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back box

  1. F

    Spur from socket to a FCU

    Hi. First post! I have a socket on a ring which currently is occupied by a plug which operates my boiler. I would like to use this socket for something else. My idea is to spur off this (I've checked this isn't already a spur) to a 13amp FCU which my boiler would be wired into (no need for...
  2. B

    Back box size for sockets

    Afternoon one and all, Just wondering if anyone has any experience with fitting chrome 2 gang sockets to 25mm back boxes. I bought a pack of 5 LAP chrome double sockets from screwfix but noticed that the listing online says a 35mm back box is required. I have measured mine and they are only...
  3. Andy Hunt

    Most widely used socket electrical back box in the UK?

    Morning, can anyone tell me which is the most widely used brand name/type or best known manufacturer of electrical backbox's (plastic and/or metal) in the UK market? Thanks v much! Andy
  4. M

    Back box depth for LAP flat plate light switch

    Following great advice on here about wiring my ceiling light I've now moved onto replacing the plastic light switches. Does anyone know if a 16mm back box will be OK to accommodate this switch...
  5. P

    Help with socket face plates to fit a busy/narrow back box

    Hi there, Hoping someone on here could help. I have been swapping my standard white plastic plug sockets with flat polished chrome ones. In one of the rooms, the back boxes are fixed to the breeze block of external wall Vs the others which are fit to the stud walls. Basically it means there is...
  6. M

    Fire rated back box advice

    Hi all, I was wondering what some of you recommend with regards fire rated back boxes. this is an install in my own home and want the best option available (cost not been an issue) scenario : timber frame house semi detatched and currently no outlets on party wall (double boarded) I will be...
  7. Paul228

    PE from metal back box to socket

    Have things changed and I missed the memo. Let's start by saying I'm a fossil. I was trained the old way, were u went with a mate and went to night school and day release. Anyway, was on a domestic fault for a mate of a mate. I rocked up, kitchen ring tripping. Asked any recent works, holes...
  8. rolyberkin

    Single to double back box converter

    Scolmore PATTRESS SURFACE BACK BOX - 1 GANG TO 2 GANG CONVERTOR - https://www.superlecdirect.com/p-prw091-scolmore-pattress-surface-back-box-1-gang-to-2-gang-convertor?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4vzKBRCtARIsAM3l8OBM12DvSZxfW0_k7TMiDyB7N_zcLeFz5u1_mD-qiYFjJ8EspyuiDagaAonUEALw_wcB or...
  9. M

    Surface box over flush

    Hi New member here. I am a multi-trades person dealing with commercial property maintenance. I’ve joined because I have some queries that can only be answered by pros - and I hope to be able to provide a few answers. First up: I have a flush fitted back box in dry wall. I need to run new cables...
  10. P

    Repairing a damaged back box thread.

    It looks like the upstairs in the house has had some electrical work done in the past and I've been left with a couple of blanked off back boxes. On one of them, the cover plate is loose and looks a little unsightly. While attempting to tighten the screws up, I found the threads on each of the...
  11. C


    Hi Guys, I am currently getting a kitchen overhaul and want to install some unit/kick-board lights. I want to be able to control the unit lights with the light-switch which controls the down-lights in the kitchen ceiling. I have swapped the switch out for a double switch. The lights have came...
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