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  1. V

    Can anybody shed some light on these dynamos as to what they fit?

    Part numbers are as follows: C45NV2 228069 6V, C45N 228183 6V, C45 12v but we don't have number for that one as they have been rusted off, and the other one is a C45A 224042 12v. thanks in advance.
  2. F

    Anybody looking for work in Wiltshire??

    Work available in Wiltshire please contact us via this thread.
  3. T

    Anybody know where I can find a free disclaimer Template.

    Hi folks.. I was hired by a company to replace some Light pole Heads to LED. upon working this I saw a few things that are not up to Standards with Local and NEC Code. I have verbally spoken to the people involved and have advised them of what they need to repair . They aint doing it ...
  4. D

    NVQ3 2357 books

    I am just starting my NVQ3 2357. Can anybody recommend any good books that complement this course. Thanks for your help.
  5. bonjovi

    have you ever sacked anybody ,or seen them sacked for something shocking

    I was running a large 3 story L shaped office building in brum some years back and we employed several agency guys some really good from what I remember and some Houdini would be proud of , well this day was site meeting day when all the bosses came round patted each other on the back and...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody done the G39 course?

    i am currently tendering for some work installing ev chargers. Company has come back and asked if i have completed the G39 course for working in vicinity of DNO equipment, they take view ev chargers on street or car park is much like street furniture. From what i can tell the G39 course covers...
  7. P

    Anybody got any work going in and around the birmingham area i am an improver

    Anbody got any work going for an impover in and around the birmingham area?
  8. V

    Does anybody know what this fits??

    earth return C40A 12v for lister or petter engine for a boat we think, we could do with a specific application, thank you in advance.
  9. J

    Can anybody tell me what these are?

    DA6524-E7-AE6-D-48-E2-A4-CC-753579821-B99 - https://ibb.co/rGNzZsn 734-D371-A-9566-4-A70-BEC7-2551811-C5-A69 - https://ibb.co/bgc60mS 156-B9-D62-FBB4-49-EA-A69-A-0-A3-AD6-DD0033 - https://ibb.co/0FxkqVB I was called to a job as some entrance lighting wasn’t working. No power to the 6 lights all...
  10. Michael J

    Domestic Green neutral anybody seen this before?

    Haven’t seen this before
  11. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody heard of voltcraft testers?

    Dropped some old clothes and bits in charity shop this morning. Saw this on the shelf. Bargain price of £2 brand new in box. Not sure as to how accurate it is. But its only a phase sequence tester and seems reasonably safe.( I hope) It seems a German make given the packaging! Instructions also...
  12. S

    Anybody make a 3 phase oblong board ?

    As above,I do work for a fabricator of hot food counters and they need a 3ph db to fit in a cupboard about 500wide x 300high.I have found a proteus unit,but would prefere another brand.In the past a din rail box has been used with mcb,s hard wired to a main switch,but I believe there is no...
  13. KEV 1 N

    Lovely old Isolator found in Cellar

    Found this in the cellar of an old house in Durham... The neutral is fused so I’m guessing it’s “really old” Any body know roughly the era it would be?
  14. V

    Anybody know what this starter motor fits??

    Any ideas would be appreciated
  15. A

    Fed up with ECS, can anybody help?

    Hi all, Since leaving the Army on medical grounds I have been unsuccessful in finding work in the electrical industry. I was an electrician (so to speak) in the Royal Engineers and gained various quals whilst in service. I have been on here a couple of times to seek advice and followed it, but...
  16. Jay 1987

    Currently studying level 2 dip elec anybody in wales that can help with work experience ?

    Hey guys New to this forum. Is there anybody in wales or surrounding areas willing to show me some basics? I’m studying my level 2 dip and would really appreciate a veteran to show me a rookie the ropes ?
  17. sham

    Does anybody know of this new regulation that omits the ZS test.

    On another forum about an high ZS reading about a fused spur feeding a boiler, someone replied that in the new 18th regs if the RCD breaks the circuit within time under test you do not need to check ZS, just R2 continuity test for CPC continuity would be good enough. You just put N/A on the...
  18. A

    Anybody familiar with this sign on a tester.

    It showing a “noise” sign when live testing sockets for some reason. Sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn’t just think it’s weird. Never knew tester could pick up signals from cables
  19. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody else had this email from subbynetwork

    Just had an email arrive from 'subbynetwork' Seems they are another of the websites linking people together but appears its trade to trade this time... can submit one quote per month free then its £179 per year. Doubt i will be signing up, but if people have any experiences good or bad, please...
  20. R

    RCD tripping has anybody any Ideas?

    Been to a customers home today,Reported fault was when he turned the kitchen light off the RCD tripped Problem is its a split-load board and the lights are not on RCD side The light switch in question controls 3 pelmet lights wired feed+N to switch and twin out I couldnt get this fault to happen...
  21. sham

    Does anybody care to sign this partition ?, Please

    It's to do with umbrella companies and agencies. Petition: Change employee benefits/deductions calculation in relation to umbrella company - https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/220272
  22. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody recognise this tool thief from West Midlands?

    Was sent this video showing a van tool thief in the Midlands area. Somebody will recognise him... hopefully they catch the scum. cant upload just the video for some reason so shared a link to the page its on. Shameless thief busts open van with 'screwdriver' to steal £2,000 of tools -...
  23. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody ever taken tramadol?

    Right now I am coming down from a complete high courtesy of the NHS! Had a small procedure today to look at a long standing issue from a old leg injury. They sedated me and took a couple of bone biopsies due to regular pain in my legs. Thankfully the scans have all been clear so not looking at...
  24. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody know who makes these ??

    Been working in a old property. Wiring is getting on a bit but one of the breakers has failed. Not a major problem as the lights are split between numerous circuits and i can take an old one out of the now redundant and unused eco7 board that used to power the old lights in laundry/maids room...
  25. GMES

    Anybody Seen it and what did you think

    I watched the new Ricky Gervais Stand up show ( Humanity ) on Netflix on Wednesday and personally think it is the best one so far. I know he can divide people with being a bit like Mar-mite but I personally think he is one of the cleverest comedians of our time. It is obvious he is a very...
  26. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody been to the toolfair recently?

    A mate has asked if I want to go to the Toolfair... Anybody been to them recently? Are they worth a day out to go to and are the freebies/discounts anygood at this one? I find a lot of these trade fairs get a bit like deja vu and the discounts aren't all that anymore. Although the Milwaukee...
  27. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody got the danger notice forms as a pdf?

    Need to issue a danger notice to a customer. They have a new electric shower without a earth conductor, very low IR readings and to top it off the cable has signs of burning on the damaged earth cable in the back of the isolator. that has been cut off short and is covered in melted green/yellow...
  28. T

    Electricians Mate Is anybody after a electrician mate?

    Hi, I'm a electricians mate with 6 years of experience of of being in the trade. Recently failed my am2 so looking to resist to, I don't drive which lets me down on so many parts but I'm willing to work away and find my own way to where ever needed.
  29. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody bother to join trustmark scheme?

    I know the schemes/scams depending on your outlook offer the Trustmark scheme as a add on. Has anybody actually seen any benefit from having this extra or is it just money down the drain? You might get one or two people who see it and think you are a demigod as a result and might be...
  30. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody had tools stolen in Wiltshire area?

    Wiltshire police have recovered a huge haul of stolen power tools and other bits and bobs stolen from vans and vehicles in the Wiltshire area... They also recovered a stolen caravan from the same site.... Police followed a tracking device in a guys tools to find them. It would not be...
  31. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody accept card payments from customers?

    Had a phone call today from a company called iZettle, they make a little card reader that connects to your phone so you can take card payments from customers there and then on the spot. it has it advantages in that you don't have to chase up payment after a job and saves the risk of dodgy...
  32. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody used or heard of TOOLi

    Been told about this new website that is supposedly meant to help us market our trades to one and other so that business can invite you to tender..and showcase our work so people can hire us. Its called TOOLi Anybody used it or had any experiences of it? Seems a bit like instagram for...
  33. Clodbuster

    Howzit Guys

    I am not an electrician but deal in electricity of sorts. I have been supplying and installing Electric Fencing for 40 years. Firstly in Central Africa then here in the UK after being booted out by Mugabe. I have had occasional conversations with electricians and am always willing to supply...
  34. M

    Spray bake spray booths

    Hi all does anybody no anybody who has or has worked with spray bake spraying booths
  35. M

    Spray bake booths

    Hi all am looking for anybody who's works on or has worked on or knows anybody who works on spray bake spraying booths
  36. westward10

    Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

    This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was and important job to be done and Everybody was sure Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job. Everybody...
  37. Dan

    Iec 61850 Confrence 2016 Europe

    Anybody going to this Confrence? http://www.iec61850-europe.com/Sponsors_&_Exhibitors.html Do you guys do this sort of thing? Anybody go any other exhibitions or events? Perhaps we have a calendar type thing on the forum and all whack them in? Perhaps even start meeting at a few for food...
  38. B

    dual fuel central heating system

    Can anybody tell me where I would find an electric diagramme for a duel fuel central heating and hot water system (oil boiler with solid fuel stove with back boiler) The system is fully pumped except for the hot water from the stove is gravity fed. Thanks anybody
  39. D

    MCG Breakers

    I have a large amount of MCG single and Triple Pole MCB's i have sold quite a few and have had no complaints about the quality. Is anybody on here interested in buying any or does anybody know anywhere i could get in touch with to try and get rid of some. The only problem with them is that...
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