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  1. Zdb

    Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB)

    Anyone else have to hold one of these cards in order to purchase fluorinated gases? It would be nice if the ECS/JIB card could incorporate the F-gas qualification so I dont have to renew and pay for 2 separate cards and 2 separate health and safety tests.:cry:
  2. C

    Advice on getting back into the industry

    Evening Guys, I started training as an electrician when I left school at 16 but left the industry behind before I was fully qualified. At the time I wasn't really enjoying the work and thought I knew better, naively leaving the 9-5 behind to 'travel the world'. I completed my C&G level 2 and...
  3. S

    Re-entering The Industry

    New to the forum & looking for some advice. I am a time served industrial Electrician of nearly 30 years qualified to HNC standard, however I have been out of the industry for some time. I am hoping to work part time as an Electrician again & am wondering what are the current requirements...
  4. S

    Trainee Getting Qualified but not working in the industry

    Strange question but I am 25 and working in a completely unrelated industry and I was wondering how I could become qualified as a domestic installation electrician not to work as an electrician but rather to be able to do my own domestic work on my own property safely and to comply with...
  5. N

    Returning to the industry.

    After about 20 years messing about as a police officer, I want to return to the industry. Back in the day before big pointy hats and 'ello 'ello 'ello, I was a time served Approved Electrician with a 16th edition qualification and a "C" course under my belt. What do I need to get back working...
  6. L

    Highest paying specialty?

    Good morning everyone, I'm new to the forum so firstly hello :) I am currently training to become an electrician however I'm undecided as to what kind I should be. I currently have my level 2 City and guilds + ecs card and am working towards my level 3. I have a few weeks experience in...
  7. S

    How to get into the electrical industry?

    Hi guys, Long story short - I'm in my mid-twenties and I finished college in 2011 studying the following: - City & Guilds 2330 Level 3 Electrical Installation - 17th Edition - 2392 Inspection & Testing (I think it's the level 2 version of the 2391) - PAT Testing It was all mainly theory...
  8. C

    New to the forum new to the industry

    hi guys At the ripe old age of 52 I have qualified as a Domestic installer, I’ve been looking around this forum from time to time so I thought I’d introduce myself.
  9. C

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC launches bursary to encourage female electricians into the industry

    Hello All, I saw Today in the `Installer` online Magazine [used to be CORGI`s Gas Installer Magazine] that the NICEIC are going to offer a Bursary to encourage Women to become Electricians - here is a link to that article: NICEIC launches bursary to encourage female electricians into the...
  10. Mick Atkinson

    Getting back into electrical industry after some years away. What next..

    Hi All, I completed my L2 & L3 2330 in electrical installation back in 2007 and have worked out on site for over 18 years, i've spent the last 8 years as a PM but want to broaden my skills and keep all options open by becoming qualified as an electrician and able to install and certify works...
  11. M

    Help with Farm/Light industry diversity

    Hi There, Moving into deeper waters & needing a little assistance with calculating maximum demand/diversity on a farm/light industrial site planning to upgrade to 3 phase, add a car repair workshop, 63A events socket & allow for future proofing. Current single phase setup: Diversity for...
  12. S

    Pervs In The Film Industry and MPs Up To No Good

    Jeeeez its going on a bit, just wondering if I can go crying to the Daily Mail to get some compensation off whoever for when I was an apprentice and was tied up in the basement of Whiteleys Department Store in Queensway and had Swarfega smothered all over my nut sack.
  13. T

    Chemistry graduate looking into retraining as an electrician; how is the industry and is it worth it

    I'm new here and I apologise in advance if I've posted this in the wrong place. I would just like some advice on the electrician route as I'm meeting conflicting opinions on it from family and friends. First and foremost, I completed my degree in chemistry in 2014 and have been working various...
  14. J

    employing 'casual labourer'

    Any sparks on here care to share any advice/past experience Needing the odd hand now I am getting little busier- can't see it being more than 5 days a month if that and not month in month out. laborer/mate is self employed (actually has his own business- but not as busy as me) wouldn't be...
  15. Lou

    Ashfield Electrical Services

    Based in Bristol and operating throughout the Midlands and Southern Counties we provide a comprehensive service to our ever growing client base most of which have relied on us to deliver time and time again for many years. The team at Ashfield Electrical Services have over twenty years...
  16. S

    Post for the old man, anyone on here work for FH wheeler between 1966-1975

    My dad was wondering whether there was any sparks, mates, people who worked for FH wheeler which later became crown house engineering I believe between 1966 onwards. It would be great to here people's start to the industry and what's been the biggest change for them present to past. Look...
  17. V

    Solar PV Industry??

    Hi Gents, I worked in the Solar industry from 2010-2013 in the UK which had its ups and downs especially after the first tariff change. Since early 2013 I've been working in Australia still doing Solar, which seems to ahead of the UK market. I've had the chance to work on some great projects...
  18. Marvo

    Please Explain The Lack Of Brexit

    Is the UK leaving the EU or not? I see court cases, I see votes in parliament. There's talk of a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit, Scotland says they're not allowing it...... Wasn't there a national referendum with a clear majority or did I miss something? Seems like a lot of smoke and mirrors to me...
  19. gatuka

    Typed 2394

    anyone done the new 2394 typed exam? Any pointers would be appreciated.
  20. A

    Oldspark retraining

    hello everyone I am old spark qualified to c&g236 pt1&2 AM1 been out of the industry 20 years re training with train4jobs distant learning full scope as still working in my current industry (not construction) anyone learning or learned with train4jobs?
  21. G

    Hello all....

    Hello electricians of Britain. I am looking for some solid advice regarding my recent career move. After working as a pub landlord for nearly 15 years I have recently enrolled onto a 32 week training course, the City and Guilds 3265 levels 2 and 3 in electrical installations including the...
  22. bj the dj

    Just aquick one to say Hi and nice to meet you

    This is just a quick one to say hi and nice to meet you! II would also like to say thank you for letting me join! I am working in the rail industry at moment, I have also worked in the entertainment industry and I had a sort spell as an self employed Sparky
  23. A

    New to the Forum

    Hello All Thought I would answer Dan. I completed my electrical apprenticeship in the middle 70s , having been the boy to many masters , I took a dislike to the industry and started again in electronics. Now after nearly 35 years in the machine tool industry as a worldwide service engineer , I...
  24. Lou

    Burrows Electrical

    Burrows Electrical are professional electricians based in Penley, Wrexham. The company has been established for more than 12 years and is run by Adrian Burrows who has over 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority; we pride ourselves on...
  25. Lou

    Emerson Electrical

    Established in 1998, Emerson Electrical has successfully completed a broad range of major contracts throughout Northern Ireland and Scotland including Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Health Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum, Sheltered Accommodation and Residential Developments and Private...
  26. Lou

    Norwich Electrical Co. Ltd

    Norwich Electrical Co. Ltd was formed in 1993. Since then, we’ve grown into one of the largest electrical contracting firms in East Anglia with a vast amount of experience in the industry. We cover a wide range of electrical works from large mainstream commercial and industrial electrical...
  27. uksparks

    NICEIC Upgrade

    Hi, Just thought id let you know I have just booked to upgrade my NICEIC membership to Approved :-) I can remove those god awful DI signs off my van then!
  28. H


    Am I right in thinking having c & g level 2 & 3 and 17th is deemed sufficient to be classed as competent and you can work self employed? It's such a confusing industry!
  29. K

    Solar PV Vacancys

    Hi Guy and Girls, I'm currently working for a large installation company who have a tight grip on the Solar PV industry. I am recruiting for individuals or teams with solar installation experience. The work is on an and on-going basis around London and the South East.You must have a UTR number...
  30. K

    Solar PV Vacancys

    Hi Guy and Girls, I'm currently working for a large installation company who have a tight grip on the Solar PV industry. I am recruiting for individuals or teams with solar installation experience. The work is on an and on-going basis around London and the South East.You must have a UTR number...
  31. L

    Multi function testing...................

    Hi guys .... and girls, I am returning to the industry after working in other areas for the last 30 years........ I am time served with MANWEB and have just done my 17th edition regs to re qualify, and I start the 2395 / 2395 this week. I have been gone so long I don't have contacts in the...
  32. Z

    New Blog for the trade

    Hi guys, Myself and a few more sparks have decided to start a blog. It will be about everything industry related. If anybody of you guys would like to post his or hers thoughts about something interesting than please contact us and we will post your articles on the blog. The blog can be...
  33. L

    EICR Payments

    We are currently in dispute with a customer who has not paid for any EICR certificate's we have provided. The first batch(12) were forwarded with the invoice for the cert and remedial works required to gain a satisfactory certificate. The second batch was invoice only and no certificate. Their...
  34. J

    Separating 2 gang light switch into 2x 1 gang

    Hello I currently have a 2 gang light switch, but due to the style of light switches we plan to replace it with, I need to separate it into 2 individual switches. My concern is that the wiring going into the current back box will not be long enough to connect to a second switch off to the...
  35. R

    job interview

    Hi guys I'm going for a job tomorrow with a solar company and was wondering if anyone in that line of work could: A. Tell me what a normal day would include B. any tips for the interview C. Is it a booming trade at the moment. I have no experience in this field I've been in domestic new...
  36. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic email

    Anyone else had email from niceic about not going on napits register? Apparently napit just want your details for marketing reasons.....lol, it's getting like a school playground with these scams.
  37. M

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Discussion

    Hello, Thought i would post my first thread on something that always baffles me. I am a charge hand for electrical installs on big sites we get alot of sparks young and old working on them alot of them are a complete waste of time. How do they manage to get there JIB cards? I dont think the...
  38. R

    Eicr question

    If a shower was fitted 15 years back and had no rcd what cat would it be on a eicr
  39. O

    Mobile application development

    Hi all, I am developing an application for Android. I use an SDK and Adobe Flash Builder to complete this task. There is a page that offers relevant information about this topic. Also code snippets that handle the physical buttons and the rotation features of the mobile devices can be found...
  40. whinmoor

    Dark clouds gather over China's once-booming solar industry

    Just noticed this: Dark clouds gather over China's once-booming solar industry - Telegraph
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