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steel conduit

  1. J

    Bonding steel conduit around plastic switch

    Any recommendations? I have 25mm steel conduit going into 20mm reducers feeding a plastic time guard switch and then returning to steel conduit again on the other side. An earthing nut is too chunky. I think I need those smaller flat brass plates you get on SWA cables. 1588093418 Found them -...
  2. S

    25mm steel conduit fittings

    Hi guys, Bored at home, so making a bench using old conduit I ripped out. Trying to use as much recycled as possible and was wondering if anyone had anything lying about. Looking for 8 x dome covers and 8 x tee’s, inspection or solid. All 25mm. Will pay postage ofc. cheers
  3. J

    Steel conduit in tight spaces

    I need to run a length of steel conduit. One end it will connect into a standard 25mm BESA box, on the other end, it will go into a sharp elbow. The conduit has to thread through a hole in the floor that is very close to the wall. If I thread the conduit through the hole and then place either...
  4. T

    Persons experienced in steel conduit

    Good afternoon one and all Does anyone in the Dorset area have good experience with steel conduit? If so please could I pick your brains on a few things?
  5. N

    Steel conduits acceptable for earthing in domestic property ?

    Evening Just been to quote for a consumer unit upgrade. Found that the board was from circa 1960 and wiring looked original also. No alterations have been made with exception of a few faceplates renewed in the kitchen. Red and black single cores going into an adaptable box at the back and...
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