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  1. M

    worcester green star 18 ri boilers and y plan

    so weve had stelrad elan boilers replaced in rental houses with system boilers teh stelrad hadnt died we just thought time to chamge I had a worcester combi in a house in worcester (the tenant worked for WB ) and recomended ok so we specified Wb boilers we lived in one house and the installer...
  2. S

    Green goo

    Hi guys, carried out an eicr yesterday and found green goo present, all IR readings were very acceptable. I’m thinking C3 but what’s your thoughts?
  3. Y

    Domestic Green Brook Dimmable Ceiling Pull Switch - DIMPULLSW-C

    Hi, I have just purchased the above product but the installation instructions are a bit vague. Please would you be able to tell me how to wire this fitting. I have attached a picture of my existing product and also a picture of the new fitting. I'm not sure where to place the live and...
  4. Doomed

    Green slime from old cables

    Is there a conclusive article or risk assessment about green slime (from those old late 1960's cables). The only things that seem to agree are that it is mildly toxic and it does not reduce the insulation resistance. Napit say does not need a rewire several cable manufacturers say it ought to be...
  5. Michael J

    Domestic Green neutral anybody seen this before?

    Haven’t seen this before
  6. T

    Domestic Air source heat pump heating issue

    Hi there, I have an air source heat pump with a few issues: 1. It gets stuck on defrost mode. When it goes to defrost, it gets stuck and ends up becoming an air conditioner in the depths of winter (fun). I suspect this may be a faulty valve (or what ever reverses the coolant) getting stuck on...
  7. N

    Green Certs from NIC

    I'm with Stroma, but if someone wants a NIC condition report (and they just don't get it that NIC ain't the only ones), can I literally just buy the green books from NIC, complete the form and leave it with customer? I don't need to inform anyone after buying the green books, just complete and...
  8. N

    Green nic condition reports

    Just wondering who exactly can fill in these niceic EICR forms? NICEIC - Elecsa - ECA | Domest - https://www.shop.niceic.com/5590-Domestic-Electrical-Installation-Condition-Report-DPM4 on the niceic website it says they're for any contractor even those not registered. Is it the case that...
  9. 123

    Dewalt Green Laser Level...Which One?

    I'm looking to add a Green Laser Level to the tool collection, but a little torn over which one to get. I've had a Dewalt DW087K for years and it's still as accurate and good as the day I bought it. Like all red laser levels it struggles a bit in bright conditions. I'm a little torn between 2...
  10. KEV 1 N

    Green "oil" leaking from twin and earth

    Did an EICR the other day, the lighting circuits are 1.5mm stranded with a 1mm solid core cpc (not tinned) Green sleeving is fitted some I'm guessing it from the 1970s. At most of the pendants and switches there's a green oily stuff leaking from the cable where it's stripped, some places it's...
  11. T

    Parsons Green underground tube bomb exploded.

    Again we offer condolences and prayers to peoples families who have lost a loved one, Father, Mother, Daughter and on the list goes. I wonder how much more we should sit back and offer condolences. I suppose it will be until there is only me left.
  12. C

    Electrical Engineer / Panel Wirer Needed for Contract Job Sussex

    Vacancy for the assembly & wiring of Energy Storage Systems required for an ad hoc/part time upcoming contract in Storrington (West Sussex) area. Duration of upcoming project is 6-8 weeks with the potential of being extended. The rate of pay is dependent on experience and qualifications. The...
  13. S

    Green deal central heating

    Hey guys: Friend of mine recently had his house rewired, AM3 CU etc, nice neat pucker job & all certified. Anyway over the last few days he's been having a new heating system installed on a Green deal. Went over for a cuppa earlier & the contractors sparky was there to wire everything up. He was...
  14. 1Justin

    Green OK light in emergency bulkhead lamps.

    To speed me along with a quote since this is all taking too long and I haven't taken a penny yet. Q) Would a modern LED bulkhead emergency light have a green indicator LED for any reason other than proving that it's a "self test" type in working condition? (In other words do non-self-test EM...
  15. S

    Peer to Peer green energy sharing in UK

    Has anyone thought about this or have some ideas? My team "Grid Wallet" is currently working on a new digital technology that will enable owners of domestic solar panels, wind turbines and CHP devices to sell their exported electricity for 2-3 times more than the wholesale rate they currently...
  16. C

    Green black Green grey Cable

    Anybody ever coma across this just started rewire there is green black and green grey cable only quickly had a look so not had chance see where its going or coming from or what its connected to in the consumer unit ???
  17. S

    Londonelectricals Ltd

    Londonelectricals.co.uk Ltd We are a North London Based Electrical Contractors. We offer full electrical maintenance packages for both domestic and commercial sectors. For domestic installations and repairs we specialise in Rako and Lutron Lighting, and bespoke electrical installations. Our...
  18. L

    Eicr + Eic sheets?

    Hi all, Would someone be able to help me and point me to a resource where I can download the current Green generic eic & eicr test sheets if such a source is available for download. I have searched and have not been succesfull in finding a resource. Many thanks in advance LH
  19. N

    Do I need to be registered with a governing body?

    I'm pretty sure I've checked this a while back with the NICEIC but I'd like to double check. I'm carrying out EICR work on a few properties , and am currently in a debate with a lady who says I should be registered with a governing body to carry out the testing. I said she's talking rubbish. As...
  20. Lou

    Kite powered power stations

    I have just read this article about a kite power station coming to Scotland next year. Apparently the kites will fly 750m high and turn a turbine. I'm all for new energy sources as we can't last without them but kites is something I'd never thought of. What do you guys think on the...
  21. E

    38A mcb?!

    Anyone else come across one of these? 38 amp MCB. It's an old proteus centaur. Looks very similar to old crab tree breakers. But I've never seen or heard of that rating before.
  22. H

    Green deal solar

    Hi Chaps The wife's just had a call offering solar on the green deal scheme now I know nothing about the solar game. Question is is it still worth having with the low fit tariff ?
  23. D

    Guidance Note Books

    How much of the Guidance Note Books have Changes from Red-Yellow (2008-2015) and Green-Yellow (2011-2015) With every Book needing to be YELLOW is there any CHEAP deals to be made
  24. C

    Light Switch Advice - Help Needed

    Hi, I've just bought a Belkin Wemo light switch to begin some home automation. I'm trying to fit the switch in my hallway which has a switch at each end. The wires going into the switch I intend to change haven't been labelled and I'm not sure what each one is because they don't seem colour...
  25. H

    Domestic Help - home smoke alarm issues...

    Hi everyone. Would be great to get some advice here if possible. My home has (had!) three Aico Ei141 model smoke alarms, wired. I decided to switch one of them out for a Nest Protect smoke detector which I did today. I switched off the power to switch to the Nest Protect (which meant all three...
  26. M

    Charging 48v 14ah battery bank ???

    Hi guys i have owned a electric scooter for a while it has a battery bank on it that is made up of 4x 12v 14ah sealed lead acid batterys. i would presume this would make it a 48v 14ah battery The bike has sat in my shed for few years and i am now wanting to sell it. so the other day i...
  27. M

    leisure battery

    Good evening gentlemen, i have just bought an 110 amp deep cycle leisure battery, or so i thought, i hooked up a cool box, 5 watts it say,s , i left it overnight and it was stone flat in the morning, not impressed ,i hooked it up to an 8 amp charger, all day and all night, my charger was still...
  28. R

    megger test leads replacements

    Hi was working at a house Did the testing and packing stuff away into test box and I noticed my green probe missing and the very tidy customer hoovering where I had laid down my leads Looked but couldn't find !! Can I just buy the green probe bit or do I have to buy all new leads It's a...
  29. J

    honeywell 8ep3p6a help thanks.

    1st post super site. thanks for any one who can help with the 3 question on this x panel ( nightmare im having ) hello i got the honeywell 8ep36a there was a post last year i tryed before posting here of mod Tazz . over the spanner double lock think . i press p 9999 pressed number 2 set...
  30. J

    Incorrect pricing and returns for PV on all EPC certificates

    Hi, Just wondering if any of you installers out there are annoyed every time you see an EPC certificate and the following line comes up in the recommendations: Solar Photovoltaics 2.5kW | Cost £9,000 - £14,000 | Typical Savings £265 It must put a lot of people off and also give ammunition...
  31. V

    PIR Wiring in bathroom and Hall

    Hi Guys,New member here,i need to replace my present pull cord switch in my bathroom with a pir motion sensor,whats the easiest solution,i only have 3 wires in the switch Red-Black and green/yellow earth.Also I would like to put a pir motion switch to replace the my on/off switch in the...
  32. Worcester

    Green Deal Umbrella Schemes / SME Friendly GDP's

    There are a number of people that I know (installers of various types) that see - 1 year after it unofficially started, that it might actually get a bit of momentun now the colder weather is coming. (along with the fact that the Government already claims 244,000 technolgies installed to date...
  33. B

    Ripped out phone point

    Doing a rewire at the moment and the builder has ripped the main phone point right out wall leaving just the cable sticking out wall In sure it is the main phone cable into the house as it is a thick black 4pair round flex like Not had much to do with telephone points in the past apart from...
  34. The Solar King

    Building Energy Performance change?

    I have heard or read this and cannot find where. I have seen or heard it proposed that PV and FIT qualification will be aligned with the RHI, This would mean a property meeting Green Deal Ticks rather than an EPC of D. It would make sense in terms of consistency but would probably only apply to...
  35. N

    fluke leads question

    I want to replace my 1653 leads with the newer fluke twist tip leads, however I cannot for the life of me find a set of 3 Do they only come in red and black? And if so why don't they do a green?
  36. T

    EU to prosecute UK over 5% VAT rate

    Breaking: UK to face EU court over Green Deal tax breaks - 21 Feb 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
  37. E

    Can anyone recommend a free solar provider for a school?

    Local primary school is considering free solar for the school. The don't have the funds to instal themselves and would be able to use pretty much everything it generates. Also no complications with re-morgaging/selling the property in the future. (unless the county decides to sell shools off to...
  38. E

    NAPIT Certification Scheme First Napit accredited green deal adviser service

    Its offical I had all our green deal adviser accreditation certs emailed from Napit today. First one on the system for Napit. so I am very happy today. so if you need green deal reports & advice etc you know where to turn
  39. 9

    Domestic megger 1720

    Megger 1720 Just got one of these. How to do ze I was doing it on l/pe z with red and green lead but was getting a big difference between reading with my old megger. Both calebrated. Normal test procedure used. Main earth diaconnected However i phoned megger tech and they said use red and...
  40. W

    alarm help

    Hi new to this and don't know if this is right part of forum. What it is i bought an alarm from ebay one that takes a sim card I've never fitted an alarm before but as it said (easy d i y fitting) i bought one. But the instructions are a bit mis spelt as made in China. Any way when i set it up...
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