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  1. T

    I am currently studying level 3 electrical installation

    I was hoping thered would be someone that would see this that is a bit better on theory then i am.
  2. Electrokids

    Trainee I'am studying Electrical engineering major and Business major

    hi everybody, i'am new in here and the purpose of me joining this because i want to learn everything about electricity and mastering it. Electricity has been my passion since i'am a kid, i think i have electron current running on my blood haha. So right now i'm doing study in two different...
  3. Lister1987

    Electrical Students & Studying

    Noticed this thread was missing so figured I'd make one. Those currently studying and those recently finished; if you have resources, pdfs, links, or anything that can help students study from home, throw them up here. If youre studying at home, let is know what you're up to and we'll try and...
  4. M

    Need advice you wish you knew when you was studying.

    First I just want to say that I'm not even a trainee I just had no other option to choose. I am still studying the first year in Norway to become an electrician and I need some tips you can give to me that you wish you knew when you were studing first time or in general any small tips or...
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