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  1. B

    Getting started / career change

    HI all, so another ‘getting started’ one I’m afraid. Basically I was made redundant from my job with an airline this week. Whilst working towards / saving for My pilot Licences. Given the current climate and outlook for the foreseeable i want to get into a solid career In something else I...
  2. S

    Bit of advice for someone looking for a career change.

    Hi all just joined because at 37 I'm after a career change. Been thinking about sparks for a while, and more recently feeling the need for a more stable career. I want to do it the right way, and get the right certs. I've been looking at the tradeskills4u course, which savings and a generous...
  3. E

    What do i do ?

    I Have my level 3 in Engineering and have worked in maintenance (Fitter,mechanical,PPMs) for 3 years however, i have been planning to change careers for a while now. Due to the recent "Pandemic" it has allowed me to deliberate the path i want to take as i do not see a long career working night...
  4. E

    As a Maintenance Engineer were should i go from here ?

    I Have my level 3 in Engineering and have worked in maintenance (Fitter,mechanical,PPMs) for 3 years however, i have been planning to change careers for a while now. Due to the recent "Pandemic" it has allowed me to deliberate the path i want to take as i do not see a long career working night...
  5. P

    UK Can I ask for some career advice

    I am wanting some advice as someone looking to get in to the industry. Hopefully a couple of you don't mind sparing a bit of time helping me get my head straight. I currently work in IT, and whilst it's a decent career, I'm finding more and more that it's not for me. So I am looking at options...
  6. J

    Career change at 23, electrician advice (Glasgow)?

    Hi everyone I have been reading threads on this site for a while now and thought I would get my bit in. I'm 23 years old and with the time off work due to the current situation it's gave me time to think of my career and where I actually want to be in years to come iv not long got a mortgage and...
  7. D

    Career change...What would be the best way of starting out at 35?

    Im 35 years old and currently work in the oil and gas industry as a drainage surveyor and have done so for the past 10 years. Ive become really bored of my job and looking for a route into the electrical industry. Basically at a young age I got into a job that was paying well and still does but...
  8. G

    UK Advice needed on a course to get a foothold on a new career

    Hi, I'm 25 years old and I'm looking for a change to this field, with a hope of becoming an electrician. I currently working as a yardman in a building merchants, wouldn't say I'm adept but I'm fairly comfortable with non-technical DIY stuff. I've seen Tradeskills4u mentioned frequently in...
  9. R

    UK career progression

    hi guys im new in this and mainly joined because I feel a lil bit loss atm with my career. I always wanted to become an electrician. but eventually since my last day of college when I completed my lvl 3 city and guild. I boarded on this maintenance train journey. 10 years now im still in the...
  10. gazdkw82

    Career path

    I possibly have the opportunity of some training and a higher education course. The problem is I have a choice of which direction to go. I can undertake a controls course (BMS) or a building services engineer, I think the latter is a broad engineering degree covering many fields. Iv heard...
  11. S

    New Trades Career

    Has anyone trained we these guys? I’m hoping to retrain as an electrician, I’ve been offered a course by this company. I wondered if anybody had any feedback or experience with them. Thanks
  12. diced carrots

    New career @ 47?

    Hi all, I'm 47 years old and I would like to re-train as an electrician. I've enrolled on a L2 Installers Course (C&G 2365) which is going well, but it's a year long evening course. I'm considering switching to a fast track L2/L3 distance course (like those offered by Trade Skills 4 U). I...
  13. A

    What career path is available for an adult to become an electrician in Scotland?

    Hello I have been going round in circles on the internet trying to find information. I am currently working as an ROV Pilot Tech and have previously worked as a UPS engineer. Can anyone tell me what routes I can take to become an electrician in Scotland while keeping my current job. I am on a...
  14. J

    Career path question

    So I'll give you a brief catch-up, I will be starting college next month and contacted a lot of sparks,companies about work etc I managed to have a chat with a lighting company that does floodlights, streetlights, schools, football stadiums etc. They have offered me work one day a week around my...
  15. Jason Philip

    Industrial Automation vs. Construction - career advice please

    Currently working as a control system technician focusing on installing wiring on conveyors and control panels, get 12.5 p/h and lots of work away from home. Have previously done residential / commercial & industrial installation electrician jobs. Am torn wether to go back to construction, for...
  16. C

    Career paths

    Bit of info about me first of all im 18 on an electrical installation apprenticeship doing my level 3 this September got all distinctions in level 2 B in maths A in all sciences Just wondering once i have qualified what other qualifications should i go after and what is the highest paid...
  17. John Matrix

    Career change

    Has anyone on here changed careers? Come off the tools, moved into a different field? I’m still mulling things over like I have been for past year or so and I really would like some advice on this. I don’t feel that setting up on my own is an option for me and I’m not financially set up for it...
  18. M

    Newbie, mature entry career changer

    Hey all, Newbie from Herts here. Joined up to research on what I would need to do train myself up as an electrician (City and Guilds L2 & L3 is the plan). Been looking at the XS training site. Bit a about me, 36 years old, currently working in an IT and Systems remit and also a qualified...
  19. S

    New member looking for career change

    hi there just introducing myself. I’m 28 and currently looking for a career change to become an electrician. Going to get access to the trainee forum. I’m based in Glasgow any advice on where to start would be very much appreciated Thanks Steven
  20. R

    Looking for advice, want to change career.

    Hi All. So i am 30 years old and thinking to change my career. At this moment i am working for a builders merchant as a manager and earning 28k, but I really want to change my career. Thinking to lear electrician trade, but not sure how to start and where to start. I have a family and i need...
  21. GS tech elec Ltd

    Are you currently ooking for a job??

    Gs tech elec Ltd are currently looking for a qualified electrician /improver /trainee/ apprentice. Based in Plymouth or Exeter. If you're interested. Send me a Cv/ email. [email protected] Cheers Greg
  22. B

    Career change/sideline in EV Charge Point installation or PV Installation

    I'm considering a career change or trying to implement a 50/50 split between my current work in IT - largely working in a technical capacity as a 3rd line support analyst and re-training to get into the green sector and do part-time work (or potentially a full career change) either fitting PV...
  23. J

    Trainee trying to find the right path..

    Hey guys, Apologies if this is in the wrong part of the forum, but I was after a bit of advice. So I've nearly finished my level 3 in Electrical Installation C&G, been in the trade for about a year now, but I'm completely lost and unsure if it's for me. I've had 2 different jobs in the trade...
  24. B

    Career advice - industrial

    I'd like some advice on career planning if anyone could help. Recently gained some electrical qualifications and am doing some more soon. Currently I have... City and guilds - 2365 level 2&3 2377 2391 2393 (part p) Ecs card - experienced worker grade Pasma Profibus installation and...
  25. G

    new trades career training course pre attendance exam

    hello i am doing the electricians course and have done the test four times online and have failed them. i now have the paper version and it still doesnt make much sense. has anyone on here done the course and can help in any way ? thanks in advance
  26. A

    Career and qualification advice

    Hi I've competed an level 2 and 3 in electrical installations ran by city and guilds I'm a mature student and looking to get the right path into the industry. If I complete an Am2 course will this get me my jib card I've looked it up and basically the am2 covers everything that would be...
  27. S

    City & Guilds 2365 Level 2&3 Diploma for a career changer

    Hi everyone I know that numerous people have probably asked this sort of question, but I just need some clarification for my circumstance. I’m looking at a career change into becoming an electrician down the line.. I’m 27 years old with no electrical work experience background. The only...
  28. Shammie

    Newbie - Qualified Maintenance Electrician looking for advice on career options

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am a Maintenance Electrician on a gas plant and have been doing my current job for 7 years, I have just finished a HNC in Electrical Engineering this year and I am looking for a bit of a change. I didn't do the HNC for the purpose of moving on or changing career...
  29. J

    Electrician career?

    can someone tell me exactly what a electrician does... like with great detail... and what is their salary?... what is an average day at work like? explain with lots of details =D.. the more the better thanks, this will change my like seriously
  30. C

    new trades career training

    hi all, has anybody been trained through these guys?? If so have you got any feedback about them. cheers carl
  31. S

    Automotive(Car) Electrician Career

    I am attracted to engines and generators and I want to know how the life of an Automotive(Car) Electrician is.Is it hard?Can you break your back if you work in this specialty?Is it fun repairing generators,engines and electrical components?Is it physical demanding?What happens if you don't have...
  32. J

    Career change, Commercial & Domestic Electrician Training Route advice??

    Hi there, I am actively seeking a career change as an Electrician. Other than wiring up sockets and light switches that I taught myself using a book (old school) ! I have no experience or formal training. I have enquired with several training companies now for a complete start from the bottom...
  33. G

    Change of career at 50.

    Whilst I work behind a desk I‘ve always been a practical hands on guy. I can decorate, tile, plaster, plumb, lay flooring.etc etc Ive gain this knowledge through house renovations and maintenace of my property rentals Ive always had one eye on the fact that my day job is a young mans game and...
  34. S

    From electronic computer operator and servers to electrician career

    I want to become an electrician but unfortunately I went to an electronic speciality and I learned more about electronics than electrical equipment.In the 11th grade I had something about this speciality but it was for only a year.Is it possible to become an electrician if I went to another...
  35. A

    Newbie looking to get into an electrical career

    hi guys I'm about to sign up to a few courses to be qualified to become a domestic installer. I am doing one of those crash courses. after passing would like some advice for my next step all being well that I pass that is? Am I in a stronger position to be taken on as a mate or improver if I...
  36. J

    Apprenticeship enquiry help!!!

    I'm currently working at an electrical whole salers and am doing very well and am progressing to become and account manager, I am going to go evening college and do a level 2 diploma in electrical installation to further educate myself . I was wondering what would happen when I want to do level...
  37. RyanAspire

    C&G 2396, is this a worthwhile course? Alternatives?

    Hi guys, Relatively new poster here. I was wondering if anyone has done the C&G 2396, and thoughts on the course? I am looking to further myself into the design/commissioning side of electrical and wondering if this course is worthwhile? I want it to be challenging and push the limits of my...
  38. F

    Career Change - What would you do in my shoes...

    Hi Guys, I've done a lot of reading here and elsewhere and am 90% sure of what i am going to do but would like some options from people in the know/that have done it. Background: I have been a physics teacher for 9 years but have always wanted a practical trade based job. I am quite confident...
  39. E

    Help with my career: HNC and BTEC

    Hi everyone! I need some advise to continue developing my career I moved to Edinburgh from Spain almost 2 years ago and as my english was rubish I couldn´t get any job on the electrical field, so I had to work as Bus valeter, cleaner and handyman. Although I´m 27, I have 8 years exerience as...
  40. K

    Career Change....Electricians mate

    Hi all, I'm a 48 year old, father of two in Berkshire, looking to change career. Now my children are more independent i now longer need to be around for the school run etc..... just wondering if anyone has any advice on how to find employment as an Electricians Mate. I've nearly completed...
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