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  1. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Tri Rated Cable (Vaious Sizes & Colours)

    Hi all, I've got a load of old stock on tri-rated cable to shift: 0.5mm £7 per drum 300m x 0.5mm White 500m x 0.5mm Violet 100m x 0.5mm Yellow 0.75mm £9 per drum 100m x 0.75mm Red 1mm £10 per drum 200m x 1mm White 1.5mm £14 per drum 1000m x 1.5mm Violet 400m x 1.5mm White 200m x 1.5mm...
  2. S

    Busbar chamber cable sizes

    I’ve been asked to install a dedicated 32amp 3 phase supply for a passenger lift and need to tap off a 200 amp rated busbar chamber. The incoming supply to busbar is 200amp with 120mm SWA. Can I tap off this busbar with 10mm tails to a new 32amp switch fused isolator mounted to the side of the...
  3. L

    Immersion wiring and amp sizes

    set up for immersion goes like this for me.... Option 1) 16amp breaker > 2.5mm t&e to 20amp DP isolator > flex from this to immersion. But how is this set up..... Option 2). 16amp breaker > 2.5mm t&e to 13amp fcu > flex from this to immersion Are both fine?
  4. C

    Tail sizes from PV sub-board

    Evening all, just a quick question from a non electrician before you shout! Our systems are all installed using a sub DBB (rather than into the existing board). Normally we would fit using 25mm tails however a contract we are currently on say that 10mm tails can be used............any views?
  5. mhar

    Web site / suppliers list of downlight hole cutout sizes

    Is there any resource anywhere or any point of reference where you can search for a downligt by hole cut-out size? Looking for non integrated gu10 fittings for existing 82mm holes. It takes forever going into the spec of each downlight
  6. C

    Electrical Bonding Sizes in Factory

    Hello All, We look after an old mill/factory and ive just been given the test remedials list another company did. A bit part of it is bonding to steelworks and big gas pipework. How do i determine size needed? Is there a formula/table to work off?
  7. G

    VIR Cables Current Carrying Capactiy

    Anyone know of any information out their on the current caring capacity of old VIR cables, looks like they are between 16mm-25mm, so any info on the older imperial sizes would be useful Thanks graham
  8. GMES

    SWA sizes 2016-10-17

    SWA Cable sizing charts, giving dimensions for armourings and overall diameters. Useful for accurate cleat and clamp sizes.
  9. GMES

    SWA sizes

    GMES submitted a new resource: SWA sizes - CABLE SIZES Read more about this resource...
  10. Marvo

    Steel conduit wall thickness

    I'm hoping a few of the older members might remember this. I need to know what the standard wall thickness used to be for the very old type threaded steel conduit (20 and 25mm equivalents). I'm guessing the diameter and wall thickness was in imperial sizes so I also need to know what the...
  11. D

    For sale tools and materials huddersfield can ship

    I have given up working for myself and am working for a contractors now, I am having a clear out, sensible offers please All can be collected from Huddersfield but I can ship as my company have a UPS account, I cant split it dont have the time all tools are less than 2 years old and in very good...
  12. billyblade

    Diamond core drills

    Hi everyone. I represent a company who manufacture and distribute drilling and trade solutions which are particularly popular with electricians. I'll not name them so as not to advertise on here.:smiley2: We have a dry diamond core drill kit in our portfolio which sells very well but i feel that...
  13. sythai

    Storage heating calculation....

    Good afternoon chaps.... Just been trying to find a calculator on line, but no joy - Dimplex has one, but not very user friendly! Have a couple of rooms requiring night stores, so need to calculate the sizes required. Could anyone please point me in the direction of where I may find a...
  14. P

    under floor heating

    advice please im changing a ccu, the lady is having under floor heating installed and wants me install power points for each room thats having under floor heating. can i spure off the ring in each room or do i have to run a new cecuit. under floor heating is new to me. any advice i would be...
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