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central heating

  1. K

    Storage heaters...dual supply and a new way to do it?

    Hello all, I will try and make this a painless as possible but grateful for anyones thoughts. I am currently contracted to install heaters for an eco company. These dimplex units require a permanent 24hr feed to operate the cpu and fan and a 20a dual feed for the heat fed from a second CU and...
  2. EricMark

    Why do I have a wall thermostat? is there nothing better?

    In a way I know the answer, wall thermostat turns heating off when we have warm weather, but I look at the PC and it shows me the target and current in each room from the electronic TRV heads, and I thing if it can tell me when room is cold why can't it be connected to boiler and switch it on...
  3. EricMark

    Hive software options?

    This is how I think one would need to wire Hive on the very old C Plan which has no tank thermostat, however I have been told on another forum the relay is not required, and it can be configured with software to switch pump and boiler with central heating and just boiler for domestic hot water...
  4. C

    Pulsacoil 2000 not heating store

    Hi hoping for some help here, I turned off my boiler over xmas, came back turned it on and now it's no longer heating the store. I've checked both off peak and boost, neither are warming, I've checked and tried to reset both thermostats on both elements, but they both seemed like they didn't...
  5. M

    Turn on central heating when no wifi with Nest system ?

    Hi, My daughter's wifi has gone down, all of south west London Virgin users have no wifi for past 3 days due to someone cutting a cable. She has just moved into a house with Nest installed and is using underfloor heating to get heat. Does anyone know how to manually turn on the heating with...
  6. Andy5678

    25 year old boiler wiring

    Been looking at changing a faulty timer on an oil boiler. the current timer switches between DHW or DHW and HTG. I cannot find any motorised valves, it looks like it’s just controlled with a room stat connected to a pump for heating and some other stat I can’t find for the water. had a look...
  7. V

    Central heating problem (UK)

    My dilemma: I have Gas central heating ('S-Plan' with two port valves. Hot cylinder also has an immersion heater). No activity at the relevant zone valve when 'calling' for hot water. Powering the Immersion heater does activate the hot water zone valve. I have a non-vented cylinder, fitted...
  8. Dan

    Shower Power Booster - Had a drop in water pressure? There's a deal on these, but even when there isn't a deal going they can be a godsend. These little gizmos fire up the pressure of the water feeding your shower (or other taps)...
  9. B

    Hive dual zone

    I have been asked to fit a hive multizone thermostat system on to a dual zone central heating setup.. The components are... Logic heat 12 boiler Honeywell st9100c single channel controller Honeywell cm07 wireless stats.. Looking at the current wiring (see below), it appears theres only one...
  10. D

    Storage heater not charging

    Hi all, hope someone can help or just shed some light. We recently moved into a property that uses storage heaters in the living room. Now it is getting cold we need to use them, however we discovered faults, electrician replaced a part and assured us everything was in order. Have serviced on...
  11. 2

    2nd Zone UFH and 2nd pump

    Hi, I require a second pump connected to a 2nd zone. System is S plan, just a bit stumped with how you only get the pumps on that are calling for heat with only one boiler. Zone 1 at moment pump and boiler comes off 10 which is right but the 2nd pump has to go in 10 as the neutral and earth...
  12. M

    Underfloor heating separate thermostat

    we have a conventional heating system and underfloor heating recently installed by the builders plumber - it’s all wired up (pump, valve, thermostat receiver etc..) but both the electrician and builder seem to be at odds with the connection at the boiler. currently the boiler just has LNE and...
  13. R

    Wiring a 2 port valve on a hive system

    Good afternoon Im in need of some assistance on a job. A new central heating system is being installed (previously storage heating) and the customer has purchased a hive multizone kit. She wants to control her heating up stairs and downstairs seperate so would need zones valves installed. I...
  14. S

    Boiler & 2 port valve problem

    Hi, I have just had a problem last night with my h/w & central heating system, I have found out the boiler has been stopping and starting without the c/h 2 port valve opening, I have tested the circuit and discovered it is the micro switch in the valve that must have stuck in the closed position...
  15. the pict

    Pump on or is it

    Grant Pro external combi I have just nipped across from the sparky forum and hoping for some advice, the boiler stopped working this morning however, long story short I have never had the burner out in the 3 years since it was installed and the prongs were coated in black crud a quick clean and...
  16. G

    Electric Fusion Boiler Repair or Replacement

    Hi, I have a 1st floor duplex flat and upstairs in the boiler room is an Electric Fusion Boiler with hot water cylinder tank. The hot water tank is working fine for the water but the boiler / central heating system which is a bit of a beast, (installed in 2006 image attached), is now faulty...
  17. B

    Issue with Keston C36

    I have a Keston C36 Combi boiler. Stuck in heating mode. I have changed the diverter motor as not moving to transfer across. This didn’t fix the issue. I’ve now changed the capacitor that drives the motor. Again nothing changed. Any ideas on what else it could be?
  18. littlespark

    Possible fault with motorized valve

    I've been phoned by a customer who says his central heating pump is running almost constantly, whether his heating is on or not. (oil fired Worcester system boiler) Its not my usual area of expertise, but im thinking its possibly the motorised valve sticking and not releasing the switch that...
  19. sythai

    Chaffoteaux Britony Combi SE 100

    Evening Guys Anyone have experience of this Combi: Chaffoteaux Britony Combi SE 100 My mates got one in his temporary caravan with dodgy time clock, was hoping to bypass this and control via an external stat. No stat currently fitted. Can’t find any wiring diagrams online? Not seen boiler...
  20. Midwest

    Nest in a bedroom

    In my property, I have an S Plan Plus CH system. The first floor zone is controlled via a low voltage programmable thermostat. The stat is made by Danfoss, and is quite frankly rubbish and needs replacing. The current position of the existing stat, is in the main bedroom which doesn’t have...
  21. S

    Salus, running boiler most of the time.

    I have a salus RT501RF (TX) and the thermostat is Salus RXBC605. The boiler is a baxi duo tec 24 combi erp ( what the label says). I have reset the boiler, thermo and wireless unit, synced them back up due to the same issue but it did not fix it. The problem is the boiler is running all the...
  22. EricMark

    Energenie TRV heads not following Nest.

    Seems intermittent, some times as it should when the Nest thermostat changes temperature the 4 linked TRV heads change with it, but some times they don't alter, not an issue when temperature is dropped but it is an issue when temperature is raised as the pump is sucking on closed valves. Easy...
  23. I

    Thermostat stopped clicking/no central heating

    Hi guys, Had Baxi round to do a service, and immediately after the central heating wasn’t turning on (hot water is fine). Had them back out and they said the boiler is fine, it must be a faulty thermostat. Replaced the thermostat today, and still nothing. When I connect the live and call...
  24. B

    No zone valves on my system

    I have oil heat with 3 zones/3 thermostats (basement, 1st/2nd floor) using baseboards. The 3 thermostats are 110v line voltage units that operate the 3 circulator pumps. There are no zone valves on this system. I would like to install 3 Nest thermostats to replace these old line voltage units...
  25. rolyberkin

    Boiler not firing

    Hi all, just a bit of self-doubt here, have wired in a Worcester Bosch Greenstar ri boiler with three two port valves which feed HW, Rads and one underfloor heating circuit. The boiler hower is not firing although clearly has power to it. When the time clock calls for heat there is power at the...
  26. S

    Wireless room thermostat query

    Hi guys. Just bought a Honeywell CM700 series wireless room stat/programmer with BDR91 relay box/receiver to link with Worcester Bosch 28CDi combi boiler. Using a 4-core will take L/N feed from boiler to L/N in receiver and route the Ls/T1-A and Lr/T2-B. But there are 2 L terminals in the...
  27. rolyberkin

    Two Zone Controller Suggestions

    I have a heating system which I need to buy a controller and thermostats for, will have 2 x two port valves, 1 zone will be rads and the other a single underfloor zone with independent pump, and hot water, was thinking about a Heatmiser UH4 with 2 wired thermostats? Any other or better...
  28. S

    Wiring to replace old room thermostat to new digital

    I’m replacing a tatty old mechanical Drayton room thermostat with a sleek digital Flomasta 7635G. Could a wise wizard please help decipher the code known as the wiring diagram in the pictures attached. Theoretically, given the ‘standard’ wallplate, I should just remove the old and pop on the...
  29. J

    Changing salus receiver to hive

    Hi i need to change my old salus receiver to my new hive one and im not sure about the wiring do i put it all the wires in the same places on the hive receiver? The picture is the wiring into the old receiver
  30. C

    Warm flow oil boiler

    Hello, so this is to anyone that is great with heating systems. It’s always been a weak point for myself. I am currently doing a heating system at a home which has a warm flow oil boiler. I’ve been told it has 4 zone valves 1-UFH 2-Upstairs radiators 3-Towel radiators 4-Hot water It will...
  31. D

    Evohome boiler interlock

    Hello, I have an Honeywell evohome sytsem at my house. I have 6 valve TRV's installed on the radiators and 2 radiators that currently do not have any valves until i change them. The relay box has been installed attached to the boiler and can be turned on and off via my phone and the evotouch...
  32. P

    Peak Supply for Storage Heater

    Hello, I am replacing my old storage heaters (single supply). I have two choices either buy replacement ones which require only off-peak or buy the more modern type which require peak and off-peak supplies. I am wondering if an electrician will be able to create the new peak supply by running a...
  33. H

    Replacing 3 wired thermostat with 2 wired digital thermostat

    A 3 wired thermostat is being replaced with a 2 wired digital thermostat powered by batteries. Is it necessary to know how the 3 wired thermostat is connected to the boiler before replacing the thermostat? I have attached images of the 3 wired thermostat and its wiring diagram.
  34. EricMark

    Independent control how?

    Independent control it what it says is required for a new build house over a set area, I would think with TRV's fitted to every radiator that is independent control, and using electronic heads one can even include time, not expensive at £10 each head. However the condensing boiler has a problem...
  35. EricMark

    Central Heating and the modulating boiler.

    To start with it all seems to make sense, the TRV measures the room temperature and controls the radiator temperature to suit, as the water flow is restricted the by-pass valve lifts, and hotter water is returned to boiler, so the boiler is throttled back (modulated) so the heat exchanger is...
  36. EricMark

    Can you tell when a modulating boiler is fully modulated?

    The problem with using TRV's to control heating to every room, is as the weather warms up, the boiler starts to cycle as it can't turn down any lower, to some extent anti-cycle software can increase cycle time if on switch on water returns hot, or decrease if it returns cold, but it can never...
  37. S

    Carbon Monoxide detector required?

    Working at a house this week & they’ve just installed a log burner in the living room, the metal flue goes up the inside of the existing chimney breast. I know there is a Carbon Monoxide detector required in the living room, but the breast & flue also runs through a bedroom in the room above the...
  38. Distazo

    Bath instant heater

    Constantly tripping the RCB though earthed properly, replaced but same scenario. Your advise !
  39. S

    Central heating problem.

    Hi Folks, Any advice/assistance would be much appreciated on this painful problem! My Honeywell programmer is jumping from "Off" to "Auto" automatically, randomly and seriously annoyingly! I have replaced the programmer but no joy. Any thoughts? Stoffel
  40. EricMark

    Nest, mind of it's own, DHW.

    I have no cables into the airing cupboard so no tank thermostat, during the summer months the intention was to have 1/2 hour every other day with boiler on, which is enough to get hot water to wash hands, with both Sunday and Monday with 1/2 hour giving an extra boost on Monday. The boiler...
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