long story short... Just purchased a new property, which it transpires was being used as a cannabis farm by the previous owner who now lives abroad. Yes, they lied on their vendor checklist. On moving in I noted that there was no supply and called the supplier to get the power...
  4. B

    Nightmare - Farm Electrics

    Just thoughts Id share my recent fun and games on my parents farm.. The electrics are old. Its a 400yr old house with outbuildings just as old plus steel framed buildings. So the farm supply is a 80a single phase supply. The house also comes off the same pole outside and also has an 80a fuse...
  5. The apprentice

    Farm land installation

    Hi there just have a few questions regarding an agricultural installation. 1. Due to the existing installation being a TN-S earthing supply I understand that regulation 705.415.2.1 (note) that unless a metal grid is laid in the floor (which there is not) the use of a PME is not recommended ...
  6. The apprentice

    electrical installation farm

    Hi there iam about to start a new installation removing existing electrical equipment from a farm and renewing every board etc, inside the new distribution boards my question is would i have a 300mA RCD main switch there for outgoing circuits I.E sockets on a 30mA rcbo.? Also regulation...
  7. C

    Could someone help me with this solar farm installation questions please?

    Hello everyone, I am doing a dissertation about a solar farm dissertation and I have a couple of questions so I would appreciate if someone could clarify these questions to me. 1) What type of cables are used in a solar farm that is connected to the grid and how are they installed? 2) What type...
  8. dlt27

    Vacuum on Demand (vid) supply on farm

    Hi, thanks for any advice. I have been asked to install supply for vod for vac pumps on a farm. I have been told it needs own dedicated supply as will trip RCD’s. Could anybody explain why it will trip an RCD ( does it create that much earth leakage?) The local board I was going to feed from...
  9. cliffed

    Eicr on Farm house

    Just wondering your take on this, EICR on property, New DB fitted some years ago, looks ok. & compliant - the time of install but not now. Its all pvc T&E cabling but with the usual poor workmanship recess lighting,wall lights not ideally connected. Polarity issues - lights & sockets,no...
  10. Energetic

    Electrician Jobs Solar Farm Work

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an improver or recently self employed spark to help out with solar farm work. Sites are across the south of England and Wales. Will need to be self motivated, enthusiastic, mobile and flexible with staying away during the week as required. Will need to be able to...
  11. KierenPhillips

    Farm lighting

    Hi guys, Domestic electrician here, not really done much else. Father in law has asked me to install lights up a path on his farm, but wants them to be able to be controlled via a switch and a seperate PIR if possible. The feed we have is off an existing light which will be removed, and the...
  12. J

    UK A few Qs for non - domestic board move

    Hi I am a sparks from the 15th Ed, did 16, 17 and last year 18th. I am out of practice though as have been office based for 12+ years in a different industry with only doing minor stuff for myself (in conjunction with Building Control) and minor non-domestic works. Like many I may have to...
  13. P

    surge install or not (farm)

    hi all, end of last year as part of some agri work we had to re supply some barns. changing nothing to their install individually but from an overhead to underground SWA. Another spark has been there to work on some new install in some offices. he has said to the tenant farmer that we should...
  14. M

    Electrician Jobs Solar farm work

    Looking for: -Skilled worker / electrician looking to get out into the fields to help with general maintenance - swapping panels, aiding fault finding etc. -Competent electrician (solar experience not essential) for fault finding, repairs, replacing inverters, upgrades, evaluation projects...
  15. peeko

    Zs - DB very high

    Hi all, Went out to fit some LED lights last Friday for a customer who's taken on a small workshop to be mostly used as storage. All fairly straightforward until I came to test for the minor works cert - got a Zs reading at the Db of 2.24 ohms - had a quick look and it's only got a 6mm supply...
  16. F

    Wind farm roles

    Hello, not sure if this is the right section to post in but I’m looking for a bit of advice on wind farm electrical jobs, what sort of salary to expect really. I’ve been offered a role but with low starting wage then told an idea of what to expect in my first year, I was just wondering if anyone...
  17. O

    When is farm not a farm?

    I’m working on a farm, except the barns I’m working in are not being used as agricultural barns, they are rented out for commercial business, workshops etc. The barns are really one big barn and one CU distributes to all the smaller CU’s in the sub barns. 3 Phase. The distribution board does not...
  18. G

    Strange Fault on a Farm!

    Hi Guys I am new to the Forum so here goes...... We have been called to a Farm which is 40+ years old, it is a TT 3 phase supply and has a 100mA main RCD switch at the incoming supply. There is a main DB in the barn and out of that is an SWA sub main which feeds a stable with only one...
  19. S

    600M Electrical feed to farm house underground.

    Good evening. I have been asked by a client to size and install an electrical supply from a meter position located 600M from the property and consumer unit. The client wants the supply run underground. Supply is 240v single phase 100A TNCS. Could anyone assist with size and cable type...
  20. S

    Farm installations, division of circuits.

    Good evening everyone. I live in a rural area and as such get asked to do work on farms so I'm looking to find out how others go about certain types of farm installations. I find the division of circuits quite difficult without spending a fortune on switch gear and RCDs, especially on 3 phase...


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