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  1. A

    Outside boxes letting in water

    We have had a few threads on the forum where after installing an IP box with an IP gland it still lets in the water I have just watched the latest efix youtube video with a good IP SWA gland so that you don't get the ingress of water between the two IP components of the gland and the box worth a...
  2. C

    External junction boxes

    Quite like these,for various connections,hate the connectors inside though. Wondering would you use compression glands on entry for flexes or pierce through the sealing membrane../neoprene to seal/hold the cable.
  3. happyhippydad

    Is there any asbestos in meter boxes?

    I was contemplating cutting a hole in the bottom of a meter box and I decided to have a quick check on line. I have now used an existing hole albeit a harder route. How common are meter boxes with asbestos in them? Is there any way of knowing if it contains white asbestos?
  4. A

    MK Egatube boxes

    Hi all, A question that I’ve seen come up a few times on here & other forums is can you get plastic flush boxes? Usually to replace rusted galv boxes in damp walls. Has anybody used the MK Egatube conduit system? They have plastic flush boxes as part of the range & I’m on the look out for...
  5. R

    25mm Knockout Metal Clad Boxes.

    I’m looking for some metal clad sockets. But I need 25mm knockouts. Does anyone know any surface mounted metal clad sockets that have them? MK do some nice ones but they are only 20mm knockouts.
  6. U

    Junction boxes too deep for wall

    Hi all, I have two 35mm deep junction boxes above two doors in our hall and the boxes protrude out from the wall. It's not a big deal but it does bug me. After investigation the boxes are screwed to a stud in the wall but the wall's are lathe and plaster and this is determining how deep the box...
  7. Fitzy

    Junction boxes, other than Wiska

    Hi guys As the title says, other than Wiska junction boxes, what are the alternative junction boxes you use that are of equal quality and price?
  8. Spike1947

    Junction Boxes , boxing in !!

    Hi Have just been to see a old sand stone house ( about 100 years ) than my mate has bought , he has removed all the latted ceiling to revile the joists , and the wiring , now he wants box in the cabling about 1/4 of the way down the joists . Now the question is , there is a couple of junction...
  9. V

    Domestic Line junction boxes Where are they now ?

    Line junction boxes whatever happend to these ? I haven’t been here in a long time and used to love the simplicity of theses for certain areas and just wondered if they are still on the go ?
  10. happyhippydad

    Can anyone beat £1.34 (inc VAT) for wago boxes?

    As in the title. I was about to order 100 of them but thought why not ask the forum and see if I can save a bit! I'm usually pretty good at finding a lower price though, so I don't think anyone can beat £1.34 (inc VAT) :) Standard wago box
  11. Midwest

    Domestic Outdoor IP68 Joint Boxes

    I'm installing some outdoor lighting (in my garden). Run some swa to Wiska boxes. I intend to go from there with some TRS flex close to each light. The lights I've have are sealed, with 1.5m of flex, so I will have to extend the flexes. Was going to use some small Wiska boxes etc to do this, but...
  12. 123

    Line Junction Boxes (aka Black Eggs, Hand Grenades)

    Did anyone ever find out what happened with the Line Junction Boxes? Was back at a job today where I did some work for the customer 2-3 years ago and spotted one of them. Great little product, loved them.
  13. J

    Back Boxes for 57.5mm Dab n Dot Insulated Plaster Board

    Hi all, About to begin my first fix rewire. Due to regs, and the house being a 1908 solid wall construction, I need to include 57.5mm Kingspan to all external walls. To try and save some room, I will be Dab and Dotting the plaster board to the exposed brick. I will be installing the...
  14. S

    Powerline adapters across junction boxes

    Hello I found this thread whilst searching the internet for solutions to my problem: Network Powerline Adapters with Dual Split Consumer Unit - https://www.electriciansforums.co.uk/threads/network-powerline-adapters-with-dual-split-consumer-unit.136153/ I read more of the forum and saw it...
  15. Steve93

    "Arena" floor boxes.

    Need to install extra datas into empty floor boxes. they are arena? printed on the front. anyone know where I can source data modules and sockets for these?
  16. J

    CPC Terminal in plastic surface mounted back boxes...

    Hoping someone can help me clarify something. For plastic surface mounted back boxes, why do some have a small metal terminal for connecting the CPC, whereas others don't? Is it just a differemce in quality, or would you generally use the ones with the terminal for sockets, and the ones without...
  17. S

    For Sale - Wago's Various Boxes

    I've got the following boxes of Wago's for sale, all new in box: 2 x Boxes of 50 222-413 3 x Boxes of 100 221-412 1 x Box of 100 222-412 4 x Boxes of 25 221-415 5 x Boxes of 50 221-413 Offers welcome. Postage £5 Cheers.
  18. A

    Van secure boxes (van vaults)

    We are seriously looking at getting one of these for drills etc. in the van not a site one I think that you can bolt them down. Welcome opinions on them and tips from members.
  19. 1Justin

    Black PVC/conduit back boxes. - Source?

    I need black surface back boxes. PVC or ABS conduit boxes would be fine, as would metalclad, but not the crunchy ones. - There will be some conduits involved. I can find only Wickes (who sell a single outlet black box only, no doubles), same at CPC. Occasional Ebay sellers do have some with...
  20. 123

    Forget screws, this is the new way to secure back boxes to walls

    Silicone! And lots of it. Not a screw in sight.
  21. S

    1st fix boxes in old brickwork

    hi guys. First post here so any help would be appreciated. Simply. Has anyone got any ideas or recommendations for mounting metal knockout boxes into old brickwork? I’m thinking of using expanding foam to get the box level, flush and secure as the old brickwork and mortor is crumbling away on...
  22. J

    32mm Black PVC Conduit & Terminal Boxes Stockist West Midlands.

    Hi All Firstly, Wishing you everyone a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year. Can someone please advise me where I can purchase 32mm Black PVC conduit, saddles/clips and round terminal boxes, with rubber gaskets, as opposed to rectangular/square terminal boxes, ideally in the Birmingham/West...
  23. W

    Maintance free /junction boxes

    hello a customer has bought procelin connector blocks for lighting connections above the ceilings. I know you should use maintance free or junction boxes but can’t quite explain why is there a regulation or safety reason why to do this .
  24. O

    Ideally I need some 2G white surface boxes in PVC with 20mm knockouts

    OK. Ideally I need some 2G white surface boxes in PVC with 20mm knockouts on both sides ....... Centaur do some with a 20mm knock out on 1 side Other manufacturers seem to do them on the top and / or bottom Any suggestions chaps & chapesses Thanks
  25. B

    Advice sought on Wiska Boxes for new lights...

    I want 5 mains lights fitted in the garden (by Part P sparkie). He said Wiska Boxes have to be fitted before each light - that is, SWA into Wiska, SWA out of Wiska to new light. I can't see the point in this. If SWA's are connecting into the light, why does it need a Wiska box? I don't want...
  26. B

    Casting Resin vs Encapsulating Resin for filling outdoor junction boxes

    I have a repair job coming up - a garden has had 240V lights fitted, with which the junction boxes have been filled with magic gel - they haven't been filled correctly and there are problems with the outdoor lights (the 240V doesn't help with the sensitivity to moisture). I have an idea that...
  27. S

    Solid plaster partition walls with straw inside:fixing boxes?

    Came across these yesterday and wondered if anyone on here has seen them.Solid plaster with horizontal strands of straw inside.I finished up cutting the holes with a multisaw then driving 75mm screws thro the sides of the twin metal boxes,since plastic plugs were useless.Never seen these walls...
  28. P

    Thoughts on maintenance free junction boxes?

    Hi guys, Are the maintenance free junction boxes any good? Thanks
  29. R

    Outdoor lighting - no waterproof junction boxes

    Hi, could someone please let me know whether the attached pictures is safe for step lighting? From what I can see, the contractor has cut away the insulation from the cabling that was suplied by the manufacturer and used standard junction boxes wrapped with electrical tape. This doesn't feel...
  30. O

    Dual Dry line boxes & metal accessories

    So, customer decided they wanted B&Q chrome switches, sockets etc.... being 2nd fixing today and the dual dryline box, for side by side S FCU's is a problem - the S FCU's are wider than "conventional" units so I can't fix them properly. So does anyone know of a dual dryline box, where the boxes...
  31. T

    Blanking off floor socket boxes

    I am trying to find a solution to blanking off floor socket boxes. This is made difficult by the fact the boxes have absolutely no brand name on them anywhere, and the size is not standard. I thought of getting a strong enough plate to screw on to the existing box and the the carpet man can come...
  32. Deleted member 79988

    Plastic face plates fitted to metalled back boxes

    Although I did not instigate the work outlined below, I need to give feedback to a committee if it is incorrect so your observations would be appreciated. Location is within a church 2 x Metclad boxes/faceplates with fused spur required change over to switched spur. After the work had been...
  33. haptism

    Pratley underground boxes

    Hi, anyone used the Pratley underground boxes before ? How do you rate them ? Ive never used one but have found a few negative reviews on other forums. looking at a job yesterday where 3 SWA's need to be jointed underground, the joint may need to be accessed in the future for an additional...
  34. Spike1947

    Domestic Sealing Junction Boxes with Silicone !

    Hi I have a couple of 30A JB in a garage that I have had to replace because some crappy ones from Screwfix were fitted awile back and they were showing some signs of corrosion products on the Terminals (coated steel) should be banned !!!! . Ive changed them out , now I am wanting to seal them...
  35. L

    Wagos vs Crimps vs junction boxes?

    Whats your thoughts on Wago's? Always preferred a JB or crimps myself. Wago's just don't seem right to me. There a lot quicker but don't seem so secure. Whats your guys thoughts?
  36. T

    Replacing old junction boxes with Wagos

    Hi, Just recently qualified. I've replaced some old 32amp junction boxes under the floor in my landing with Wago and Wago boxes to make them maintenance free prior to putting down new flooring. Prior to doing this, i tested the ring continuity, r1 was 0.52 ohms, rn was 0.53 and r2 was 0.73, so...
  37. E

    Testing steel conduit

    First time i have worked with steel conduit as a cpc and wondering how to get a decent R2 test. The back boxes are showing signs of corrosion and so is the conduit where it is exposed so would like to test to see if i'll need to add a cpc to the circuits. I have a kewtech 65dl tester and...
  38. Leader

    Rod set - worth it?

    I'm wondering whether it's worth investing in a rod set? They seem quite expensive so are they worth it? How often do you use them? Do they work round tight corners? I currently use the old string method which sometimes works great but obviously has it's drawbacks!
  39. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Old and New work boxes

    Wonder what the Staff at your local CEF would make of a request for some "Old work boxes" and some "New work boxes" confusion would ensue.
  40. FatAlan

    Fill me in please!

    What fillers do folks find easiest to use for filling in around minor works like chiselling into walls for back boxes etc?
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