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  1. R

    Route to Approved Electrician From Elec bias Maintenance Engineer

    Hi All, I hope this ok/right place to post. I’m currently a maintenance engineer in the food and beverage industry. I do help out a few qualified electrician mates every now and then when they are mad busy. We have spoke about the prospect of going into business together. So I have completed...
  2. T

    Grading to be approved electrician

    Hi all If you are a electrician, what do you require to grade up to a approved electrician. I am based in Scotland and noticed on the sectt website that you have to do a distant learning course. Would carrying out the initial verification electrical course be adequate to be able to grade up to...
  3. C

    UK I am thinking of becoming self-employed, any advice/help/warnings would be greatly appreciated!

    Hello everyone I am new to this forum so ease me in gently!!! I often found myself coming across this forum when I was seeking help or advice towards queries I had. I am an Approved Electrician with 8 years experience across domestic, industrial, commercial and medical locations. I am often...
  4. HJC

    Next step for approved electrician

    Hi everyone I’m fully qualified as an electrician with jib gold card and 2391 etc. I am wondering what the next step to take in terms of qualifications. The only thing I don’t currently have is the 2396 design which I’m not too keen on getting as I’ve seen no opportunity’s requiring this...
  5. P

    not NICEIC

    If I am not approved what can happen?
  6. E

    Branching out to the domestic world

    Hi all, Just after a bit of advice... Time-served (Elec/Mech), 18th edition, 2392 Initial Verification, 12 years experience in industrial environment with experience in domestic work along the way. Looking at starting to build up a bit of a client-base/reputation in the domestic world with the...
  7. N

    Norman Electrical Testing

    Norman Electrical Testing. 19 years in the electrical contracting industry, mainly industrial but also commercial and domestic installations. Based at Ickleton, Saffron Walden, Essex. Hobbies include Dog Walks, Carpet Bowls and Boxing. Looking to join forum discussions relating to electrical...
  8. S

    Electrician JIB Approved elec avaable London central, south east London

    Very experienced JIB sparks , solid all rounder. Including rail and tram signalling . Some Cisco background allied with fire and intruder, door access control installation. Commercial to industrial everything inbetween. British born national with Australian A grade on top of JIB cards
  9. S

    Approved Electrician, distanced learning. Installation project

    Afternoon gents and ladies. I didnt do my distance learning during my apprenticeship due to me being a complete idiot so I am doing it now, anyone done it recently? Or ever? Fancy helping me out as I am at breaking point.
  10. M

    Approved Electrician Course ( ACA )

    Hi there, new to the forum. Looking for any information/tips from anybody who is now an approved electrician and passed the ACA course (SECTT). I have my test in a couple weeks and struggling to find any information about it online. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. einstein

    Only Approved sparks should be allowed to test

    surely this needs implementing into the industry? lots of companys seem to employ anyone thoughts?
  12. P

    Approved electrician exam resit

    Hi new to this quick question ,can anybody give me any possible advice on the risk assessment part of the Aca test (approved electrician exam ) I failed on that part last week but can’t think for the life of me how I failed as I thought the exam was pretty straight forward, is there something...
  13. C

    Electrician Approved Electrician wanted Durham/NE England - Full time at established electrical contractors

    Job Description Experienced Fully Qualified Time Served Electrician required to join our established, well known Electrical Contractors. A fully qualified, time served electrician is required for a wide range of electrical work mainly within the light industrial and commercial sectors. 37.5...
  14. krishaan

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Gold card application

    the jib website isn' very conclusive about which card I qualify for. I've just finished my 4 year apprenticeship and i also hold my initial verification and peridic inspection and testing quals so can I apply for an approved gold card even thouh I haven't been on site for two years as a...
  15. RWJ

    Thinking of switching from NIC to ECA or Napit

    We do mainly industrial and commercial work with a small bit of (landlord) residential. After some recent negative comments from potential customers regarding NICEIC electricians I was thinking of jumping ship to ECA or Napit. OK I know ECA are now the same as NIC but there name doesn't seem...
  16. L

    Approved Assessment (ACA)

    Hey all, I have my ACA booked in cambuslang for next Wednesday and I'm getting myself into a major flap. Anyone done it recently to give some advice? Cheers
  17. seedelectrical

    Electrician Looking for a 17th Approved Electrician with Testing & Inspection: NW Area, based on a Wirral.

    Afternoon Ladies and Gents, We are looking for an electrician who has the criteria to help grow our company: • BS7671 17th Edition Approved Electrician. • C&G 2391 Testing/Inspection. • ECS Card. • Clean drivers license. • Experiance with intercom systems. • Commercial and Industrial...
  18. D

    I despair at some so called "approved" electrical contractors

    My son and daughter in law have just bought a very nice listed building that has had electrical works carried out and certified by a few different electrical contractors. My gripe is the cooker panel switch, connected upside down, IE turn of the cooker main switch and the socket goes off as...
  19. einstein

    approved spark looking for work nationwide

    Hi Looking for commercial/private domestic work ideally testing & inspecting nationwide, preferably with a van and digs paid, 12hours / 7 days kind regards
  20. T

    Approved Electrician

    I have been asked via a PM jobs advertised for a approved electrician I believe its a term that was used years ago referring to electricians that had some experience behind them, may be some of you could explain better than me and what it means when advertised for today.
  21. R

    ACA - Approved Electricians Test

    Hi There Just looking for some advice on my approved electricians test which is coming up in a couple months at Cambuslang, i have read the basics from other people on this site and know the common faults people make, but I am mainly wondering if the test has perhaps changed just like the FICA...
  22. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC approved contractor first visit

    Info for anyone currently looking to join, Whilst I was very nervous the night before, there is no need to be, as long as you know how to test and your upto date with the regs, then this is a breeze, Inspector arrived 9am, Quick meeting explaining about the scheme. Went through the office...
  23. B

    BS7671 & Fire Safety Building Control Approved

    Hi, Just need some advice. bs7671 Says about cabling above head height, in ceilings etc. must be in tray above route of escape...... So if you come across cabling which isn't in tray or tied up or Round band up - would you leave it or fix it? Does it say anything about what you need to use to...
  24. K

    Finally joined after being a lurker for a while!

    Been lurking for a while now! Thought I'd join as there's some great info on here, also got my approved electrician test next week on the scottish side so any advice on that would of be great!
  25. JasperOban

    New Member Intro

    Hi all, I've been registered here for a while so an intro is well overdue. I'm an Industrial Electrician working at Europe's biggest Super Quarry, Glensanda. I'm an Approved Electrician, Approved Certifier of Construction and an IET Technician Member. I'm involved in everything from small L&P...
  26. A

    JIB Approved Electricians Required - Cheshire

    We are looking for a large number of JIB Approved Electricians on a 4-6 week contract in Cheshire Must be JIB Approved & have Industrial / Engineering experience. PM for further details. Aidan !
  27. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme

    Hello Guys I am in the process of lining up three jobs to show the NICEIC inspector for the Approved Contractor Scheme. I have seen some software called National Certs, I would like to use this to certify my three jobs on the green certificate system, and would this be ok as I understand they...
  28. D

    Do I need to be with an approved body?

    Hi All, Been self employed running my limited company since May. Am away to start doing some sub contract work for a bathroom installed, and they have asked me to let them know which approved body I am with because I am doing electrical testing? Correct me if I am wrong, but unless you are...
  29. Lou

    BD Electrical

    Are you looking for an electrician in Cardigan? If so then you require the services of a company that you can rely upon. A company that is committed to excellence. You require the services available through BD Electrical. We are a well established company that caters for domestic, industrial and...
  30. Lou

    Kevin Black Electrical Contractor

    Experienced electrical contractors in Monifieth, Dundee Established for more than 6 years, Kevin Black Electrical Contractor is a local firm, providing first class electrical services to Dundee and the surrounding areas. Our team of qualified electricians have more than 30 years of experience...
  31. Lou

    Gray Electrics (Stafford) Ltd.

    Welcome to Gray Electrics (Stafford) Ltd. We are an established family run business specialising in both domestic and industrial commercial electrical installations, maintainence, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and periodic inspection certification, locally and throughout the uk. With over...
  32. Lou

    Scott Clarke Electrical

    Scott Clark Electrical is your local electrician, based in North Newbald but covering the whole of East Riding, we offer a professional service from many years experience. We are NAPIT Part P approved and are members of the Trust Mark, for reassurance of the quality of our advice and...
  33. H

    ECS Part P

    With my NICEIC welcome letter there's a form in there for an ECS Part P application - doesn't have much information so wondering if anyone here can tell me what it means etc and whether they applied for it?
  34. 123

    Approved Document P 2013- England 2016-09-18

    Approved Document Part P of England Building Regulations 2013
  35. 123

    Approved Document P 2013- England

    123 submitted a new resource: Approved Document P 2013- England - Part P Read more about this resource...
  36. N

    2394 Do i need it ?

    Hi everyone ,was after some advice regarding the 2394 (initial verification) and wether or not i need to do it? ive completed the following: 17th edition level 2&3 C&G 2365 diploma AM2 i covered intial verification in unit 303 of my level 3 diploma and again in my am2 so ive done it for...
  37. N

    Going back down from Approved to Domestic ?

    Hi all, Just wanted to see what you lovely lot think....Hubby has had the same assessor for a few years now for approved contractor but to be honest they do not seem to click....hubby is really outgoing chap and never not known him to not get on with be honest i find it really...
  38. D

    Domestic Outdoors sockets notifiable or not

    With so many part p pdf files out there in getting a bit lost Also I think the person I was talking to about this might of found a loop hole Basically he tapped in to the house ring to put on a outdoor RCD socket I'm reading in electrician guide to building regs book 2012 Suggests any...
  39. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Bogus NICEIC companies

    Hi Guys Could you give your views on bogus companies falsifying the NICEIC logo whilst working in London recently I noted many companies displaying the NICEIC Logo but were not registered contractors, IN FACT they used approved contractors and think it ok to display the logo ON THEIR BEHALF...
  40. F

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Online Certs

    Hi, Ive used the niceic online certification for afew months now, I have just finished a fire alarm install in a shop but cant find a Fire Alarm Installation Certificate on the NICEIC. I have issued the one that you get in the back of the log book/ installation manual that comes with the fire...
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