1. Michael J

    Domestic Green neutral anybody seen this before?

    Haven’t seen this before
  2. T

    Domestic Air source heat pump heating issue

    Hi there, I have an air source heat pump with a few issues: 1. It gets stuck on defrost mode. When it goes to defrost, it gets stuck and ends up becoming an air conditioner in the depths of winter (fun). I suspect this may be a faulty valve (or what ever reverses the coolant) getting stuck on...
  3. N

    Green Certs from NIC

    I'm with Stroma, but if someone wants a NIC condition report (and they just don't get it that NIC ain't the only ones), can I literally just buy the green books from NIC, complete the form and leave it with customer? I don't need to inform anyone after buying the green books, just complete and...
  4. N

    Green nic condition reports

    Just wondering who exactly can fill in these niceic EICR forms? NICEIC - Elecsa - ECA | Domest - on the niceic website it says they're for any contractor even those not registered. Is it the case that...
  5. 123

    Dewalt Green Laser Level...Which One?

    I'm looking to add a Green Laser Level to the tool collection, but a little torn over which one to get. I've had a Dewalt DW087K for years and it's still as accurate and good as the day I bought it. Like all red laser levels it struggles a bit in bright conditions. I'm a little torn between 2...
  6. C

    green 360 ltd aka new trades career any info ?

    does anyone have any experience with new trades career. they used to be called green 360 ltd are they legit ? and do they have results ? has anyone trained with them ? thanks
  7. KEV 1 N

    Green "oil" leaking from twin and earth

    Did an EICR the other day, the lighting circuits are 1.5mm stranded with a 1mm solid core cpc (not tinned) Green sleeving is fitted some I'm guessing it from the 1970s. At most of the pendants and switches there's a green oily stuff leaking from the cable where it's stripped, some places it's...
  8. Vortigern

    Parsons Green underground tube bomb exploded.

    Again we offer condolences and prayers to peoples families who have lost a loved one, Father, Mother, Daughter and on the list goes. I wonder how much more we should sit back and offer condolences. I suppose it will be until there is only me left.
  9. Charlotte Young

    Electrical Engineer / Panel Wirer Needed for Contract Job Sussex

    Vacancy for the assembly & wiring of Energy Storage Systems required for an ad hoc/part time upcoming contract in Storrington (West Sussex) area. Duration of upcoming project is 6-8 weeks with the potential of being extended. The rate of pay is dependent on experience and qualifications. The...
  10. Specialist

    Green deal central heating

    Hey guys: Friend of mine recently had his house rewired, AM3 CU etc, nice neat pucker job & all certified. Anyway over the last few days he's been having a new heating system installed on a Green deal. Went over for a cuppa earlier & the contractors sparky was there to wire everything up. He was...
  11. 1Justin

    Green OK light in emergency bulkhead lamps.

    To speed me along with a quote since this is all taking too long and I haven't taken a penny yet. Q) Would a modern LED bulkhead emergency light have a green indicator LED for any reason other than proving that it's a "self test" type in working condition? (In other words do non-self-test EM...
  12. S

    Peer to Peer green energy sharing in UK

    Has anyone thought about this or have some ideas? My team "Grid Wallet" is currently working on a new digital technology that will enable owners of domestic solar panels, wind turbines and CHP devices to sell their exported electricity for 2-3 times more than the wholesale rate they currently...
  13. CRAGS

    Green black Green grey Cable

    Anybody ever coma across this just started rewire there is green black and green grey cable only quickly had a look so not had chance see where its going or coming from or what its connected to in the consumer unit ???
  14. S

    Londonelectricals Ltd Ltd We are a North London Based Electrical Contractors. We offer full electrical maintenance packages for both domestic and commercial sectors. For domestic installations and repairs we specialise in Rako and Lutron Lighting, and bespoke electrical installations. Our...
  15. Dan

    Use of expanding foam glue on green plasterboard?

    Use of expanding foam glue on green plasterboard? advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hi. I am using a green plasterboard for my bathroom walls to tile onto. I used dot and dab mix in my last house but what I want to know is if it is ok to use expanding foam type glue? I have... Use of...
  16. L

    Eicr + Eic sheets?

    Hi all, Would someone be able to help me and point me to a resource where I can download the current Green generic eic & eicr test sheets if such a source is available for download. I have searched and have not been succesfull in finding a resource. Many thanks in advance LH
  17. normanton

    Do I need to be registered with a governing body?

    I'm pretty sure I've checked this a while back with the NICEIC but I'd like to double check. I'm carrying out EICR work on a few properties , and am currently in a debate with a lady who says I should be registered with a governing body to carry out the testing. I said she's talking rubbish. As...
  18. Lou

    Kite powered power stations

    I have just read this article about a kite power station coming to Scotland next year. Apparently the kites will fly 750m high and turn a turbine. I'm all for new energy sources as we can't last without them but kites is something I'd never thought of. What do you guys think on the...
  19. E

    38A mcb?!

    Anyone else come across one of these? 38 amp MCB. It's an old proteus centaur. Looks very similar to old crab tree breakers. But I've never seen or heard of that rating before.
  20. H

    Green deal solar

    Hi Chaps The wife's just had a call offering solar on the green deal scheme now I know nothing about the solar game. Question is is it still worth having with the low fit tariff ?