1. ObviousDecoy

    Wiring under skirting board

    Hi, I had what I thought was a licensed electrician extend electrics from an outlet to the opposite wall for lights in a wardrobe I'm having installed. The wardrobe builder requested a fixed spur on the wall and the cable to to be run under the floor boards. However, the electrician ran the...
  2. S

    Need occasional code question answered

    New to the forum I took classes when I was a bit younger and was on track to join the electrical trade and then changed course. I have done my own personal electrical work for years. I am a general contractor working in southern Oregon. I work a lot with owner builders doing consulting...
  3. newfutile

    EICR code for communal area

    During a inspection and test of low rise flats communal area i found the door entry system has single insulated and possibly touchable conductors or terminals . in the past i have coded these either C1 or C2 depending on live conductors being touchable. they have now built a large wooden...
  4. W

    EICR code - type C breakers with undersized CPC

    Mainly on commercial lighting with twin and earth 1.5mm or 1mm on 6A and 10A type C breakers Im sure there was a table in bs7671 requiring larger CPC sizes for type C breakers than supplied with twin and earth, hence why people use fb200 or singles etc I guess it must be restrictEd by let...
  5. Raptor0014

    What would you code this as.

    Doing an inspection and came across this. Feeds are as follows: Cutout to Meter - 25mm Meter to connector blocks - 25mm Connector blocks to CU’s (2 in the house) 16mm. So far so good as the cutout is 80A not the 100A it’s labelled as. My query is the 6mm 3 core XPLE that’s going to an...
  6. justtryingtolearn

    what code code for DB with Ipf of 4Ka?

    Hi guys I really need some help on this question. semi enclosed fuses are located in a distribution board where Ipf was measured and recorded as 4ka. What code would be given during a periodic and does and what is the associated regs number for it? THANK YOU
  7. E

    FLUKE 6500-2 PAT Tester ACCESS CODE

    Hi All. My company have a brand new and supposedly unused FLUKE 6500-2 appliance tester, which i am unable to get into the settings, due to the ACCESS CODE, not being 9999 as i assumed it would be. I have also tried reset code of 1785 which was also suggested. But this is also not working. I...
  8. T

    Induction er31 fault code

    Help. I have just installed a new 4 burner generator on my induction hob and now I have error code er31 on the display. I have googled it and to find so need a configutator code….. but I can’t find that anywhere on tinternet!? Does anyone have any experience? Many thanks
  9. T

    What code should be given for no RCD on lighting circuit of a CU in a house about 15 yrs old

    What code should be given for no RCD on lighting circuit of a CU in a house about 15 yrs old.
  10. J

    What should be the code for this - C2 or C3

    Since Electrician's forums are promoting this as a wiring example : What code should it be given C2 for exposed insulation C3 for device not in its enclosure C2 for no earth/CPC C3 for wrong wiring colours C2 for incorrect identification of line conductor C3 for mixture of devices (if there...
  11. J

    Running in circles Non code holes existing switch location

    Hi all, Please see attached photos. I'm adding 5 circuits to my basement. I've been having to go the long way around in some cases to avoid duct and future finishes. There have been several instances where existing holes would have simplified/shortened the runs (see image 4) but they don't...
  12. J

    Hired a GC to remodel a 95 year old home that will be rented. Wanted all the knob and tube removed and other areas brought up to code.

    Originally one all the bedrooms had plaster ceilings. In one bedroom someone added firing strips and installed acoustic ceiling tiles on top. The ceiling tiles were removed during renovation and then a licensed electrical contractor ran Romex along the firing strips to the center light and...
  13. W

    what's the discount code for Electricals2go

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows what is the code to get the Electricals2go discount for members of this forum? I am at a loss. Newbie, Joan
  14. SJD

    Code for main switch replaced with RCD

    On a test & inspection today, I came across an older Wylex split load board that had been modified to add RCD protection for all circuits (see photo). The main switch was replaced with an RCD (despite there being room to add the second RCD to the left of the main switch). So a fault (or RCD...
  15. P

    Hi,what EICR code would you give for pendant light in a bathroom

    Hi,what code would you give gor this light in a bathroom.Please see photo.Thank you in advance for the answer.
  16. HappyHippyDad

    What code for this?

    Another what code! This is in conjunction with an EICR I have just carried out. 9.5kW shower on 6mm and 32A MCB. Been in place for a long time, no signs of thermal damage in CU or 45A shower pull switch. Ref method C (where visible in loft), unable to clarify ref method where it is buried in...
  17. D

    C2 code for no RCDs?

    I have recently had an EICR on my tenanted 1st floor purpose-built flat, built in 1995. I have received C2 codes for lack of RCD as follows: 5.14 No RCD for additional protection 6.18(a) No RCD for socket-outlets 6.18(b) No RCD for supplies for mobile equipment for use outdoors (this is a 1st...
  18. old man sparky

    Plastic consumer units and how to code them

    Good old amendment 3 and the demise of all that's plastic, we have seen many discussions on the good old plastic consumer units, so now for those EICR's where plastic has and will be around for quite some time, SO !! We all seem to have slightly differing views on this, but here goes. C2 if...
  19. EricMark

    RCD's how to test and when required, and what code?

    I know how I was taught to test a RCD, 6 tests in all two no go, two under 300 mS and 2 under 40 mS with no load. But thinking about it not so sure on the no load? We are told there are 5 common types with some others not seen much, type S, AC, A, F, and C. OK type S not used much now, but when...
  20. Michaelp

    Megger MFT1721 FUS fault code

    Today i had the megger dropped from a meter height and is now showing the FUS code. Checked the fuses, Both are good. Contacts look very good. New batteries installed but still get the same code. I did the reset just in case but no results. This Megger is not in the warranty, is quite old and...
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