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  1. S

    New Trades Career

    Has anyone trained we these guys? I’m hoping to retrain as an electrician, I’ve been offered a course by this company. I wondered if anybody had any feedback or experience with them. Thanks
  2. Diver233

    Should multi trades be qualified in each one.

    I assume this guy did a three year apprenticeship for each trade. But I guess he doesn’t specify what electrics he does.
  3. C

    Joining forum long time in electrical trades, electrical product development currently resting

    Hello I have been working with electrical sector since 1980 , timeserved electrical fitter, electrical machine tool fitter, test and development engineer for a large uk shower manufacturer, then an instructional officer in a prison ( a really interesting job). I have struggled to stay employed...
  4. G

    new trades career training course pre attendance exam

    hello i am doing the electricians course and have done the test four times online and have failed them. i now have the paper version and it still doesnt make much sense. has anyone on here done the course and can help in any way ? thanks in advance
  5. C

    new trades career training

    hi all, has anybody been trained through these guys?? If so have you got any feedback about them. cheers carl
  6. O

    Do other trades actually think ????????????

    Came across this today, whilst fault finding. Fortunately I didn't need to look inside it or isolate any of the circuits ............ Could get interesting ....
  7. bigspark17

    Metal clips/ties for data trades?

    Obviously bs7671 governs us in our electrical trade, and to the 18th we will need to use metal clips in all areas where cables are surface mount. So do data/cctv engineers have to use metal clips ect to prevent from premature collapse and who governs them to do so?
  8. littlespark

    Problems with other trades

    I guess I was off the tools too long and forgot how infuriating working with other trades can be. Up til now I've been working on my own, little electrical jobs with just me and the client. Left to get on with it. Last week I was in a house with joiners, plumbers and the plasterers and in the...
  9. littlespark

    Other trades:- Give us sparkies a break

    I was asked over the phone to come and move an outlet as it was in the way of a new kitchen cabinet. A couple of inches to the left to miss the unit. "Sure", I said "I'm not busy today. Give me half an hour to get there" By the time I got there... within the half hour, the kitchen fitter had...
  10. PLW

    Has anyone actually qualified with Trades Gateway?

    Struggling to find anyone that has actually become a qualified electrician with Trades Gateway. I've seen some testimonials on their website but would rather actually speak to someone directly.
  11. P

    Trades Gateway

    Hello all, I have a Couple questions. 1:) Has anyone completed ANY practical training with Trades Gateway? 2:) Has ANYONE completed a course with them and if so how long did it take? I am asking as I am now on module 24 out of 40 and have not been offered any practical training and upon...
  12. L

    Some advice on overall pricing please.

    Hi all. its been a while since I posted on here , hi to all old and new. im currently in new territory work wise and would like some advice from people in a similar boat or who have gone down the same route. i was a self employed spark for a number of years, during the recession and as the...
  13. Aaronj46

    Employ from other trades?

    I've passed my 2330 l2 but can't get into electrical work however many calls, emails, blah blah..... anyway i've been offered some tiling/ plumbing work renovating bathrooms, have any of you on here found employees or employers from other trades on site?
  14. S

    Multi or single trade

    Hi all Hope you all had a great Christmas My main business is plumbing but I would like to get a lot more involved in the electrical side. Just wondered are most members single trade or multi ? For those that are Multi do you have any complications with credibility being multi trade ? Thanks
  15. D

    Homebase Solar PV Referrals

    Hi, Does anyone have experience of a Homebase scheme where they hold business cards / flyers and pass them to customers interested in solar. As far as I understand it they don't deal directly with the customer and don't take a cut but charge a weekly fee for the service (regardless of how many...
  16. N

    Training/Learning Area

    What would be the chances of having a "learning zone" it seems that all questions are in the same areas as their topics regardless of whether they are exam Q's assignment Q's etc. If they were segregated so only Q's from practising trades were in the "trades" area and "trainee" Q's were in the...
  17. T

    UK Trades Confederation

    anyone joined or know anything about UK Trades Confederation Welcome to the UK Trades Confederation Website
  18. C

    Do you need to be multi skilled nowdays?

    I have been doing my city and guilds 2330 for last 2yrs and work for a contractor (mainly domestic) but over the last yr or so a lot of our regular contacts that we worked for (plumbers and kitchen fitters) have become part -p registered and do the work themselves, So i am thinking if i stay...
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