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  1. R

    Help with our debate please on eicr Coding

    Carrying out an eicr and the electric shower casing is cracked on top. My colleague says c3.... I say c2.
  2. B

    Neff hob Error code 5 13

    I'm after some advice. We've just had a new Neff induction hob fitted. Only one side is working. 3 areas have an error code 5 13 on it. I've spoken to Neff and they say the error codes relate to an installation error and won't help but the electrician is adamant it's a faulty hob. They've used...
  3. M

    Electricity meter error code

    Hello, I have a Landys Gyr E110 electricity meter, it is currently displaying a mesage A 04.07 intermitently and also seems to be recording too high a usage, when I turn everything off in the house it is still recording usage. Anyone know what this mesage means or any other thoughts? Thanks for...
  4. G

    What Code for this one?

    What code would you attach to this gem, I gave it C2. These terminals are contained within steel trunking but are also part of a live 3 phase cct. See picture. It is installed as a 100 Amp 3 phase ring with these terminals every few metres. Distribution boards are connected from these terminals...
  5. A

    Code er31 with new indicator board on induction hob

    Falcon (Rangemaster) continental induction range 10 yrs old. Tried swapping out control indicator unit pcb (shows the knob settings) with identical pcb to try to correct a control fault. Get er31 code which I think is a configuration issue. Only got knobs, no buttons. How to configure? No jumper...
  6. Michaelwgroves

    Domestic EICR Code for switch in bathroom.

    I've just completed an EICR and found a switch for towel rail in bathroom. It is located outside zones. There is no RCD on this circuit, this is coded elsewhere. My first thought was as located within 3M, Reg 701.512.3 code C2 But upon reading reg properly it specifically refers to sockets. I...
  7. M

    To code or not too code.......

    What do ya reckon ok or a c2??
  8. B

    EICR CODE too close to pipes

    What is the right code for: a) central heating pipes running directly below a socket (left to right). Could heat from the pipes slightly warm the socket and possibly warm a flex cord of a plugged in appliance if it touches the pipe? Would lagging the pipes solve this? b) electric cable...
  9. Marcus Vaughan

    EICR - Code 1 or 2 - for unenclosed conductors in choc-blocs?

    Hi all, I've got a couple of examples of this; on a domestic EICR. I'm on the fence with the coding - C1 or C2. There is no copper showing on the live parts - but I wouldn't like to grab it. I just want to be consistent with this - I mean if it was just bare conductors twisted together...
  10. happyhippydad

    What code for all CPC's chopped off on lights?

    I have just completed an EICR. All the earths have been chopped off in the ceiling roses and switches on the lighting circuit. There are no class 2 fittings. Usually if there are no earths on the lights and no class 2 fittings then it will be a C3. However, the lighting circuit does have CPC's...
  11. A

    What code should this shower be?

    Hi all, I was with my senior yesterday doing a EICR for a domestic house. All of works are fine apart from this shower as shown below. Shower is low and tiled around. I was suggesting to give it a C2 as water might get in contact for such low height. But my senior was saying it's just a C3...
  12. D

    Gaggenau induction hob fault - code Ci9 ADB R

    Gaggenau induction hob fault - code Ci9 ADB R Today, 08:29 PM Dear All, Does anyone have any experience of the induction hob range made by the company Gaggenau? I have a customer who has the above fault being displayed and now the hob after struggling on and off for a few months has finally...
  13. multimick

    eicr code now 18th edition

    i always used to code 3 plastic consumer units as not AMD3 compliant,just wondering now 18th what others do ,ignore or code ?
  14. rolyberkin

    Danfoss FP975 fault code n33

    Have a customer whose time clock is showing the above fault code, does anyone know what this relates to please? Is it an end of life issue!?
  15. T

    Aritect CS350 Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms - Engineer Code

    Hi All I have a Aritech Alarm installed by Oakpark Alarms who have ceased trading. Can someone please PM me the Engineer Codes? Thanks
  16. C

    Sup bonding code for property with no rcd

    What code would you give when doing EICR for a property that has no supplementary bonding in a bathroom, there is no RCD on any circuit but zs and insulation tests are good, Is it acceptable to measure the resistance between the shower and pipework, if it's under 0.05 ohm's take it as bonded...
  17. M

    Is this the real bible eicr code breaker

    I have been told this is the bible for inspection and testing , would this be the opinion of guys in the field , it defo seems clear and easy to use and it does allow for standardised coding by all ( if everyone sings from the same page ) Any opinions on this book ? Has any 1 found any...
  18. J

    RS Solutions Mainslink 500m wireless mains to mains discount code

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, so first post. I need to purchase one of these Mainslink 500 m wireless jobies as communications cable between boiler and central heating has been cut and instead of re-running the cable, this seems to do the job. Has anyone used one of these Mainslink wireless...
  19. Jay Sparks

    Lost alarm code................!?

    Hi guys Long time since I've posted and never in the alarm section, so appologies if this has been covered to death. Basically I have just moved into my sister's flat and I want to start using the alarm. She said she doesn't know the code as she has never really used it etc. After a leak in...
  20. happyhippydad

    Code for no 30mA protection on lights?

    I'm getting in a bit of a muddle as to whether this is a code C3 or no code. This is an EICR. The CU has a 100mA main switch. The lights have 100mA protection the rest of the install has 30mA protection. It is a TT. The Best practice guide clearly says no RCD protection in this scenario is a...
  21. F

    What code would you give for the following

    No schedule in distribution boards what code would you give this previous reports state code 3 I was thinking code 2 but a bit unsure factory environmental
  22. Dan

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  23. T

    Pyronix Euro 46 master code

    Dear All, I wanted to reach out to the community and ask for some assistance. I have a Pyronix Euro 46 and I can't remember the master/user codes although I have the engineer code. Is there a way I can reset the master/user codes with the engineer code? Thank you for your feedback. T
  24. C


    After your thoughts on EICR coding for an existing plastic consumer unit in an under stairs cupboard, firstly in a standard domestic dwelling and secondly in a house of multiple occupancy. After discussing this others and with tech helplines seems to be a bit of a split as to what code!
  25. M

    EICR : Is this a code 2 or not?

    hi all, Ok let’s get straight to the question. Is the below a code 2 defect on a EICR?? A 16amp bs61009 supplying a single 1.5mm FP200 cable with a run of approximately 8 meters, which is feeding a IP rated single socket for a grease trap unit. The socket is low level behind the grease trap...
  26. Last plumber

    Fluke 1652 Error 1 code, any ideas what to look for?

    As above really. My tester is showing an Error 1 code right from switching it on. New batteries, battery terminals all clean, voltage is good at the two terminals on the battery box/holder. All internal fuses are good too. Is this the end?
  27. Dan

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  28. J

    Code 3 for usign Sheath of MICC as CPC

    This has probably come up before but I cant seem to find it. I have been presented with an EICR produced by another company where they have put a code 3 down for using the sheath of mineral insulated cables as the CPC. No further explanation on the observations and recomendations sheet. No...
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