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  1. UKMeterman

    Surface flourcesent fitting wanted 4x 36W 1250mm by 625 mm

    I am looking to replace an existing surface flourcesent fitting 4 x 36W ft tubes with an external dimentsion of 1250mm by 625mm or nearest offer. Thanks
  2. D

    Using recess k/o boxes for surface wiring

    Was in an office the other day (recently refurbished) and noticed who ever did the new wiring used standard 35mm recess k/o back boxes...
  3. Z

    Surface mounted box.

    Fellow Sparks, My sister has asked me to install a spur socket in her home. I'm going to install a surface mounted box and run the cable via trunking from an existing socket. Is there any sort of surface box which I can install over the existing socket box which has been embedded in the...
  4. B

    BS 7671 max surface temperature under fault condition ???

    Can anyone give me some clarification on the following. I am installing some Osram Planon Plus led light panels into a temporary building and have been told the transformers need to housed in an enclosure as they do not have the correct markings for BS7671 "max surface temperature under fault...
  5. J

    CPC Terminal in plastic surface mounted back boxes...

    Hoping someone can help me clarify something. For plastic surface mounted back boxes, why do some have a small metal terminal for connecting the CPC, whereas others don't? Is it just a differemce in quality, or would you generally use the ones with the terminal for sockets, and the ones without...
  6. NDG Elecs

    Surface mounted 4 gang surge-protected socket

    Hi Lads and Ladies (SC!), I should have took a pic - I thought I did...:confused: I'm after an oversized 4-gang socket with pattress. It is an surge-protected type, which I'm aware don't always apparently work as they should in relation to surges. The faulty item in question is a massively...
  7. G

    Surface mounted cooker circuit

    Hi all, I have been asked to install a new cooker circuit but the customer wants everything to be surface mounted to keep costs down. Do you know of any cooker connection units that are suitable for surface mounting e.g. have an appropriate back box? Cables will also be surface mounted using...
  8. FatAlan

    Just below the soil surface in my front garden!

    Builder started scraping the vegetation off my front garden last week. Bang! Power cable no more than about 30-40mm under soil. Interesting watching the DNO guys come out and fix live. Very efficient
  9. B

    Open grommets on cu top surface

    Hi, Got some additional circuits to install as part of an extension. CU has recently been changed by another contractor to an amd3 unit, but cables enter cu through a couple of knockouts on the top with standard open grommets. As it happens, the cables are so tightly packed in one you could...
  10. marconi


    I am heading off next week to visit my parents (84 and 83). They live in a nicely decorated and carpeted 3 bed semi with original wiring from 1965. I noticed last time I visited they have the dreaded green goo in the 7/029 wiring. The 1/044 lighting does not have it. They only have one or...
  11. L

    Is surface mount cabling permitted?

    Forgive me if this is a dumb idiot question, but I'm not a sparky and I have a need to know. My wife and I are in a 15th Century cottage and most of the electrics is the original wiring from when electricity came to the village in the early '50s - lead covered stuff for the most part. We had a...
  12. M

    BLACK surface door contact

    How do all, does anyone know where I can purchase a black door contact from, my customer has just had a new door fitted and is insisting on a black contact.. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. oxford 12

    Time delay RCDs and cables in walls

    Your carrying out an eicr on a domestic property with a time delay 100mA RCD protecting lighting cables within 50 mm of the surface. What code would you give it c3 or c2?
  14. charlie76

    Stramit - Straw Walls - Installation Reference Method

    Evening all. Working on a bungalow at the minute with the dreaded stramit walls. All my new cables have been surface, galv capped and the builder is dot 'n' dabbing over. There is an existing radial serving sockets in the living room which is not being rewired. For those that are familiar with...
  15. FatAlan

    Garden Lighting

    I know this has been discussed before but here is a slant from my angle. (Does that count as a pun?) I've been asked by some friends (true in this case ) to sort out their garden lighting. They already have three RCD protected circuits from a seperate CU feeding outside junction box via SWA...
  16. C

    Garden lighting

    hello guys I have a garden lighting install coming up, Everything is decided apart from the type of cable to use. We have bedding lighting on a 30ma RCD so I assume I can do away with SWA or if anyone has any suggestions?
  17. Pat H

    Solutions for Surface mount to conduit.

    Anyone got any other solutions for getting from a surface mount socket to surface mount conduit (plastic) I often have to add a radial spur from a ring main socket. Assuming I need to retain the double gang 13A outlet I either: Add a single gang back box next to the double socket. Stick a Fuse...
  18. P

    Testing hotplates on an electr cooker

    This is maybe not strictly a PAT testing question but you PAT testers might be able to help. I am renovating a set of electric cookers and start by testing them disconnected from the supply using PAT testing principles. So I test for earth continuity and insulation resistance. If OK then I...
  19. S

    PIR coding

    Hi guys, Doing a periodic on a cabin which is to be used for buisness use. Its a new install and the one thing i have seen which im not sure weather it warrants a code or not is they have a chandelair type fitting where the bracket is screwed to the beam, Meaning due to the size of the...
  20. B

    Trunking for cable

    I have a job of running a new cable to a DBB. The 16A MCB is in place and the oven is rated at 3.9kw so needs to hard wired. The customer has tiled walls and will not allow me to remove them to run the cable. He wants the oven switch surface mounted. I have approx 0.5m of cable from DBB to the...
  21. marksparky

    Isolators in a kitchen cupboard?

    What's your view on putting isolators a inside kitchen cupboards mounted on a surface box? I'd normally have them on show obove worktop but in this case the walls are being clad with composite stone. Is there any reason why this wouldn't comply with regs?
  22. happyhippydad

    Best way to bond metal framed building?

    Evening.. I have been trying to think of the best way to attach a bonding clamp to a steel structure and could do with some opinions please. At present I am thinking of a bolt through one of the steel columns and attach the clamp to this, but I'd rather get the clamp on a smooth surface...
  23. rolyberkin

    Conduit in Summer House - Aesthetics Photos Required

    Has anyone got any photos of installs they have done in non insulated or non plasterboard finished garden log cabins summer houses? I am purely interested in the aesthetics I am after examples in white plastic, black plastic, galv conduit and MI if anyone can help? I am about to wire a summer...
  24. M

    Difficult customers...

    In a chatty mood.... So just wondered if anyone had had any really difficult customers...Or the customer that calls you up to do the work and then they know better once you've arrived. Had one recently, Customer wants a downflow heater put in 2 of their bathrooms. Had a look around the property...
  25. driverman

    extractor fans-time lag-isolation switches

    Touched on this before, unable to find thread. Many thanks for your comments re isolation switches etc. I've now decided to go for 4 x in line extractor fans all sited in the loft. Also that the isolation switch for each fan be sited along side each fan. The isolation switches will be...
  26. J

    MK Grid switches on old back box

    Hi all I`m new here,.. ( I do more reading than posting) but have registered for some advice on MK gridswitches.. I doing a refurb of a pub, in the main entrance hall there is 2 banks of MK gritches. One is an old type 24gang and one is a modern MK logic 18way. What I plan to do is replace the...
  27. P

    Conduit Positioning

    Hi, I don't have my full regs to hand and I can't find it in any of my onsite guides. I know cable buried in a wall can't be less than 150mm from the corner join of 2 walls but is there a minimum for cable in surface mounted pvc conduit? I have a ring main I need to get to the first floor...
  28. back_ache

    Domestic Surface mount low profile LED ceiling light recommendations

    Hi, I am lighting up a bathroom, for most it I am using some nice IP rated scolmore warm-white led downlights. I have an additional need for a surface mount light where there is not a ceiling void, I was thinking of a low-profile LED light but am find it hard to find a nice mid-range device...
  29. E

    Adding sockets to existing ring.

    Good evening all. I am looking to add two double outlet switched sockets to an existing ring main. It is in a bedroom. At present the circuit is 2.5 mm t&e with a 32a mcb in cu. I want to break into ring at back of an original socket in bedroom and in-line crimp the new leg in and run to new...
  30. i=p/u

    Rcbo or mcb

    Pulled in cable tonight for a 2kw water heater, under sink in a shop tonigh. The cable is run in attic ,then PVC conduit surface down wall . I am certain I can install just an mcb as its all on surface and won't be touched by anyone bar myself, agree and give me confidence or shoot me down ..
  31. H

    Extension of lighting circuit!

    Hi, I have been to look at a job, basically lady wants two lights in loft and a switch, no problem coming off existing upstairs lighting circuit via a bedroom pendant below. Just after a bit of advice, existing db is 16th ed, so lighting circuits not rcd protected. Would you insist on...
  32. A

    To RCD or not toRCD

    Afternoon all, I am pricing a job to install a 32a cooker circuit. Cable will be in trunking throughout entire run and will go through a cupboard between the hall and kitchen. Fed from a retrofit wylex MCB, Iso and outlet plate all surface mounted, no socket outlet on iso. Gas and Water bonding...
  33. R

    Rewire work duration

    For the sake of clarification from experienced Installers, I was just wondering if it is possible a rewire of a 4 bedroom house can be done in one week or more, by just one loan electrician. The Installation involves running all cables in PVC (surface) trunking and feeding every accessories...
  34. Jimmy Boy

    Running a small IT circuit

    I'm going to be running a small circuit this week to power so heftyish servers, all surface, 32A, not decided until I look at the job if ring or 4mm Radial with extra CPC, now I am concerned about putting these on an RCBO as they can be leaky, so am considering using the 'Skilled or instructed...
  35. M

    Reparing plasterboard after cutting

    Hi I am after some information or any tips you have. How do you repair tge plasterboard if you have to cut holes for running cables or to get your angle drill in ect... I.e when putting in spotlights Hope you can help!
  36. T

    Domestic Surface Mounted sockets

    Hi Just looked at a job in a 90 year old building - the customer wants a number of additional sockets, the only existing socket is surface mounted with the T&E chased into the wall. The room full of bookshelves all walls from the floor to the ceiling. I explained that to chase the walls etc...
  37. H

    Has anyone had experience of chasing in brickwork?

    Good info, also as I am just used to surface laying this whole chase cutting is a bit of a new experience, now the chases has capping in it and has to be deep enough to accommodate it, the metal back boxes are 35mm deep so sometimes do you have to chase into the brickwork itself as sometimes you...
  38. C

    Oak Shingle Roof on SIP panels, advice needed

    Hi all I have an install in the next few days on an oak shingle roof. Technically they are shakes - i.e. they are split oak rather than sawn, various widths, with a three ply overlap. They are laid on 25x50 battens nailed to SIP panels. The SIP panel is a bonded 18mm OSB/100mm insulation/18mm...
  39. A

    Solar PV -v- New Grid

    Just pondering cost of FiT/PV install -v- cost of 200 miles of new Grid to connect +50kWh wind farms etc. to existing Grid network. Base assumption surface [pylon etc.] £1.8million to £8 million per km. Sub-surface £18 million to £22 million. Exact details not known but assume 90% pylon at...
  40. K

    Surface mout sockets

    This is for my own flat. I know I can get 25mm surface mount patresses. Are there any deeper surface patresses so I can do this: It’s for my computers and sound system.
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