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  1. D

    NVQ3 2357 books

    I am just starting my NVQ3 2357. Can anybody recommend any good books that complement this course. Thanks for your help.
  2. T

    Trainee Books for apprenticeship.

    Hi there I’m unsure if this allowed but I have loads of books here that were highly beneficial for me during my apprenticeship. Would be a shame for them to go to waste. Would sell them for cheap.
  3. L

    Trainee The best learner books to prepare for my C&G 2365 course?

    Hello im starting the C&G 2365 course in the next couple of months as soon as I've finished up at my current job. Anyone got any books to help with studies and to build up my knowledge prior to starting the course. Yes i know im a bit sad but i'm itching to get started! Thanks in advance...
  4. T

    A useful resource on line for free electrical books and other

    Electrical Engineering Books And Guides - https://electrical-engineering-portal.com/download-center/books-and-guides Thought some might make use of this.
  5. S

    Recommended books please

    Hi All, Great forum, thank you to those who make it possible, newby here, hoping to become a sparky soon, I know there is no substitute for proper training and official publications but I am hopeful that one of you - good people - will recommend a book(s) that will help with becoming an...
  6. Peejay133

    5357 - Work log book advised.

    Hello, I recently started my Electrical technical NVQ - 5357 and wanted to ask if anyone could recommend any dvds/books that may guide me on how to fill out my work log book properly I get the gist of it but just need to know more about what are the right pictures to take ect, I realise that it...
  7. E

    Can I use my old Nappit books

    I left Nappit on 2016 went to work for someone else for while.Now I am getting back with Nappit and go live next weak. I still have old books from 2016. My question is can I use the old books and maybe scratch the serial number of the books,(I new member number now)or buy new books,or buy...
  8. T

    Updated Unite books for electricians now available

    Electricians Guide Books - https://estore-sslserver.eu/techtrainingshop.co.uk/epages/3568f7fe-eebf-4cfc-a38a-0f090a33c15c.sf/sece98d5df9fa/?ObjectPath=/Shops/3568f7fe-eebf-4cfc-a38a-0f090a33c15c&ViewAction=FacetedSearchProducts These are the best books for having in the van with relevant day to...
  9. Iain Kay

    Buying IET Regulation books

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody knows how much a copy of the IET Wiring Regulations Amendment 3 or 18th edition should cost? It looks like the RRP for 18th edition, paperback, is £95! Found a copy delivered for £81 on Amazon. Is this really the case for an essential publication? Or should...
  10. dnjr

    18th edition books. Site guide and on site guide

    Dear All Looking at the 18th edition bundles on offer at mo Some offer regs book and on site guide and some offer Regs book and site guide On site guide us the blue one. Site guide appears to be a different thing altogether. Any idea what the difference is Ta
  11. A

    IET study books. Help where to source decently priced.

    hi guys just about to start an electrical course and I need various IET books. 18th ed regs, on site guide ect. could anyone advise where to look for decent price? regards
  12. Tes369

    Electrical Installation Books

    Hello I was going through some old books and I came across a gem. * Modern Wiring Practice. By W.E. Steward and J. Watkins first published in 1952. My dad did his apprenticeship with that book. The version I have is a 1980's version it's been modernised since. My dad worked on the houses...
  13. B

    Books, books and more books.

    Going to be moving house soon and as such having a general clear out. Books that I no longer have any use for, but may be useful for trainees, or even some of the experienced members for curiosity/collections. Not going to list a price for them all, just a fair offer. Trainees, we can...
  14. R

    Electrician Book recommendations

    Ive decided whilst I apply for college courses I am interested in buying some electrical books. Any recommendations please?
  15. Loki

    Anyone using Quick books self employed

    Hi, Anyone using Quick Books Self Employed? if so i was just wondering what your thoughts were? Is if user friendly? Do you use the invoice part? Or is it too basic? Is the end of year self assessment any good? Etc What other software's options would you recommend if not this? Thanks...
  16. DPG

    'Modern Electric Wiring'

    Evening all. Does anyone want to buy a copy of 'Modern Electric Wiring'? Have ended up with some duplicate books in my collection. Published by Caxton, hardback, 1950 (66 years old). Was after a tenner but that would include postage. Mods - if this isn't allowed let me know, cheers. Daz
  17. M

    Cooker circuit mcb

    Hi , I am wiring in a 2.4kw oven into a 6 mm cooker circuit (the hob is gas ) . The oven doesn't come with any flex , but does suggest 1.5 3 core 90degree flex (16amps ) ,so no problem fit with 16amp mcb. My question is if at a later date the hob was changed over to electric then the MCB size...
  18. N

    Useful youtube videos and other resources for trainees

    I am planning on finally starting my level 2 when I save for the deposit. I am quite lucky in my current job that I get an hour's break for lunch and i plan to spend my time wisely learning as much as I can before I start. I have been watching he's videos on youtube (is he a member here?) I...
  19. J

    HELP! Lost Regs book and on site guide

    Hello basically had my log book and on site guide with me on site put them somewhere on site and can't seem to find them anywhere, which is a real pain in the arse because both where all marked and tabbed for everything i needed, so ive bought a new set and i cant be arse going through...
  20. O

    Spotted in a bookshop today .....

    Stocking fillers anyone?
  21. PLW

    Anyone recommend any additional books to help with domestic electrical installation?

    Just looking for some more books to aid with my learning, specifically looking for books that explain things in a manner that is easier to understand.
  22. M

    Can someone recommend a good book for domestic electrics

    Hi can someone recommend a good book for learning domestic electrics. For example, what study guide did you use a college or on your course. Thanks
  23. Phil Thompson

    Best books for 2395/94

    I am contemplating doing the 2395 at my local college starting in August, just missed the 94 but hopefully they will be running it again in November. I've seen a few books online, but was looking any recommendations from guys who have done the courses recently. Or any other advice.
  24. H


    Anyone got any books they want to sell or hand off to a better home? I'm particularly looking for the guidance notes, and (I have GN3 in yellow already) don't particularly want to part with £30 per book. Just thought a member might have a slightly older version they'd been willing to part with...
  25. P

    Trevor Lindsey books

    Anyone on here have any experience with the Trevor Lindsey books. It's been recommended but I'd like to know how they helped, in particular with testing as I'm at college training for this at the mo. paul
  26. D

    Book Prices

    How much things come down in price over time and some just seem to go up and up Amazon.co.uk: Buying Choices: Requirements for Electrical Installations, Iet Wiring Regulations, BS 7671:2008+A3:2015 (Electrical Regulations) Regs I think at the start of this month i paid £70 and now its dropped...
  27. brucelee

    Amd 3 2015 books

    Hi to all the forum members, I just wanted to ask does anyone know where I can buy the new amended 2015 versions of the Regs, OSG, and related guidance notes. Preferably cheaper than IET, Elecsa/NICEIC or Amazon Also why does the forum not have a sponsor that they could negotiate a Better deal...
  28. J

    Recomended books

    A question to mostly domestic sparkys please. Other than the regs book, what is the other books you find most useful or refer to for everyday stuff, that you are likely too encounter. Am thinking of the following: * On-Site Guide BS 7671:2008 Wiring Regulations, incorporating Amendment 3:2015...
  29. S

    Free Books

    Got this by email today, apparently I've used it before; downloaded a couple, no adverse effects noticed so far ... Engineering books | Learn about technology
  30. D

    City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Electro technical course

    Hi all, just after a little bit of advice, I am due to start the city & guilds 2365 electro technical course level 2 in May, my aim is to progress through all necessary courses to become a fully qualified electrician. I am a total beginner, having a career change, something I've been wanting to...
  31. E

    Study books

    I'm going to do my testing and inspecting courses in the new year. I'm going to buy Gn3, I've already got the Bgb. What else is it worth buying?
  32. C


    Hi does anyone else pay a yearly insurance premium to protect against professional fees(accountants) if investigated by Hmrc? My accountant trying to sell me a £320 one off payment to cover all cost if I got investigated . Stewart
  33. J

    Looking for a book to see if i can easily get my head around it all

    I've been thinking about becoming a electrician for a while now. It will be a career change at 35, rather then going to college straight away i want to see if i can get my head around it all. My thoughts are to do some work experience for free, but before i do i'm wanting a book to read with...
  34. S

    Any books on andover/satchwell (schneider) controls?

    I would quite like to get some books to sudy up on it as its the company's core buissness. Anyone know of any books for these systems?
  35. S


    Hi Just wondering if anyone has a copy of the book "Electrical Installation Work" by Brian Scaddan and if so is it worth purchasing. I have heard his books are good? Also if there are any other books or helpful resources for trainees that you think are worth purchasing please let me know...
  36. R

    Control circuits

    hi lads Can anyone recommend any control circuit books? When i did my apprenticeship we touched on it but not to the extent it should have been in my work. Hopefully not going to get shot down for asking this as im only interested in educating myself on control circuits, as it is not something...
  37. G

    Quickbooks or Freeagent ?

    So Im looking to get more involve with my finances, Ive downloaded free agent and quite impressed by the 30 day trial. I here quickbooks is excellent , Any advice ?
  38. K

    Looking for helpful books

    Hello all,I'm hoping that some of you can come with a suggestion or two to assist...My son is starting evening classes at college twice a week to learn electrical installation and theory.He's doing really well on the practical stuff but like a lot of people, he sometimes struggles with the...
  39. C

    How on earth are we to keep afloat when we have to spend a fortune on books.....

    Here we go again once again we can be found having to prepare for an inspection visit by the governing body and as usual we are issued with a list of books that are required on our shelves and these seem to change almost weekly....... It appears that as we have fitted one fire alarm system and...
  40. W

    Light switch assistance please

    Hi guys, it's my first ever post and i'm probably posting in the wrong place Iv'e just started level 2 at College and i was just wondering if anyone could explain how to wire Light Switches and ceiling roses. When do you use Twin Brown or three core for example ?? Could you explain the Loop...
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