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  1. samsingh

    Fault find (Electrical condition report) or (Electrical Installation certificate)

    Hi guys, I have carried out some testing on a existing domestic installation, I was finding a low IR Result on a lighting circuit. I identified and rectified the fault. I am going to carry on the with the testing on the weekend and will be doing the paperwork for my Testing on the install I just...
  2. M

    Industrial EICR guide

    Hi guys, I undertake lots of different types of electrical installations and every now and again a customer asks for an EICR, I must admit I feel I'm actually good at testing but I don't really like it...mainly because of all the paperwork. I was wondering if anyone had any guides they use...
  3. R

    Electrical Installation Condition Report, not a Certificate

    I have been trying out a few popular softwares which greatly assist in preparing the EICR following a periodic inspection. Problem is, most of these softwares produce an EICR with a "Certificate" reference, which might mislead the owners/clients into understanding that the EICR is a certificate...
  4. D

    condition report socket not working

    Help having another blonde moment where abouts on a condition report do I record that there is no power to a socket outlet
  5. T

    Installation is in fair condition and to comply to current Regs would require a rewire/upgrade.

    The above statement was made in an EICR which I was asked to look at. In my opinion they are on the wrong side of Trading Standards to suggest that an installation should be re-wired because it is not up to current regulations. If it is safe then I would not suggest to a client they must have a...
  6. B

    BS 7671 max surface temperature under fault condition ???

    Can anyone give me some clarification on the following. I am installing some Osram Planon Plus led light panels into a temporary building and have been told the transformers need to housed in an enclosure as they do not have the correct markings for BS7671 "max surface temperature under fault...
  7. BigSpark

    Electrician Condition Report in Newport

    Morning ladies and gents, I'm looking for an Electrician in the Newport area or close enough and willing to travel to conduct an Electrical Installation Conditon Report on a family members house. I'm travelling up at the end of the month to move some sockets and other bits ( don't worry I'm...
  8. A

    Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Hi all, New to this forum and just wanted to see if anyone has heard of EICR'S becoming mandotory in England. As we know they are only a recommendation (Which I'm sure we all don't agree with) A friend of mine went to a tech talk by NIC/EIC this week and they were talking about it becoming...
  9. N

    Green nic condition reports

    Just wondering who exactly can fill in these niceic EICR forms? NICEIC - Elecsa - ECA | Domest - on the niceic website it says they're for any contractor even those not registered. Is it the case that...
  10. MKspark

    Domestic Visual Condition Report

    Morning All I have seen a few post on these now but they are all from a few years ago, have peoples views changed on these? are they worth the paper they are written on? should we stay clear of them? NIC are as ever very CLEAR on this.
  11. JK-Electrical

    EICR Codebreakers: A Guide to Coding Observations for Electrical Installation Condition Reports

    Has anyone bought a copy of this NAPIT publication? If so, what are you thoughts?
  12. einstein

    The difference between a registered scheme & standard bs7671 condition report

    Whats the merit between a niceic/napit/elecsa certificate vs a standard bs7671 certificate (available online) for a condition/periodic report? Why join a scheme when its not statutory?
  13. L

    100ma RCD TNS - Condition Report

    Hi All, I've recently done a condition report at a property that has a 100ma RCD as the main switch... Never seen this before.. Would this be recorded as a C3? as its not protected by 30ma RCD? or would it be classed as a C2? Its an old installations (Old Red & black cables) Thanks in advance!
  14. D

    For Sale For Sale. Megger Pat tester. DV\3 great condition

    Hi I've got a pat tester for sale, It's in great condition and great working order. Comes with all leads. Not sure if it's calibrated. Any questions just ask
  15. J

    Electrical Condition Report and Part P

    Hi all Im a Sole trader electrician and i have about 7 years of experience. I would consider myself competent at testing and I regularly test my own jobs but ive only really subbed to firms that have Part P and are members of NICEIC or the other electrical bodies, i dont personally hold Part P...
  16. H

    Sub Main Issue on Condition Report!

    Hi, i have been to complete a condition report in a flat today and would appreciate a bit of advice. The db was fed via a 16mm twin and earth sub main approx. 12m run, protected by the 6o amp main fuse, tncs system. Gas bonded in 10mm at main cutout, water bonded in 10mm at db. Main earth at...
  17. M

    Fuseboard upgrade. Surveying / condition reports and testing.

    Hi guys. I wanted some advice. I've been trading for almost 12 months and I'm still relatively new (and slow) at testing. And testing is the bit of the job I dread and lose time on. I'm NIC EIC registered as a domestic installer. So I can't officially do condition reports yet. I've noticed...
  18. leep82

    Testing somebody elses work

    As the title suggests this is somthing that i have recieved a phone call about today. Basically the customer has had ' a friend ' to install a double socket for them. The property is council let, and the local council are now asking that the work be certified. Ive got no idea what the...
  19. F

    Landlord Compliance - Query over documents

    Hello, I hope one of you can help. I am a landlord of a buy to let property. The estate agents are instructed to manage however I'm not quite sure they know what they're talking about in relation to EiRC's. I've got a condition report (attached) which says unsatisfactory. The estate agents...
  20. J

    New EICR forms

    Anybody know where I can get some editable PDF EICR forms ?
  21. willy fixit

    EICR What would you do?

  22. G

    1720 for sale

    As thread title, very good condition, it has no case, I hated it and threw it away and bought a meggar carry bag with straps for it so it can be carried over the shoulder, all test leads complete and in fine working order, £500 all in which includes 1st class signature required insured delivery...
  23. G

    Calibrating voltage indicators

    Im getting everything setup for my part p assessment and am wondering if i need to get the voltage indicator calibrated, its the dilog combivolt 2. Ta.
  24. S

    eicr test

    hi guys haven't done many eicr to date but have just been asked to do a hotel 160 bedrooms and 10 other boards i am right here in thinking i have an 8 page cert to each room and db as that a lot of writing the only good thing is hotel was refurbed 7 years ago with all rooms rewired but...
  25. P

    Advice on EICR

    Hi Just had a call from a customer asking can I do a EICR on his new extension, apparently the builder has fallen out with the electrician who installed it and the work needs testing before the LABC will sign it off. Under the agreed limitations would you state that condition and fixing of the...
  26. G

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa prices

    Hi dudes. Im thinking of joining elecsa am i right in thinking you have to have a seperate assessment to do condition reports ? its starting to look expensive ! Online application for registration and annual review = £370 Assessment = £530 condition report assessment = £610 = £1510 + VAT do...
  27. Toby Kuhnert

    FOR SALE Seaward Test 'n' tag printer in mint condition, with all connecting leads

    Hi I have a Seaward Test 'n' Tag printer for sale in mint condition (as new). It's never been taken out on site, it is not longer needed (I've only had it month and a half). As I'm sure you're aware, these retail for anywhere between £250-£350 new. It comes with a cartridge, that has been used...
  28. gazzamikes

    Wolf Power Generator WP3200

    Hi guys am selling my generator. Is in fantastic condition could pass for brand new For sale, Wolf Power WP3200 generator. 2 x 230v 3 pin socket outlets 1 x 110v socket outlet 3200watt output max 2800watt cont Single Phase 50HZ supply 4 stroke engine Oil alert system 6.5ltr fuel tank As in...
  29. P

    Lost books

    Just noticed my 17th and OSG has gone missing.........Ahhhhhhhhhh :annoyed: Bugger, I had all my pages marked up for quick reference etc. Where's the best place to purchase new, ebay amazon??
  30. S

    Megger AVO300 Multimeter

    Hi All I have my trusty Megger AVO300 multimeter for sale. 2 years old but never really used in any anger so is in excellent full working condition. Tested as accurate with my calibrated check box. Complete with perfect condition leads and GS38 tips. Looking for £25 posted. Thanks
  31. M

    Is there an annual landlord inspection which is visual only?

    Hi chaps. Been working in solar PV for the past couple of years so a bit out of the loop with annual inspections etc. However a guy at the local pub asked if I would be interested in doing an 'annual landlord inspection' for his insurance. He seems to think that in the past sparkies have just...
  32. T

    For Sale Izumi battery hydraulic crimper

    Izumi 14.4v battery hydraulic crimper REC-5431 2 batterys DC charger 3 dies (70mm 95mm 50mm) Shoulder strap
  33. D

    Where might I source these sockets and plugs?

    I can find them on cpc: 4795.0000. - SCHURTER - REWIREABLE 16A, FREE SOCKET | CPC But I'd like to have other options available. I'm looking for what cpc call 'chassis in', male and female, ie plug and socket, and also for power supply leads in a rewireable plug and rewireable socket. This...
  34. R

    2391 EICR question

    Hi, I understand now that they have changed PIR to Electrical installation condition report however what I want to know what other forms come with it? Is it still the Schedule of Test results and Schedule of inspections or have they changed the name of them too? Unfortunately haven't got the...
  35. O

    PIR - retest frequency??

    Went to see a job today, the houses are let to students and the owner believes he can do a PIR every 5 years. Given that the "average" student stays about 6 months and there are 4 students per house I said that a retest should be considered yearly. A quick look around told me everything about...
  36. RWJ

    Golf Clubs For SALE

    Got some Golf Clubs for sale..... Also on Fleabay... but forum members get first dibs plus best price!! Scotty Cameron Putty 34" Newport 2 Scotty Cameron Grip and Head Cover Good Condition Great Second Hand Buy £70 ono £10 P&P or collect Ping G2 3 Wood Aidila NV...
  37. D


    hi everyone i have been told that personal indemnity insurance is a must for periodic testing any suggestions
  38. E

    Bosch Clearout

    Due to upgrading I have a few Bosch items for sale. GSB18VE-2LI Combi Drill & GDR18V-LI MF Multi function impact driver, come with 2 x 3.0ah batteries, carry case & charger. 6 months old with remaining warranty (2.5 years) Excellent condition - £400 ONO Bosch GBH 3-28 DFR 3kg 110v SDS drill 8...
  39. D

    whats PIR????

    I often read on here about guys doing PIR tests etc....I am a newbie and im guessing its not Passive Infra Red? What does it mean/involve etc...? Cheers
  40. L

    Vauxhall combo wanted - straight swap for alfa romeo 166 3ltr v6

    :)Hi everyone.:) I use the forums a bit so thought it would be the ideal place and audience to put this to. Finaly after a bit of deliberation, I am setting up as self employed, waiting on NIC inspection at present. So I am in the running for a small van. I am looking for a transit connect, or...
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