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  1. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Terminate NIC EIC membership

    HI - I am currently registered with the NIC EIC - Domestic installer, which also includes the Part P certification. I am muling over the idea of terminating the membership, but I wish to remain Part P registered in order to still practice legally. Is this possible and how do i go about it...
  2. D

    Terminate SWA in Wiska or straight to Garage CU

    Hello all, I wanted to know the best approach of connecting to a Garage CU. Currently planning a small wiring project that i want to do in a few months time, when cash and time allows. My plan is to do the work myself and go through the proper channels of notifying the work to the local...
  3. V

    Terminate live feed from tiled floor?

    Hi newbie here. Actually I'm a chartered electronics engineer but am often mystified by the dark magic of domestic wiring! I have a kitchen counter fed by a live feed which comes up through a quarry tiled floor. I want to move the counter and disconnect that feed. I obviously don't want some...
  4. H

    Is it OK to terminate switched fused spur with 13A socket?

    I am planning a new layout for our utility room and would appreciate some advice. We have three appliances (washer, dryer and freezer) that will sit under a worktop directly below the window. My intention is to feed this equipment via a row of three 13A fused spur switchplates located inside a...
  5. M

    Data sockets help

    I have 20 double data points so 40 cat 6 in total. What connects on the other side. A data switch?? Seen them in 24 ways so i would need 2 x 24 ways correct??
  6. G

    Network points

    Hello, Can I ask people how they price for networking cabling(CAT6utp) in a domestic property? Does anyone price per point or per meter of cable? It's for a new build. They'll be a couple of network cables and a couple of sky cables going to the living room, dining room and each of the 4...
  7. R

    Control 4 and relays

    Hi Maybe it's an easy task but I could do with some help. I want to link 2 outside lights integrating into a control 4 door station (intercom) so when someone presses the intercom the lights will come on. On the intercom there is a n/c, n/o and a common terminals which I have a cat 5 running to...
  8. sythai

    10 pair phone BT cable.... help please

    Looking at possible job tomorrow and the architect I'm meeting mentioned that it may also need a 10 pair phone cable run in... New one for me, just a few questions please....: 1/Can you get this in SWA as it will be running underground? 2/If so is it the same to make off as a standard SWA...
  9. P

    henley blocks in trunking

    I have to connect up a check meter. Is it ok to terminate the 2 armourds into 4" metal trunking. Then use henley blocks to terminate the feed/loads, and come out of them with double insulated tails into the check meter?
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