1. M

    EICR Code - Socket Radial - No CPC

    Hi guys Completed an EICR yesterday. One of the Sockets Radials had no CPC so R1+R2 plus Zs could not be not be completed. Does anyone know the Regulation supporting this Code 1/2? I can see 411.3.1.1 but this relates to Lighting. If anyone could assist Id appreciate it, I know its a fault but...
  2. Pretty Mouth

    What code? Shower switch in zone 2

    A pull-cord shower switch is located in Zone 2 of a bathroom, including the ceiling base containing the electrical connections. With a little effort it may be possible to get spray from the shower onto the base. I assume this is a C2, but wondered if anyone here might give it a C3, based on it...
  3. johnnykong

    Bosch Dishwasher E15 code with bottom behind leaking

    Hi I am looking at where does my dishwasher leaking. I find there is some leaking at the bottom behind but not from the hose pipe inside , since i failed to upload video here so i just screenshot some leaking photos, your advice on which part should be look at or replace is highly appreciated thanks
  4. D

    6 swipe main shut off - overload code?

    Good afternoon - we're considering adding an additional breaker to our "main service panel" which is where the meter is located. That panel has 6 slots (I guess 12) with 5 double breakers currently. One breaker is 90 amps which feeds our interior panel which has lights, cook top, A/C condensing...
  5. G

    This doesn't seem up to code / safe (small gauge wire to 100 amp breaker in an outbuilding)

    Last year we purchased a home that was built in the late 1990s It has one outbuilding, sort of a barn/shed about 160 feet from the house (and probably closer to 280' from the utility connection on the far side of the home), which has a breaker box in it supplying three 20A circuits (lights on...
  6. L

    2 x sockets : EICR . What would you code . Then another question !

    First : here are 2 x sockets .What code would you give and why ? 3rd pick you can see rear thermal damage on double socket second : Roof above bathroom has terrible leaks . Lights spark and buzz etc when raining .Video evidence shown to tester . tester says it not a C1 or C2 as its not...
  7. T

    What would you code these

    Recently visited a new build to do a very minor job and spotted a few dodgy looking items so Client asked me to do an EICR. Following items I found were; Upstairs and downstairs smoke detectors mains fed but not interlinked, on separate circuits. downlights open backed and clearly not fire...
  8. C

    Texacom Veritas, Seniors forgot the code, currently alarmed and PIR’s taped up

    Morning All Qualified electrician, usually stay away from alarms but my friends parents have issues. Texacom Vertas panel, not worked for over 3 years (since they had the front door changed. Located the cable and linked out to see if this overcame the issue, it did. Problem now is that the...
  9. S

    What code for this EICR if any

    Hi I am carrying out an EICR. I have a garage mini sub DB supplied via 2 x 2.5mm T&E equivalent 5.0mm protected at main DB by a 32A mcb. I know this is bad practice to install unless using bigger SWA to achieve required csa's in awkward spaces to terminiate. My question is what code is this? Im...
  10. captaincaveman

    EICR code for over rated shower

    Hello guys n gals, Did n EICR other week in a flat where the shower circuit was 40A mcb with RCD protection, 6mm cable. Only about 10M run. The 8.5kw shower had been replaced by the tenant for a 10.5kw one (old one was still in the cupboard is how I know). Unusually, the installation supply...
  11. cliffed

    Wall light connections any code

    During EICR found this at wall lights, would you code this, these lights did not offer a great termination option
  12. W

    EICR code car park lighting

    External lighting accessible to the public with no RCD protection Its a car park for block of flats, lots of 3 foot bollards dotted about Torn between a C3 or C2
  13. planetf1

    Pyronix Euro 46 v10 engineer code

    Hi, I moved into a property 2 years ago with this alarm installed. I know the master code. A few weeks ago I started getting battery warnings, and then constant panel beeping. At the time I looked for the engineer code in case a reset was needed after self-replacement of the batteries, but...
  14. L

    Color code for wiring

    We have UL 508A for US and C22.2 No. 286 and No.14 code books for Canada. I have seen TEW, THHN wires etc., being used for wiring inside the panel. We have 480V 3 phase and other derived single phase voltages from transformer like 208/120 and 24VDC. We have been using Black TEW for all high AC...
  15. Rockingit

    Views on a code if inspecting

    I’m in a venue (U.K.) at the moment which leaves a lot to be desired in pretty much all aspects but in the process of glancing around I spotted this, below. It’s definitely a C2 but I’m curious as to how people would judge that little bit of connector strip as a potential C1. Genuine...
  16. Les Macaulay

    What code does this deserve?;.

    I am only asking for YOUR opinion as to what code should be given in an EICR which sees a dry wall fixing box being used for joints behind a commercial dishwasher where it has been left lying loose on the tiled kitchen floor. I am thinking that it should be fixed up on the wall and inside a...
  17. Z

    How the CPCs are connected? How would you code the fuseboard?

    Hi guys. Can someone explain what is this? Where are the CPCs connected? I think the black cable connected to the MET have something to do with it.How would you code that?
  18. Baker1988

    Does this need to be bonded

    Did a eicr on a upstairs flat, there is 1 main bonding cable from the consumer unit, the gas pipe comes from the gas meter outside and up the wall and straight through the loft to the other side of the flat and down to the boiler. the gas bonding goes out the db and up to the loft then across...
  19. cliffed

    What the code if any

    Anyone like to code this shocking workmanship
  20. M

    Can anyone help with What code on this

    Hi all . A question for all . With amendment 2 soon live how do we code. The issue of TYPE AC RCCB’s & RCD’s etc these should now be fitted as TYPE A . With suppliers still offering type AC as standard . Should we all fit type A now ?


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