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  1. J

    digital multi meter recommendations

    hello, im looking at purchasing a digital multi meter for domestic testing purposes, I want the tester to be reliable, robust and easy to use, i have a fairly tight budget (£300-£500) and this will be the first mft I have purchased, i am willing to buy second hand. Im hoping in maybe a year or...
  2. M

    Recommendations for Metal Clad Accessories

    Looking for recommendations for a good range of metal clad accessories that are good value for money but also of decent quality. What are people using and any recommendations?
  3. M

    Recommendations for metal clad accessories

    Looking for recommendations on a good range of metal clad accessories that are good value but still of decent quality? What are people using?
  4. T

    MFT recommendations

    Hi all. Looking at buying a new mft. Currently using a Fluke 1652c, nothing wrong with it but looking for something newer. It will mostly be for testing in domestic & commericial settings so regular testers will know the sort of features im looking for. Its silly little things with my current...
  5. littlespark

    Recommendations for domestic aircon

    A customer of mine has asked For best air con unit for a domestic bedroom. They already have a tower on wheels type but are looking for something built into the wall. I would think these would be specialist units, but is there a simple out of the box solution? I haven’t visited so I don’t know...
  6. David Prosser

    Sleeving Tool recommendations

    Hi any one use a sleeving tool ? If so what one and would you buy it again if you lost it ? I have this one 90110489 | Cable Sleeve Tool Plier Prong, For Use With Sleeves From 1.2 mm → 11.5 mm Diameter | RS Components - https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/cable-sleeving-tools/0548259/ But find it a...
  7. M

    Chip and pin recommendations

    Evening all Has anyone got a recommendation for chip and pin device. Am using square at the moment but 1.75% transaction fee is to high for my liking especially as in some jobs would be getting paid through this for Labour and materials this starts to add up then. Am looking for one that has a...
  8. Baddegg

    Din rail enclosure recommendations

    Need to move a CU up approx 9 inches.....was thinking din rail enclosure with wagos, never done it before so was after some recommendations and advice 😁
  9. D

    Ratchet cable cutters recommendations, budget of around£100

    Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for ratchet cable cutters or has used the either the Partex or SWA cable cutters. Any other recommendations welcome, I wouldn't mind the weidmuller KT45R but they are a bit over my budget unfortunately, unless someone knows someone selling them second...
  10. B

    New trainee looking for agency recommendations

    Hi from Bristol, UK - my name is James. I got my nvq level 3 in October and I'm looking for work as an electrician's mate to get some time on the tools under my belt. Does anyone have any recommendations for agencies to contact or any other tips to help me get some experience? TIA
  11. S

    UK Alarm

    Hi all, I’ve just wired an alarm system for my house but don’t have a clue which alarm system to fit in terms of brand. Need some recommendations please?
  12. gazdkw82

    Any recommendations - structural engineer

    Can anyone reccomend a structural engineer around Leicestershire way? I need someone to do the calcs for RSJ's on a 2 storey and loft extension. I assume it would only need to be Leicestershire if a site visit was needed. Thanks
  13. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommendations for metal cable fixings

    I am planning a job in Bath for an EV Charger on a Grade 1 listed building. Have a long cable run at height, planning dept have raised issues with cable cleats! feel they are a bit chunky and would prefer something with a less chunky profile!! given they are nearly 2 and half stories up from...
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Recommendations for plinth electric heaters

    Got a customer who wants to install some electric plinth heaters under his kitchen cabinets. Had a look and there are many choices... Any body got any recommendations on makes/models etc... looking at max of 2KW one each end of kitchen. Suggestions welcome....
  15. happyhippydad

    Any recommendations for shallow, fire rated, insulation coverable, integrated downlights

    As in the title. I need downlights that can be covered in insulation, fire rated and integrated. Preferably quite shallow as well! I'm struggling a bit to meet all the above criteria :(. Cheers guys.
  16. robd

    Brass door bell push any recommendations?

    Hi all, Need a brass bell push for a job, can anyone recommend one that they've used and has held up for a length of time. I'm still haunted by the old round byron ones that used to get fitted on site when I used to do all the snagging when I was on the books. Was forever going back tweaking...
  17. happyhippydad

    Any recommendations for 24v LED tape?

    I have a 10m length to light up, this will be a skylight. A few questions.. Any recommendations for a good quality tape that is suitable for 10m? There is a huge amount of choice on the net but lots of poor quality products. What is the best way to wire this up with regards series and...
  18. B

    Recommendations for DVR

    Hi all, I’m after a bit of advice on 4 channel CCTV DVRs. I’ve got a Comelit system at the moment; the cameras are great but the DVR can be a bit unreliable, the app is absolutely shocking. I’m not looking to spend a fortune but don’t want a bargain basement unbranded DVR, what would people...
  19. S

    Lux/light meter recommendations

    I am looking for a lux meter for occasional use. Will be measuring Fluo fitting replacement to LED. Does anyone have experience of any meters? Thanks in advance.
  20. R

    SDS and Combo Drill Recommendations

    I’ve been asked by work to get some power tools. Currently I’m using what the other engineers have. But I would like to get my own. I am after recommendations.
  21. Dan

    FIXRADIO Tunes Request Thread (And DAB Radio Recommendations Thread)

    FIXRADIO - Tunes Request Thread - The ElectriciansForums.net official unofficial tunes request and shout-out thread. This isn't something we've organised with FIXRADIO officially. So it's the unofficial official tunes request thread. If you really really want a tune on, use the usual...
  22. happyhippydad

    Any recommendations for a light weight electric screwdriver?

    I would like a lightweight electric implement for undoing and doing up screws on sockets, switches etc. It's really just for when I am doing EICR's as you take off quite a few faceplates. There are so many options out there that i'm getting a bit snowed under trying to narrow down my search...
  23. G

    Recommendations please

    Hi all can any one advise on decent set of ratchet crimps please
  24. Charlie_

    Storage Heater Recommendations?

    As part of a conversion from a town house to a kind of HMO I have been asked to quote for all electric heating + electric showers (5). Qualifies for ‘comfy heat tariff’. I have put forms in to upgrade from 1 to 3 phase. I’m looking at the Dimplex Quantum range, because it’s a brand with a good...
  25. L

    Any recommendations in/near Oxford?

    Hi there guys and gals, I am hoping you might be able to help.... I'm currently an Subby Arborist based in Oxford and am looking to transition into the Electricians world. I'm looking for somewhere that might do weekend/ evening courses so I could earn whilst I learn. I have looked at Able...
  26. 123

    Stud finder recommendations

    My old stud finder has given up the ghost, it was a cheap and cheerful no brand make but did the job I needed it for - finding studs & joists. Has anyone got recommendations for a replacement? Had a play with an expensive Bosch one the kitchen fitter had and found it horrible to use.
  27. robd

    Need some downlight covers for loft...any recommendations?

    Morning all Been to a job that's got old non fire rated downlights, LEDs retrofitted but nothing to a) stop things from sitting directly on top of the lamps which still get fairly warm and b) to allow the insulation to be laid properly in loft without covering and touching said lamps. Looking...
  28. alban moffitt

    recessed downlights - recommendations?

    I am looking into fitting some sort of recessed spotlights in quite a contemporary home. Ideally i would like them to be integrated, with a trimless finish. they will also need to be compatible for dimming. anyone got any recommendations?
  29. happyhippydad

    Any recommendations for some cable shears?

    I want to be able to cut through tails more easily. At present I am nibbling away at them with my side cutters which takes time and also doesn't leave a very clean cut. I borrowed the builders cable shears and they literally just sliced though 16mm tails quickly and neatly. I have a set of bolt...
  30. S

    job site recommendations

    Does anyone use any sites like mybuilder, check a trade, rated people etc. Are they worth it? Knew someone a while back who was on check a trade said he never got his money worth from it. I am interested in signing up to the right one but not interested in paying for expensive leads for timewasters.
  31. littlespark

    LED tape strips. Recommendations?

    Ive got a customer asking me about an LED strip around the perimeter of a bedroom. There is an existing coving which will be removed, and a new one fitted a little lower, with the LED tape hidden above the coving. She has mentioned that there is going to be a mural painted onto the ceiling and...
  32. jonnyb

    Testing kit bag/case- recommendations please

    Hi Chaps, Need a new bag/case for testing equipment, this would include multifunction, volt tester and proving unit, labels, leads, socket testers, label printer etc etc. Looking for something padded but robust enough to be thrown around the van. Had a look at options but wanted to know what...
  33. M

    Hole saw recommendations

    As title - any recs for Hole saw set? Looking at bosch progressor as like the idea of quick change and availability of different size saws. Any other complete sets that are good?
  34. C

    Burglar Alarm Recommendations Please =]

    looking for a burglar alarm, haven't done much research yet, im looking for something simple to install. I would like door and window sensors if possible and also a siren. not sure if all that is possible in one package? I am open to both wired and wireless options. thanks for you time.
  35. l4urence

    Leakage current meter - recommendations?

    I'm looking at buying something for measuring leakage current - The Megger DCM305e (I think). Not specifically for nuisance tripping but more for DC leakage current - type A vs AC RCD (type AC flooding with DC and not tripping). Not a lot of info on the DC side - except DC units for PV, I...
  36. stidge

    Recommendations for meter

    As title says , any recommendations for a single phase meter which a customer would like fitting for separate annex ? Or are they all pretty much the same ? Cheers in advance
  37. Midwest

    Outdoor Lighting recommendations

    I'm doing my garden in me new build; well I'm paying someone to do the hard it 'landscaping' (it ain't that big). Obviously I'm gonna do my little bit and add some lighting. When someone else has asked for lighting products, I've always said try Collingwood Lighting. Now I always knew they...
  38. Strima

    Earth Electrode Tester Recommendations?

    The time has come for my company to start using a dedicated earth electrode tester as we have some sites coming up that have no supply installed and we need to install electrodes before they can be connected and powered up. We have a large range of MFTs and I can't justify the expense of...
  39. Soulcraft Electric

    Domestic Recommendations for traditional CCTV under £200

    Hi, A customer is looking for a traditional CCTV system with a purchase price between £100-200. Ideally 1/2 cameras (720/1080) with associated PVR. It's a total minefield at this price point... Any thoughts?
  40. rolyberkin

    12v LED tape recommendations please?

    After a recommendation for decent cuttable LED tape, have been using enlite weatherproof (Can't remember where I bought my last reel?) but it has been a pain to join, looking for a tape and supplier, prefer 12v.
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