1. sparks1234

    2 singles or a double

    Evening all, Somebody has said to me that if you put a double socket in a base unit for a washing machine and tumble dryer this is against regulations and that it should be 2 single sockets because of the potential loading, before anyone shouts it has nothing to do with being directly next to...
  2. MarkRibbands

    3-Ph sub-mains on four 16mm DI singles. OK or not?

    I'm upgrading an existing installation in my own house, and would like a second opinion please. An existing sub-main, in a separate building about 10m from the supply is fed via four existing 16mm DI meter tail cables in cable tray and conduit. I inherited this installation from when the very...
  3. J

    tapping into conduit wiring with no singles cpc

    Afternoon guys Got a job my builder wants me to do in nice block of flats up town solid concrete ceilings/walls/floors unfortunately! lighting is just staying as is- but them want extra sockets added and a new 5amp socket circuit for lights the existing sockets are wired in single in tube in...
  4. B

    Recommended Wholesaler for 95mm singles / meter tails & accessories

    Hi We have a new 3 phase 200A supply installed which is to supply 4 flats & a low load landlord supply. We need to source 95mm singles that will connect from the ukpn 3 phase head into a stand alone isolator which will then connect into a 3 phase distribution board that will supply the 4 flat...
  5. D

    Wagos and ferrules

    Has anybody used a ferrule in a push fit wagos? I need to cut into a ring circuit to make a spur using singles (in conduit) but only have push fit wagos no good for flex as we know. I don't want to make a special trip in the morning and £20 on a box of latching wagos that I probably won't use...
  6. Pete999

    Pete's Videos WTF

    What is he poking around in there with?
  7. G

    hi, this must make me an old newbie. used the forum for advice before but never joined in.

    ive had my 2391 for 7 years and my quals for over twenty. saw an eicr the other day that gave a c3 for terminating stranded and unstranded cables together in a socket, ie using singles to earth backboxes in a t&e circuit. ive been doing that for years. have i missed something. try not to get...
  8. S

    Double insulated singles on 2 way switching

    As per title, d.I singles or 'insulated and sheathed singles' with no earth within cable and not run alongside any earths. What is the current view on these within an EICR? There are earths at all the accessory and light points but i was always taught that every cable needed a cpc on the basis...
  9. S

    Industrial Galv lighting trunking

    I'm currently doing some galv lighting trunking all wired in low smoke singles with metal fire clips installed in the trunking over the escape route. I have been supplied plastic lid by the main contractor is there any thing in regs about not being able to use this. Sorry would look in my byb...
  10. R

    Fire resistant clips and singles in trunking

    Current job involves running singles in plastic trunking and conduit. Am fitting fire resistant clips over escape routes but am not too happy using these clips over the singles without any kind of protection against chaffing/cutting into the 'single' insulation. I have been wrapping the metal...
  11. D

    Am2 help please

    Morning chaps . finally got round to booking my am2. I know it changes a fair bit so was wondering if anyone here has done it recently or has an informed idea on what's in it now. I've been in the trade some time now so I'm sure I'll be OK. I have my 2391 ect . I just hate exams and well any...
  12. G

    Last job of the day

    These ikea lights are murder to fit but you do the best you can don't you !
  13. C

    Galvanised Conduit in house conduit factors

    Hello. i've got a brick wall in my conservatory and ive painted it a color but left the bricks on show, currently the electrics for s/o and lighting are in shoddy plastic off cuts of mini trunking and exposed bits of old twin and earth. I was thinking of using Galvanised conduit and put it on...
  14. R

    6491x Singles in a PVC flexible conduit....

    Gents, Is there a regulation on NOT been able to use singles in a pvc flexible conduit over a short distance i.e 1M. - and your thoughts please. This example would be on a commercial installation. Thanks
  15. kkkkk

    High continuity resistance on ring final circuit

    Hi peeps I have continuity measurements on a ring final circuit of: L/L 1.4, N/N 0.78, E/E 1.7 Loose connections somewhere? There is a new CU with RCD. Insulation resistance measurements are good. There is a boiler added into the circuit as a spur. Any suggestions or comments? THANKS!! :) :) :)
  16. SJD

    How to change from conduit to T&E in celing void

    Scenario: In an old house, the main fuse board is next to the supply intake, which feeds sockets, cooker, immersion. For the lighting, there is a separate sub-board in the centre of the house, fed by a 2.5mm T&E distribution circuit from the main board. This 4-way sub-board is antique, cast...
  17. P

    1 switch, 2 fluorescent fittings in shed

    Just a quick one. And I right in thinking I would take N/E from CU in shed to first fitting, take L from CU (with an E from fitting) all the way to switch, run switch L back to fitting and then just Dasiy L/N/E to next fitting? not a lot of info on the web and didn't cover fluorescent fittings...
  18. R

    6491 singles. East Manchester.

    I am selling the following. All bought today, I've used just over 6 meters from each roll. £60 the lot collected from East Manchester or Glossop area. I can give you a VAT invoice that I was given when I bought it for £90 inc. Prysmian 6491X PVC Singles, all 98.3 meters: 1.5mm Black 1.5mm...
  19. C

    t & e in 20mm conduit

    hi all first time i have posted, great site and lots of info cheers putting in for my assesment shortly with elecsa doing a c/u change and putting sockets and lights into attached garage,my preffered method would of been to use 20mm conduit its a pretty big garage but they only want 2 double...
  20. L

    Domestic Rewire with no cpc on lighting circuit???????

    Morning all been ask to change some light fittings & switch's in a bungalow as the lady said it had just been rewired by the local council and she would like some nice chrome fittings. But the lighting circuit has been done in d/insulated singles with no cpc. The power circuits are done in t+e...