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Im trying to build a pcb board for my 3d printer that will connect a laser module to my ender 3 v2.

Here are the links to the article and the linked github with the pcb design.

My FAN runs at 24V R1 must be 2.2KOhm.

Ive tried to open it in kicad and export the correct files to be able to send to a manufacturer to build and assemble but I am having zero luck. I just want to send whatever files I need to off to whichever company so that they can take care of everything and ship me the completed part.

  • I have no idea what company to choose. im just wanting 1 board as quickly as possible. any suggestions on who to go to would be very helpful
  • Can someone help throw these files together for me so that i can just send those files off to be made. I spent a good 6 to 8 hours reading and everything about kicad trying to accomplish this with no luck. that why im turning to the experts for help.

thank you for any help

Lucien Nunes

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This forum is mainly focused on electrical power installation rather than electronics, so not many forum members will have experience of getting PCBs made.

My take on this is that the circuit on the board is so simple with so few parts, that unless you really want it to look like a commercial board it will be much quicker and easier to wire by hand on stripboard or perfboard. If I needed one like that, I would have it assembled and tested in 30-45 minutes.

If I wanted five of them then I'd etch some PCBs myself, For 25 I would send the PCB making out but probably populate them here. One hundred and up and I would sub out the stuffing too.

OTOH if you want experience with getting PCBs made then it's not a bad starting point, although the through-hole parts put the cost up due to hand assembly and probably being extended stock lines.

As for who to choose, I've had good results from JLCPCB, for high end I'd prefer Aisler as I'm in the UK / EU. In the US on that level you have Accutrace who do assy... I've no idea how their pricing works out but I hear they give a good service (I've never used them).

E2A looking at the schematic and 3D on the linked page (not checked the files) there seems to be an error with JP1 pins 2 and 3 being swapped over. Instead of switching the fan control line between fan and optocoupler, it switches the opto between the control line and the fan motor.
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Only just seen this, it is a very simple design, but if you do want to do it, I have imported to EasyEDA and generated a couple of gerber files - go to this github: JulesGren/3d_Laser - https://github.com/JulesGren/3d_Laser

I have had mixed results from JLCPCB the work is good quick and cheap - no complaints there, however when I have moved to the cheaper delivery services their actual charges start to vary from their quoted ones!!!.

I would suggest you go on to the JLCPCB website and use EasyEDA to open the files as I haven't checked anything - it's basically as imported.

If you use the panel version of the gerber file this will generate 4 boards per PCB (snap apart - known as V-cut) so if you order the minimum 5 PCB, you will end up with 40 boards.

This should cost around £1.41, plus postage of ~£4.00 - del is around 4-5 weeks, or if you pay £13 postage you should have them in around a week.

the .json files are for importing into easyeda one for PCB one for the schematic
the zips are gerber - upload to your pcb supplier's site

I would suggest looking at the boards and modifying them, there are no mounting holes, and much of the text/labelling is actually off the board!
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