1. S

    Retired contractor/jobber/jack of all trades etc...

    I've come with a project, something I've not done before, posted in the appropriate forum...
  2. T

    New Trades Career Health And Safety Preworkshop Test

    Hi, I am currently with New Trades Career doing Electrical Installation level 2 & 3 and have come to the stage where I am doing the preworkshop health and safety test but it's a bloody headache, I have failed it once now and have a strong feeling I am going to fail it again. I am struggling and...
  3. M

    New Trades Career (Electrical)

    Hi all, Currently I'm 22 from North London/ Essex Area and doing this course and currently at the ''Pre Work Shop Test'' staged currently failed 3 times if anyone would like to chat and help each other for now as i don't know anyone doing the same.
  4. L

    anyone here studying under the company 'New Trades Career' or green 360?

    Just needed some advice because a lot of people say it is a scam and i have already studied some of the course from their material. Would be nice to know if there are any other students with them too and know their experiences
  5. littlespark

    Other trades....

    I’ve been doing a bit of work for a customer in a house he just bought.... changing fittings, switches, that kind of thing... will lead to more I’m sure. When I was there I saw his 75” tv sitting. “you want me to put in a socket and whatever for that?” “no... it’s all right. I’ve got the tv...
  6. H

    New trades career

    Hi guys I am wondering if anyone else has done the full scope electrician course with New trades career , I am now awaiting to do my domestic installer practical but can’t get past the impossible H&S workshop test ( this is clearly a stalling tactic so you give up ) I’m not naive enough to think...
  7. J

    Online Trades College FRAUD!

    Good day to you all and thanks for taking the time to read this thread. The reason for it’s creation lies in a dark place where I’ve slowly realised I may have been a victim to fraud. As an individual from the hospitality sector, a hard hitting impact from the pandemic lead me to take desperate...
  8. F

    New trades career scam?

    Hello, can somebody please offer me some insight to whether I am being scammed or not! I am very concerned after reading some of the things on this forum and online. I have recently signed up for the electrician course with ‘new trades career’. I guess I just want to know if I can definitely...
  9. Lister1987

    Making the trades (or fundamentally that knowledge behind them) accessible.

    An idea has been swimming around my head since i started my journey to becoming a electrician; Are the trades (any) accessible to those with disabilities? What's everyone's thoughts on the matter? Let's not beat around the bush here, the trades are very physical and demanding jobs however I...
  10. S

    New Trades Career

    Has anyone trained we these guys? I’m hoping to retrain as an electrician, I’ve been offered a course by this company. I wondered if anybody had any feedback or experience with them. Thanks
  11. Diver233

    Should multi trades be qualified in each one.

    I assume this guy did a three year apprenticeship for each trade. But I guess he doesn’t specify what electrics he does.
  12. C

    Joining forum long time in electrical trades, electrical product development currently resting

    Hello I have been working with electrical sector since 1980 , timeserved electrical fitter, electrical machine tool fitter, test and development engineer for a large uk shower manufacturer, then an instructional officer in a prison ( a really interesting job). I have struggled to stay employed...
  13. G

    new trades career training course pre attendance exam

    hello i am doing the electricians course and have done the test four times online and have failed them. i now have the paper version and it still doesnt make much sense. has anyone on here done the course and can help in any way ? thanks in advance
  14. BruceBanner

    Other trades Poaching work!

    Evening, Got a text about 6 weeks ago, owner of flat above one I had done an eicr & works in wanted me to sort communal area pwr & lite. Advised same as previous leasehold common areas should be on l/lord/service supply, but is not. She says she will take it on as its a shambles. Also wants eicr...
  15. C

    new trades career training

    hi all, has anybody been trained through these guys?? If so have you got any feedback about them. cheers carl
  16. O

    Do other trades actually think ????????????

    Came across this today, whilst fault finding. Fortunately I didn't need to look inside it or isolate any of the circuits ............ Could get interesting ....
  17. bigspark17

    Metal clips/ties for data trades?

    Obviously bs7671 governs us in our electrical trade, and to the 18th we will need to use metal clips in all areas where cables are surface mount. So do data/cctv engineers have to use metal clips ect to prevent from premature collapse and who governs them to do so?
  18. littlespark

    Problems with other trades

    I guess I was off the tools too long and forgot how infuriating working with other trades can be. Up til now I've been working on my own, little electrical jobs with just me and the client. Left to get on with it. Last week I was in a house with joiners, plumbers and the plasterers and in the...
  19. littlespark

    Other trades:- Give us sparkies a break

    I was asked over the phone to come and move an outlet as it was in the way of a new kitchen cabinet. A couple of inches to the left to miss the unit. "Sure", I said "I'm not busy today. Give me half an hour to get there" By the time I got there... within the half hour, the kitchen fitter had...
  20. P

    Has anyone actually qualified with Trades Gateway?

    Struggling to find anyone that has actually become a qualified electrician with Trades Gateway. I've seen some testimonials on their website but would rather actually speak to someone directly.


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