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Hi all,

I've got a load of old stock on tri-rated cable to shift:

0.5mm £7 per drum

300m x 0.5mm White
500m x 0.5mm Violet
100m x 0.5mm Yellow

0.75mm £9 per drum
100m x 0.75mm Red

1mm £10 per drum
200m x 1mm White

1.5mm £14 per drum

1000m x 1.5mm Violet
400m x 1.5mm White
200m x 1.5mm Brown
200m x 1.5mm Blue

2.5mm £22 per drum
200m x 2.5mm Brown
200m x 2.5mm Grey

4mm £34 per drum
100m x 4mm Red

6mm £55 per drum
200m x 6mm Brown
200m x 6mm Green/Yellow
200m x 6mm Grey
100m x 6mm Black

Will consider offers on bulk drums or an offer for the lot. Will Also include delivery.


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