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central heating

  1. B

    Do AC powered wireless thermostats exist

    Hi, Does anyone know of a wireless thermostat which can be mains powered rather than batteries? We have very difficult cable routes for the control cables but easy AC supply. It seems a shame to hang the system on batteries if the stats could be main supplied. Thanks in advance.
  2. Spike1947

    Info Required for a Mid Way Actuator !

    Hi I am wanting to replace a Siemens DVA3 Actuator ( Mid Position ) have found one on ebay (Used) but says they changed it , but turned out they had to change the whole Valve unit, now on the one they have it says on the label BPZ DVA3 , mine only says DVA3 , what does the BPZ: mean !. cheers...
  3. Mark Wright

    Switch 2 port Valve with Light Switch...........for project only

    This isn't for central heating really this is for a project Can I switch a 2 port valve like bellow .I.e is the "Switch line" 230v? MCB >>> Junction box >> Line, Neutral, Earth >>> 2 port valve ........................................>> Line split to Light Switch >>> Connected to SL/Orange of 2...
  4. A

    Can anyone identify the make/model of this storage heater please?

    Hi All, after a bit of help and wondered if anyone can tell me if they know the make/model of this storage heater. Recently purchased a property and this storage heater does not work, so looking for parts to fix it or may replace. There is no manufacturers make or serial numbers I can see on the...
  5. D

    Nest 3rd gen thermostat power supply

    Hi, I've got the thermostat nowhere near the heatlink to supply 12v, so currently using the usb power supply. This means that it's cannon fodder for a toddler... I was hoping to wall mount it and supply it from a light switch via a 12V transformer mounted in a back box behind it. Would supply...
  6. C

    FCU at boiler

    My parents have have their boiler replaced but the plumbers have left the ageing controls in place. I’m in the process of replacing the programmer etc and have found there are 2 fuses connection units. One is at the boiler, the second is at the programmer (which also isolated the boiler). The...
  7. G

    Pump (and boiler) on even though all zones off

    We have an oil-fired boiler and a three-zone programmer. Some of the time it works fine, but not infrequently we get the following scenario. 20.30 last night: Programmer switches on the upstairs heating and the water heating. OK. 21.00 Programmer switches off the upstairs heating and the water...
  8. Doomed

    Interesting place for a room stat

    In a cupboard in the corner of a bedroom I find this
  9. C

    Nest Thermostat - vacation home setting - hot water / heating

    Dear community, as the Pro Nest are too fare away from my place in Italy, I am seeking here for advice. The actual work will be done then by my local electrician - I am a DIY. Goal: I want to install a Nest 3rd generation learning thermostat (not the thermostat E) including heat link to my old...
  10. A

    Hi, can anyone offer any advice as to why the heating would run when HW is called for?

    Hi, can anyone offer any advice as to why the heating would run when HW is called for?
  11. D

    Boiler tripping main fuse

    I have a grant vortex combi boiler and it has started tripping the main fuse when the programmer calls for heat. Any ideas. Regards
  12. E

    Nest thermostat e installation

    Hi I want to replace my current Honeywell CM927 with a Nest e. I'm having some trouble identifying the correct wiring. Please see pictures of current receiver I want to replace with the nest e heat link. Any advice and instructions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. M

    Wifi Connected SMARTSTAT installation

    Hello - I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar System Boiler. I have a simple Honeywell programmer at the boiler to programme both HW and Heating. I have a Honeywell CM67 programmable roomstat. I have a hot water cylinder with cylinder-stat. All works well but having a WB 30i system condensing...
  14. S

    Immersion heater failure

    I've just rewired my old I.H. and it seemed to be working fine although it was quite noisy. Something tripped the RCD last night and I suspect it was that. Now there is nothing - No noise at all. I don't have the meters to test it unfortunately. Is it likely that it's packed up completely with...
  15. S

    Can someone please tell me what sort of unit this image is.

    Can one of you kind electricians explain to me what the unit in the image is and the function of the two buttons please.
  16. S

    Vaillant Eco Pro 30 - no call for heat

    Not getting a call for heat when motorised valve opens. There's continuity between switched live on the motorised valve and the RT terminal in the boiler. The valve seems to be operating. The combi works fine on the hot water side. I've removed the 24V RT bridge as per the installation manual...
  17. M

    worcester green star 18 ri boilers and y plan

    so weve had stelrad elan boilers replaced in rental houses with system boilers teh stelrad hadnt died we just thought time to chamge I had a worcester combi in a house in worcester (the tenant worked for WB ) and recomended ok so we specified Wb boilers we lived in one house and the installer...
  18. telectrix

    Landis & Gyr RWB 2 Channel Programmer Central Heating & Hot Water Timer Module

    HELP !!! i need to replace the above. priced at £225.00, client not happy. what i would like from esteemed experts in heating field is ... what can i replace with at sensible cost. connection wise, there is only L and N in and a T/E back to wiring centre in 3 and 4.
  19. A

    Difference between Dimplex Quantum models

    Hi all, I’ve got a question about the Dimplex Quantum High Heat Retention Storage Heaters. I’ve been in discussion with a supplier about these. He’s provided a few quotes. He’s knocked about £350 off the price by offering my the G series Quantums. He says these are exactly the same as the RF...
  20. N

    honeywell ST6200A1009

    hi chaps - need to replace the above - is it available still? don't want to have to interfere with the fixed wiring on the back plate many thanks dave
  21. Z

    Replacement of old honeywell thermostat with mc6 wifi thermostat

    Hi Guys, Hopefully you can help? I just wanted to get some advice on the wiring of the new MC6 WIFI thermostat? I have attached a picture of what I am replacing and the wiring diagram of the new Thermostat. Please also see recorded voltage readings I have taken. Current Honeywell Stat :=...
  22. B

    Can I use these?

    On a rare occasion, I sometimes have to install a different wireless room thermostat (eg Nest) to an Intergas boiler, which come pre-wired. However on this wiring setup they have used (from memory) female barrel type connectors, and all earthing seems to be of the male type. To save me buying...
  23. James

    tank stat help

    I have a customer, a butchers who have a hot water tank to run taps for washing hands and equipment etc. normal domestic cylinder with an immersion heater. stat keeps tripping on over temp and needs to be manually reset. they are using lots of hot water all through the working day...
  24. E

    Water heater

    A customer of mine has asked for a water heater to be installed that will satisfy a kitchen and bathroom. No room heating. Any suggestions.
  25. A

    Replacing Drayton Thermostat with Digital - Wiring Check

    My drayton thermostat (3-wire) stopped clicking so decided to buy a wifi digital thermostat. Digital thermostat dry contact is not wired to the live within the unit unlike the drayton. Can someone confirm my jumper cable position is correct? (i.e. does it matter which side of the dry contact...
  26. W

    Electric radiators on one circut?

    Hi everybody I'll try to put it as simple as possible. I'm rewiring my two bed flat and want to hard wire all electric oil radiators on one circuit. There'll be 6 Harmoni Lugo oil rads 1x1540w, 3x1100w, 1x660w, 1x500w: all together 6000 watts. One electrician told me every radiator must have...
  27. U

    Big Increase in Electrical Power for Electric Furnace

    Hello; I have a confounding problem with my electrical power consumption at my cottage north of Toronto. I completely close up the cottage for the winter, only leaving the electric furnace on in the basement, with the basement mounted thermostat set to its lowest setting (ie. about 40 oF)...
  28. S

    No heating , changed Solenoid valve

    Hey , new to forum so not sure how it all works but here goes Last week the heating wouldn't come on when called for from Programmer, went into storage and opened the solenoid valve manually and the heating fired up so i assumed the motor was done, ordered a new one. It came yesterday and i...
  29. C

    Vokera linea 24 Nest install

    Hi all, I have a Nest stat, heatlink mounted and has a 4 way & earth connected with a separate 2 way connected. 2 way to go to wall stat T1 & T2 12v from the heatlink. Earth to earth Heatlink L to L on boiler Heatlink N to N on boiler Question is 2 & 3 on heatlink ( i think are supposed to...
  30. barninks

    Heat pump installers

    Hello After some reading recently, I was interested in installing Air Source Heat Pumps, as I think they are a great replacement for a gas boiler. From what i can see a GSHP is even more efficient but a bit more expensive and disruptive. After a bit of research I realised that you need to be...
  31. S

    ESi RF Programmable Room Thermostat. ESRTP4RF

    Hi everyone, I have the above controller and want to install it on a Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 838H boiler, the programmer instructions are vague to say the least but there appears to be 2 options. Method 1 live link pin 1 of the controller receiver and use a single wire to connector X1 connection...
  32. K

    Storage heaters...dual supply and a new way to do it?

    Hello all, I will try and make this a painless as possible but grateful for anyones thoughts. I am currently contracted to install heaters for an eco company. These dimplex units require a permanent 24hr feed to operate the cpu and fan and a 20a dual feed for the heat fed from a second CU and...
  33. EricMark

    Why do I have a wall thermostat? is there nothing better?

    In a way I know the answer, wall thermostat turns heating off when we have warm weather, but I look at the PC and it shows me the target and current in each room from the electronic TRV heads, and I thing if it can tell me when room is cold why can't it be connected to boiler and switch it on...
  34. EricMark

    Hive software options?

    This is how I think one would need to wire Hive on the very old C Plan which has no tank thermostat, however I have been told on another forum the relay is not required, and it can be configured with software to switch pump and boiler with central heating and just boiler for domestic hot water...
  35. C

    Pulsacoil 2000 not heating store

    Hi hoping for some help here, I turned off my boiler over xmas, came back turned it on and now it's no longer heating the store. I've checked both off peak and boost, neither are warming, I've checked and tried to reset both thermostats on both elements, but they both seemed like they didn't...
  36. M

    Turn on central heating when no wifi with Nest system ?

    Hi, My daughter's wifi has gone down, all of south west London Virgin users have no wifi for past 3 days due to someone cutting a cable. She has just moved into a house with Nest installed and is using underfloor heating to get heat. Does anyone know how to manually turn on the heating with...
  37. Andy5678

    25 year old boiler wiring

    Been looking at changing a faulty timer on an oil boiler. the current timer switches between DHW or DHW and HTG. I cannot find any motorised valves, it looks like it’s just controlled with a room stat connected to a pump for heating and some other stat I can’t find for the water. had a look...
  38. V

    Central heating problem (UK)

    My dilemma: I have Gas central heating ('S-Plan' with two port valves. Hot cylinder also has an immersion heater). No activity at the relevant zone valve when 'calling' for hot water. Powering the Immersion heater does activate the hot water zone valve. I have a non-vented cylinder, fitted...
  39. Dan

    Shower Power Booster - Had a drop in water pressure?

    https://www.plumbersforums.net/threads/shower-power-booster-giveaway-competition-ends-31st-december.111068/ There's a deal on these, but even when there isn't a deal going they can be a godsend. These little gizmos fire up the pressure of the water feeding your shower (or other taps)...
  40. B

    Hive dual zone

    I have been asked to fit a hive multizone thermostat system on to a dual zone central heating setup.. The components are... Logic heat 12 boiler Honeywell st9100c single channel controller Honeywell cm07 wireless stats.. Looking at the current wiring (see below), it appears theres only one...