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Hi guys,

Was looking at getting a laser level mainly for the use of doing downlighters in large rooms. Does any one know or have one that’s good or that they would recommend?

Thanks in advance!


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I use Bosch, I have two of them and for down lights it’s essential.
Very worthwhile investment.


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May as well try get a green laser as they are more visible in bright rooms. Looks a bit weird at a customers when you draw the curtains with no explanation and then strip down to your string vest!


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I spent quite a bit of time reviewing which laser level to buy and I'm really glad I went for the DCE088D1G - see this thread I started a few months back Which laser level would you suggest? - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/which-laser-level-would-you-suggest.168653/

I know it's expensive but the fact it uses dewalt batteries means you don't have to worry about AA batteries running out. The 'green' as opposed to red is MUCH easier to see.

I found a telescopic pole useful as well rather than a tripod, as with a tripod you can't get the laser level low enough for sockets.


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For a good laser level the Dewalt DCE088D1G. It's superb.

For marking downlights in large rooms - if the ceiling is going to be skimmed I'd use a chalk line.


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I bought the Stanley SCL-D for such a task. You can lock the laser, and place it on its back, to mark out down lights. Has usual cross levels and a plumb spot.

Difficult to source now, think its been superseded now STANLEY | Products | HAND TOOLS | Levels | Laser levels | Line laser levels - https://www.stanleytools.co.uk/products/sub5/Products/HAND+TOOLS/Levels/Laser+levels/Line+laser+levels.
Stanley also do a green beam version

This sites quite useful, to know what lines certain levels project;
Example Beam Diagrams - Laser Levels Online - The Laser Level Specialists - https://www.laser-level.co.uk/beam-diagrams.html

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