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  1. R

    So what’s the best insulated screwdrivers?

    What are people’s preferred insulated screwdrivers?? I currently use Bahco but thinking of switching it up
  2. I

    Running cables in insulated floor void

    I am planning a rewire of our 1960s bungalow, for power sockets running cables under the floor. There is a 200mm floor void over a concrete oversite. I plan to insulate under the floor, 100mm under joist and 100mm between joists. I know cable is best not run within the insulation. If I...
  3. happysteve

    Is galv conduit containing insulated and sheathed cables (e.g. T&E) still an exposed-conductive part?

    Eh up :) As per the title, "Is galv conduit containing insulated and sheathed cables (e.g. T&E) still an exposed-conductive part?" Clearly, if it contained unsheathed singles, it obviously is. If it's not an exposed-conductive part (and it's not extraneous in the case I'm thinking of) then it...
  4. D

    Why are most insulated grips red / yellow or orange in colour ?

    CK Wiha Wera Draper Stanley all mostly red and yellow Bahco Irazola Klein all mostly a funny orange colour why not grey , green or blue or even black ??
  5. C

    Water bond, Insulated Section.

    Afternoon Gents, Came across a nice scenario today. Water pipe comes from the street, into the kitchen through a concrete floor. 100mm of copper behind a kickboard where it comes through the concrete 300ish mm of Plastic Pipe, 100mm of copper then stop tap. 90 percent of the installation is...
  6. S

    10 way MK insulated CU 16 module - anyone replacing one or have spare cover?

    Hi all, I'm looking for 1x cover + lid and 1x just lid. Does anyone have them spare or a CU change planned soon? I'll cover P&P and name your drink £?
  7. J

    Back Boxes for 57.5mm Dab n Dot Insulated Plaster Board

    Hi all, About to begin my first fix rewire. Due to regs, and the house being a 1908 solid wall construction, I need to include 57.5mm Kingspan to all external walls. To try and save some room, I will be Dab and Dotting the plaster board to the exposed brick. I will be installing the...
  8. S

    Is this twisted cloth flex double or single insulated?

    Hi Folks Just bought some of this Bronze Twisted Fabric Flex - Braided Cloth Cable Lighting Wire - for a job...
  9. Michael J

    Insulated tweezers any recommendations?

    Has anyone bought insulated tweezers they could recommend. Thinking of using them for terminating in cramped CUs
  10. Pete999

    Pre VDE and insulated screwdrivers, for the oldies on the Forum

    Before the onset of all these lovely red and yellow screwdrivers and tools,do any of the older Members recall what type, make of screwdrivers etc they used? my y introduction to insulated screwdrivers were the stuff Electricity Board Meter-men were issue with, the sort that if you found one you...
  11. Strima

    Insulated Torque Wrench/Driver 4 - 10 Nm

    All, I'm in need to an insualted torque wrench or driver capable of tightening between 4 and 10 Nm. Any recommendations that won't break the bank. This is for working on battery strings so need to be insulated.
  12. A

    Double insulated down lights cpc

    whats classes as the correct method of terminating an earth cable when you have double insulated fittings? You can see on the picture I can’t get a wage inside nor a normal connector block it’s just too tight. I have seen in the past the cpc being bent over and also snipped off which isn’t...
  13. S

    Adding new circuits to all insulated consumer units

    hi guys, Is it still ok to add a new circuit to an all insulated consumer unit in a domestic dwelling. I only ask as my previous employer always changed consumer units for metal when adding a circuit. I know this is probably a stupid question. Thanks for replies
  14. D

    Wiring in insulated stud wall

    Hi, I hope someone will be kind enough to assist me. I'm wiring my garage conversion(extending an existing radial). The walls are skinned with 70mm studwork and 50mm rigid insulation leaving clearance of 20mm. The builder wants to maintain an air gap at the rear reducing clearance further. I...
  15. S

    Armeg Insulated screwdrivers

    Just wondering if any of you use Armeg insulated screwdrivers ?, They look good but just wondering if they are.
  16. UKMeterman

    Pat test pass for items with USA plugs and cords

    Hi, Could you explain to me how these two items could have passed the in service equipment examination and test. Both items have USA two pin plugs, and one is on USA zip cord. The item is being used in the main hall at Hampton Court...
  17. D

    Best Screwdrivers available?

    Time to renew some of my Screwdrivers again. The set I'm currently using are Wera which for comfort of use I quite like, problem is 2 of the Pz head drivers have shattered now whilst I've been using them. Looking for recommendations for the best make out there. Begin.:thumbsup:
  18. telectrix


    dunno the quality, but at this price has to be worth a punt, maybe as an apprentice's first st? 7pcs Multi-purpose Electrican's Insulated Electrical Hand Screwdriver Tools Set | eBay -...
  19. A

    Old Double Insulated Appliances

    I am looking at a receiver/amplifier that was manufactured in the mid 1970s. It has a very solid all metal case. It is powered by a mains lead that has only two conductors, active and neutral. It does not have any Class II notation or symbol anywhere on the case. I am wondering whether the...
  20. D

    Draper VDE Torque screwdriver bit

    Hello fellow electricians I was wondering if any of you have seen a VDE bit that allows different screwdriver heads to be placed in the end (If that makes any sense to you) I dont really want to keep buying different type heads when I can just swap them out from my little socket set many thanks.
  21. G

    Decent crimping tool?

    im after a good crimping tool preferably with insulated crimp dies and un-insulated dies up to 10mm2. Seen these: Kennedy Industrial - RATCHET CRIMPING TOOL C/WINTERCHANGEABLE JAWS 8PC - Cromwell Tools -...
  22. simpson93

    10mm meter tails 60amp fuse 6mm bond

    Afternoon all been a while since I've posted. at today's job I noticed 10mm meter tails with 6mm bonding and although my first thoughts were tails should be min 16mm and bonding 10mm so at the risk of sounding stupid I couldn't find the exact reason why this was wrong as the 10mm would take...
  23. P

    Strange activation with pir

    HiHave fitted a stienel pir on the back of a brick pillar to control some lights on drive way. Tested during daytime by walking by and driving van by all ok. Customer rang to say doesn't work when he drives by (warm car ) but works if you walk by. I went down last night and can confirm what he...
  24. L

    Singles in PVC conduit, all insulated accessories, do you need a CPC??

    Only reason I can see is if accessories might be changed to those with metallic enclosures in the future and then you'd need to pull a CPC in which would be a big hassle? No sockets, just lights which are supplied with 2 core flex, Ansell 50w led floods.....linked by PVC conduit, fully enclosed...
  25. G

    Cheapest heating

    What do you think is the cheapest heating system for a house of 200m2?
  26. Hellmooth

    Schneider board or other?

    Just about to fit a new amendment 3 board, haven't installed one yet although have worked on a few BG ones. Yesss are having an open day on Friday and the easy 9 is down to £65 for a 10 way, same as the MK, what's people's preference?
  27. D

    Short circuits from tails to meatal cased CU's

    Following on from I wonder how many of us have ever seen a fault from tails to a metal cased CU, I haven't in 35 years. Whether a TT and a live case....or a TN and a real...
  28. spud1

    Tails - metal board - TT system

    Hi, Can anyone clarify for me the requirements regarding either the RCD protection of tails or glanding of tails entering a metal consumer unit in a TT system. With specific forethought to the upcoming amendment enforcing all metal consumer units. Cheers
  29. V

    flexible conduit, CAN YOU WIRE A HOUSE WITH IT?

    can I wire a house in flexible conduit and singles ?, as done in other parts of Europe, there does not seem to be any specific info in BS7671 or part P, Let me explain further I have 20 years experience uk trained ,i have done commercial and domestic but I have also pent a few years working in...
  30. S

    tt system board change

    hi am i right in thinking on a board change for a tt system that the main 60a rccb can be done away with if installing a new plastic ccu with rcbos on all circuits? existing board is old brown wylex rewireable , no more room on board to facilitate new 10 kw shower circuit.thus board change...
  31. P

    Wiring a thermostat to Baxi Combi boiler - is this the right way?

    Hi Guys, I've done a quick drawing of how I think I should be wiring in the thermostat. Can anyone take a look over it to see if i've got it right. Cheers
  32. R

    Ze on 3phase industrial?

    Evening guys, I`m working on a small industrial unit at the moment. Most of my work is domestic and have not come across this before when doing commercial or industrial. The main supply is coming up through the floor and into the main 3 phase service head......along with this is what I would say...
  33. R

    Why is it important to have earth wire run as bare, than insulated in a metal conduit

    Somebody at my workplace is suggesting that there is no harm, but rather beneficial to run earth wire insulated in a metal conduit from customer cut-out to installation's earthing point, saying it would rather prevent corrosion. This has however met fierce resistance from the remainder of the...
  34. driverman

    Eicr enclosure

    Hi guys, I'm not into EICR's but would like to ask your opinions on this situation. GPR enclosure with locked doors. Several SWA cables emerge from ground within the enclosure but glanded in free air. All glands have banjos and locknuts on and are all cross bonded together. The cores from the...
  35. S

    Replacement shower cable

    Just done 80% rewire in house where 12m of 6mm t/e shower cable replaced with 10mm t/e to allow upgrade of shower which has already been done prior. However, due to other extensive work in house it was simple to replace all cable from consumer unit to shower pull switch but the cable from pull...
  36. J

    Striking a domestic power cable with a "kango" or hand tool

    Which is best? Obvioulsy neither, and we have measures to isolate supply and have conducted risk assesments etc... My question is, if you were to strike a 230v power supply with say a 110v "kango", and were holding the handle, would the tool / cables / transfromer give a route to earth this...
  37. D

    Commercial Insulated 3 Phase DB...?

    any body come accross insulated 3 phase db??? got a TT install and ideally a 24W TPN DB converted to single phase will be ideal rather than a 21 Way box....!!
  38. J

    Crimping lateral mains

    Hi, Anyone here see any problems crimping 16mm lateral mains as a repair as opposed to re-running a complete new cable? I'm talking line, neautral and earth for 12 flats, 60Amp fuse. Junkies keep on nicking all the cable. Thanks Jammin
  39. R

    Zs on a new circuit without an earth.

    Iv been sent to test a job. Steet light consumer unit. The control circuit which contains a double insulated overide sw and double insulated photocell has no earth. So i can not do a R1+R2 or earthloop. How do i go about the test sheet?? Fill inn the parts i can and leave omment sayin...
  40. S

    Domestic Snapped Live Wire when changing sockets

    Hi All, when changing a socket front, the red live wire snapped (old twin 2.5mm and earth)looks like there was a nick in the insulation so I have lost about 30mm of the end of the wire and now the live wont stretch to the live terminal on the socket front. Is there a way of extending the red...
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