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  1. ferg

    Dewalt Electricians Stapler

    Has anyone used one of these? I was thinking of getting one but would like to hear opinions of others first. TIA. :)
  2. C

    New dewalt tool............

    just bought this today. It is really good. I thought it was going to be a little flimsy but boy was I wrong
  3. Pete999

    DeWalt Recip Saw for sale

    110Volt Dewalt Recip saw complete with 23oV,110V TX £110.00 PM if interested. Lots of cable as well, you will need to visit and make me an offer for the cable, includes 900 m of external Cat 5 cable, 3 by 300M drums, need to get rid of so sensible offers only. Sorry can't manage to dig all the...
  4. C

    Dewalt DCH333 sds.............

    Does anybody own one of these? I’m tempted to buy one but not sure if they are a bit much for what we need them for.
  5. Gavin John Hyde

    Dewalt 18v kits...........................................

    Was going to order a large dewalt kit before christmas but it was out of stock, just come across this set on screwfix and surprisingly well priced for the 3 tools plus torch, 3x 4ah batteries and charger. so ordered it instead as i need some new ones...
  6. 123

    Dewalt Green Laser Level...Which One?

    I'm looking to add a Green Laser Level to the tool collection, but a little torn over which one to get. I've had a Dewalt DW087K for years and it's still as accurate and good as the day I bought it. Like all red laser levels it struggles a bit in bright conditions. I'm a little torn between 2...
  7. SWD

    Dewalt Wall Dog Screws

    Tried them out yesterday as I had a couple of Wiska boxes to attach to a garden wall, tell you one thing they too the job. £6.50 per 100 + VAT from TLC.
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Dewalt wall dog screw fixings

    Got to fit some bits and pieces in my dads pub that he has a lease from a brewery on. Area brewery property manager who oversees the pubs is happy for me to do it as its cheaper than them getting other people in and I can get my old man to help speed things up. Marstons the Brewery have the...
  9. littlespark

    Replacement DeWalt Battery

    My little yellow friend, Dewalt 18v combi drill has a broken battery. It wont charge. Its been going for a good 5 or 6 years now, but neither battery holds charge well. A quick look online gives prices of round about £100 per battery for a genuine replacement. I'm going to look at the sources...
  10. Baker1988

    Dewalt Sds Problem on selecting mode

    Wondering if any one knows what could be wrong with my sds. I have a dewalt dch273 battery sds drill that i got from my brother a few months ago as he went from dewalt to hilti tools and i havnt used it much but today i went to use it and the selector switch wont seem to change it to any other...
  11. B

    Dewalt or Milwaukee tools

    Need some new tools I'm on old dewalts what's everyone else got
  12. Dan

    Dewalt DW24000 tile saw - for sale or swapsies...

    Dewalt DW24000 tile saw - for sale or swapsies... advice reviews and feedback 2017 Anyone fancy a DW24000? Nice and clean and fully working and cutting true. Nearly 4yrs old. Also has a spare new Dewalt blade and a nearly new Inverted A blade from Diatech (I think I have a... Dewalt DW24000...
  13. Soulsurfer

    Self Levelling laser what's decent ?

    Hey all, after a strong light / non cheapy laser to project horizontal & vertical lines for downlights and metal boxes etc.. my mate from up North just got a green one for his ceiling fixing company think was a Hilti, said was £600 plus but long distance and apparently much better in bright...
  14. Dan

    DEWALT D24000 leg stand - Where to get one from advice, reviews and feedback

    DEWALT D24000 leg stand - Where to get one from advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hi Guys and Girls I am struggling to get a leg stand for the Dewalt D24000. They seem to be sold out online in most places and a few sites want stupid money for them. Anyone know what I can get... DEWALT D24000...
  15. FatAlan

    Gloves and other PPE

    Anyone recommend / use any particular make of glove. I'm thinking of light weight type gloves that may have some paracticality with fiddly wiring etc... if such a thing exists?
  16. D

    Work Boots

    I have better getting and wearing scruffs work boots from my wholesalers for 2 years or more. But they dont seem to last. Either the stitching comes undone or bits start to come unglued. The last pair I bought the stitching started to come undone after 2 or 3 weeks so my wholesaler changed them...
  17. N

    Inspection Cameras

    Hi all. Just a quick post - Aldi's are doing inspection cameras for £39.99. I've had mine a couple of years and used it loads. Good camera for the price.
  18. Dan

    Dewalt Xr Flexvolt Anybody got one of these flexvolt' from dewalt yet? Meant to be super powerful.
  19. P

    Combi drill and prices!?

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a decent (not overly expensive) combi drill. Any recommendations and ideas of what sort of price I should expect? Thanks in advance
  20. Leesparkykent

    cheapest place to buy dewalt kit from

    Thinking of buying this 6 piece kit. just wondering if any ones come across similar for cheaper? particularly want the SDS, combi drill and impactor. cheers...