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  1. T

    Retail Therapy during a long weeks work bought a new laser level

    Been humming and hawing about this new laser as my dewalt SW80 sometimes does not switch on and getting unreliable (justification justification) so got this. Bosch GCL2-50CG Cross Line Laser Green Line Laser - Just did a...
  2. N

    Laser Level Tripod...

    im after a tripod that is low enough to set the laser level so that the laser will hit sockets at 450mm, any recommendations?
  3. C

    Laser levels. Do I buy?

    Hi guys, Was looking at getting a laser level mainly for the use of doing downlighters in large rooms. Does any one know or have one that’s good or that they would recommend? Thanks in advance!
  4. happyhippydad

    Which laser level would you suggest?

    Morning all. I am going to invest in a laser level as I am getting more and more larger domestic jobs and I am finding it a right pain to go all around the walls with my spirit level. It will be used predominantly for levelling sockets/switches around the room. I have started looking and as...
  5. 123

    Dewalt Green Laser Level...Which One?

    I'm looking to add a Green Laser Level to the tool collection, but a little torn over which one to get. I've had a Dewalt DW087K for years and it's still as accurate and good as the day I bought it. Like all red laser levels it struggles a bit in bright conditions. I'm a little torn between 2...
  6. O

    Laser measure devices - suggestions please

    Fed up with using a tape measure and in the market for a laser device Any suggestions? Recommendations from personal experience? Thanks
  7. N

    New to forum - laser cutter / general grounding help needed!

    Hi everyone So my electric-based knowledge is pretty low, but I have my own laser cutting business so am having to get to grips with a few things! Any answers are helpful..... I run a 45W laser from a residential building, this is an import from USA. I have been looking at upgrading the...
  8. Ian1981

    Decent Laser levels recommendations

    Hi all looking for recommendations on good efficient and reasonably priced laser levels as I’m sick of using time consuming string lines. Thanks.
  9. C

    Electrician co2 laser cutter machine/engraver

    hi I'm in need of a little advice, I bought a k40 laser cutter/engraver machine, it has come from china on the machine it has a fixture for grounding the case/machine, its power supply is the normal 3 pin plug, do I still need to ground it?, if so I'm on the second floor, any advice as to what I...
  10. soap94

    Laser Level - dad's birthday

    Hello everyone, i need some recommendations about laser level. I'm thinking of getting one (for my dad's birthday), and have one idea which one to buy. Of course, I read a bunch of articles and reviews and have a "priority list", but i need you help as well. Here is a photo It's actually not...
  11. Jamchiv01

    Are Digital Laser Measures as good as the internet makes them out to me?

    Hello all, recently I was installing some new downlights in a large kitchen, and trying to measure the room width/length alone was a nightmare with a tape measure so I did some research on laser distance measures and they seem to be a good way to go. Has anyone ever owned one and are they as...
  12. Pat H

    Labeling solution.

    What are people using for labeling on jobs? I've used simple thermal dymo labellers before which have been ok.
  13. Midwest

    Bosch Laser Level Un-Repairable

    Just posting this because I'm a bit hacked off, and might give people food for thought when considering buying a Bosch product. I purchased a Bosch GLL 2-50 Cross Line Laser Level. Worked perfectly (and still does), until I knocked it over on it's tripod stand, and cracked the horizontal glass...
  14. S

    Dewalt laser level

    Hi, i am going to buy the dewalt laser level dw088k, can anyone suggest a tripod to stand it on. Cheers
  15. M

    Hilti or dewalt laser level

    I'm thinking of getting a laser level and have narrowed it down to either the hilti pm 2-l or the dewalt dwo88k. the hilti is more expensive but i see a lot of the dewalts on site ,any opinions
  16. P

    Dewalt laser levels

    Looking to buy one, any were have offers or sales on at the min. or is there any other recommend laser level. thanks
  17. D

    DeWalt DW087K Self-Leveling Line Laser

    There is a newer model on the market now, but that seems to have only helped the DW087k drop in price. I bought mine after speaking to a few guys who use laser levels day in day out and they felt it was the best of the lot, can now get it for just over £100! Great for marking downlights...
  18. R

    Bosch multi laser

    Looking to upgrade my chalk line to one of these Buy Bosch GLL 3-80 P Multi Line Laser and BS 150 tripod from Axminster, fast delivery for the UK This projects on 3 planes, is this overkill for spot lights on sockets? Do you have any reccomendations?
  19. R

    conduit fixing.

    Hi People, what are the best methods to adopt to mark out fixing for long conduit runs both vertically and horizontally, is it justa case of using a spirit level, plumb line and chalk line Thanks.
  20. D

    Domestic Battery Type

    What kind of battery is this ? , and are they easily available on the net ? High ress Image: Edit : Is there anything similar that would do the job ?
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