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  1. static zap

    Firefox Zoom levels messing with - headings in Group discussion and more

    Group discussions 100% zoom turns headings into vertical column letter stacks -- ok 110 120% Need 90% zoom for Forum radio play arrow to be visible without scrolling down. ( Just nits -that may/maynot need picking ! )
  2. C

    Laser levels. Do I buy?

    Hi guys, Was looking at getting a laser level mainly for the use of doing downlighters in large rooms. Does any one know or have one that’s good or that they would recommend? Thanks in advance!
  3. N

    Why are there different dimmer light levels

    I have two rooms. One room has 12 LED ceiling lights with two switches. One is a regular switch the other is a dimmer. The second room has 8 LED ceiling lights with a single dimmer. The LED's in both room are the same, and the dimmer switch is the same. So the only difference is the regular...
  4. F

    Lux levels for fluorescent light fitting in test mode

    As the title says. I'm looking for some data so that I can calculate lux levels from a 58w fluorescent batten fitting in test mode (working off of battery). I have looked on Thorn's website but all I can find is data for normal operation (not in test). Any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Ian1981

    Decent Laser levels recommendations

    Hi all looking for recommendations on good efficient and reasonably priced laser levels as I’m sick of using time consuming string lines. Thanks.
  6. spud1

    LED lighting for Milking Parlours

    Hi, Just had an enquiry from a new customer asking me to quote to install LED lighting in some agricultural milking parlours. (I'm assuming it will likely be retrofit for whats there) My initial thoughts (Without seeing the Job) are High Bay/Low Bay LED fittings. (Assuming high barn like...
  7. S

    Voltage Levels

    New to the forum..... finally getting with the times and going electronic! I wondered if anyone knows what the typical voltage levels are in domestic properties in Germany? I know they have an alleged similar infrastructure similar to ours at 230volts/50hz! But we all know with the supply...
  8. M

    Progression From 2365 Level 3.

    Is it possible to go on to a HNC/HND course straight from C&G 2365 L3? I would really like to go into higher levels of theory of electricity but am still unsure of what job I'd like. The only other way would be to do a levels and then go into university. But this would take another 2 years so...
  9. I

    high voltage levels affecting equipment

    Has anyone had any experience with increased voltage levels caused by PV systems affecting any of the installed equipment on site? Had to reset an SB 4000TL to G83/1 on a domestic install recently as the voltage levels were to high for the G59 settings particularly on sunny days. There seem to...
  10. K

    A-Levels or not? work experience help and degree help

    hi :) i am 17 and i am a student and i have completed my 2330, 2382, 2393 and 2377. i am currently completing my work experience which shud last about 1 year. I want to specialize in power distribution and transmission or design and i aim to start uni to get my bachelors in electrical...
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