1. R

    So what’s the best insulated screwdrivers?

    What are people’s preferred insulated screwdrivers?? I currently use Bahco but thinking of switching it up
  2. T

    I am currently studying level 3 electrical installation

    I was hoping thered would be someone that would see this that is a bit better on theory then i am.
  3. R

    Currently looking for a Fluke Link Runner or similar.

    I’m currently looking for a Fluke Link Runner to test my Cat5e to see when fault finding if any of the cores etc are damaged. Or something similar.
  4. D

    Can I become an electrician? Currently serving in military (army)

    Hi all, Currently serving in the Army, 9years. Looking at using my enhanced learning credits to use on fast track courses. I’m just trying to find out if I can actually get into the trade this route and if it will actually be worth my time. I don’t have time to spare, wife - mortgage - kids...
  5. Z

    What electrical DIY work is currently Allowed

    Hi just moved into a new house and need to replace the mains sockets, but would also like to add new ones. Have had difficulty on the internet ( trawling through so many American sites ) getting an answer to this question. Can I 1-replace existing ring mains sockets 2-install new ones to the...
  6. SairaJoy

    I'm currently an EE college student. Need to ask 6 interview style questions regarding workplace writing requirements for EE's

    Current EE college student with questions for advanced technical writing assignment. (I am supposed to interview an Electrical Engineer about workplace writing expectations/requirements)... 1 - On a daily basis, how much time/energy do you spend on writing/producing documents? 2 - How often do...
  7. A

    UK Need help with some college questions

    Hi could anyone help with some questions for college? Possible effect of TNC-S earthing arrangement has on pfc compared to TN-S?
  8. K

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?

    Hi I’m currently doing level 3 electrical installion I’m really struggling on the design of the hotel has anyone done this?
  9. P

    Electrician Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.

    Hi, i am an electrical improver with 8 years on site expereince and currently doing my nvq. I am looking for work in or around the birmingham area.
  10. Leesparkykent

    Currently in Tenerife

    lovely job
  11. GS tech elec Ltd

    Are you currently ooking for a job??

    Gs tech elec Ltd are currently looking for a qualified electrician /improver /trainee/ apprentice. Based in Plymouth or Exeter. If you're interested. Send me a Cv/ email. [email protected] Cheers Greg
  12. C

    Joining forum long time in electrical trades, electrical product development currently resting

    Hello I have been working with electrical sector since 1980 , timeserved electrical fitter, electrical machine tool fitter, test and development engineer for a large uk shower manufacturer, then an instructional officer in a prison ( a really interesting job). I have struggled to stay employed...
  13. L

    Hi all. Looking for some advice on wiring

    Hi I'm looking to replace our current Drayton Rf3 wireless thermostat and Drayton Digistat Scr. I've been looking at buying the Salus Rt510 rf. They look compatible but I'm a tad confused over the wiring. The Drayton has an Earth but the Salus doesn't. To be honest I'm confident enough to...
  14. Jay 1987

    Currently studying level 2 dip elec anybody in wales that can help with work experience ?

    Hey guys New to this forum. Is there anybody in wales or surrounding areas willing to show me some basics? I’m studying my level 2 dip and would really appreciate a veteran to show me a rookie the ropes ?
  15. D


    I am an NVQ assessor/ Team Manager in the Yorkshire region currently working for City Traning Services in Bradford and wonder if any Electricians, Sole traders or Companies would be interested in an apprenticeship scheme, in other words offering young people a placement and traning them up to be...
  16. I

    Electricians Mate Looking for Trainee/mate job role in Greater Manchester

    Hello Members I'm a 26 year old who is looking to gain more experience and also start my NVQ Level 3. Currently have my City and Guild level 2/3 and also my 17th edition. In regards to experiences I have a little bit in domestic and commercial. I Haven't got a problem working nights or days...
  17. Lee Gold

    Electricians Mate Any mate jobs going - Birmingham West Midlands

    Hello does anyone have or know anyone with electrician mate jobs going I currently have basic knowledge of electrical or maybe abit more as I have done electrical maintenance for over a year now, I am desperate to move from my job and start working with an electrician domestic commercial please...
  18. P

    Fitting Sub Main in shop premises

    Hello, I have beens asked to do wiring in a new shop and there is a currently a consumer board supplying the building with all wires removed by another Electrician. I have been told that the owner of the building wants a sub main fitted with a meter to tell them what electricity is being...
  19. D

    Electricians Mate Looking for part time electricians mate work (Worthing)

    Hi Guys, Currently doing my Level 2 2365 already have a fair bit of experience, I'm available currently Monday, Thursday and Friday and weekends. If anyone needs any help and could offer me some experience in Worthing, West Sussex please get in contact. Thanks!
  20. D

    Career change at 40 !

    Evening all, Second post of the night, first was over at the Trainee Forum side to request access. So here I am, took a three month sabbatical at the beginning of this year from my previous position. Decided I'd like to retrain as a sparks, so paid for a course and currently divide my working...
  21. D00DY_T00DY

    Apprentices Apprentice looking to transfer in West Yorkshire

    Hi all. Currently a third year of my course, second year in work (previous experience as well) got moved up a year so I'm a year ahead. got my own transport,tools and drills and I am fully funded via city training. 20 years old and looking for a new job placement since I'm currently being used...
  22. H

    Hello all, New to the forum!

    Hello all, I'm Nath! Currently a Shift electrical engineer on the Steelworks in Scunthorpe. Completed my apprentiship with corus and currently qualified to HND level in electrical engineering and also have my 17th edition, hopefully doing my Inspection and testing in the new year. Having...
  23. O

    Free Labour On Saturdays Available Kent/essex/sussex

    Hi, I live in Hastings and am training to be an electrician, i'm currently studying 17th edition regs. I am available to help out on saturdays free of charge in areas within 2 hours of Hastings? I have tools and transport, although I don't have testing equipment. I can help out most saturdays...
  24. N

    LED up liighters for swimming pool

    Bit of a help required, I've been asked to quote on up lighters for an indoor teaching swimming pool Currently its lit by 16 50W GU10 up lighters on a 1000W dimmer, customer wants to upgrade to LED but have more light The pool has a vaulted ceiling and the lights are currently mounted on...
  25. C

    Valiant 831 Boiler - Wiring of thermostats and motorised valves?!

    Sorry in advance for the long thread! Just want to make sure i provided as much detail as possible. We are currently building an extension and whilst devastating the house have decided to install a new boiler, we have also opted for a John Guest UFH system to be installed in the new extension...
  26. K

    companies for trainees edinburgh

    Hi my name is kevin im 31 years old and currently looking to change my career and become a electrician,and im just currently doing a pre app electrical course at Edinburgh college so looking for companies in edinburgh and lothians that are good for adult trainees??. Any help would be gratefully...
  27. leep82

    changing size of main fuse

    Anybody have any idea what costs are involved if you were to ask your supplier to increase the size of main fuse? Been on a job today and the customer has said she would like a shower installed. The property currently has a 60a supply the tails wouldnt need upgrading as theyre 25mm. Im just...
  28. uksparks

    SliQ Invoicing --> Quickbooks

    Hi, I am currently using SliQ and find it really good for generating invoices etc, nice and easy to use, simple and i have customised it very well. My only problem is i have a folder full of paper purchase invoices and am currently not recording them in a system. I have just been trying the...
  29. D

    Megger 1710

    Hi All, i am replacing an old Megger and am currently looking at a 1710 replacement. It is on the net and currently showing Err29. would anyone know if this is a minor fault or is it a case of a picture taken wit no leads attached please? hope to hear from someone at their earliest convenience.
  30. L

    Replacing a ceiling rose with new light fitting

    Hello All, I am a student currently training to become an electrician and engineer. I am just using this post to carry out a little bit of research to help enable myself to become a better electrical contractor. What I am interesting in is getting problems and solutions existing electricians...
  31. L

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC or ECA?

    Hi all, I'm new to EF. I am a small electrical contractor which is currently 'Part P' registered with ELECSA. Although the majority of our work is carried out in the domestic market we are currently picking up a lot of commercial clients. We have now found the need to become an Approved...
  32. N

    Confused about ECS Card.

    Hello everybody, I am 22 and I'm not long out of college (I passed in 2011) I have recently had to look for a new job due to redundancy and everywhere that i'm looking in around my area is asking for either an ECS or CSCS card, I have looked into an ECS card as this is what my old company...
  33. V

    What Is The Best Technology Available To Monitor Solar PV Arrays?

    What Technology Is Currently Available To Monitor Solar PV Arrays? What Technology Is Currently Available To Monitor Domestic Solar Arrays That Isn't Dependent On the Inverter? Which systems allow monitoring via the web? Do these systems have annual costs or just "one off" meter installation...
  34. 1

    Fed up with working in the dark?

    If you do Domestic only and after some decent lighting then I can highly recommend the tripod units offered by Screwfix. For 22 quid I must say they're the mutts nuts. So much so I went and bought a second unit on the following day. They stand approx four feet high, balance nicely over...
  35. P

    Looking for a local Part P for Solar PV near Aylesbury

    Hi There, We are going through our MCS currently (bad timing I know). We have the install near completion but have a slight problem in that our lead electrician is changing bodies and is not currently Part P for this particular period. His will kick in a month from now which is too late (for...
  36. Dan

    VW Caddy Van For Sale - £2,400 - A Minter!

    Owned by a VW Specialist - VERY VERY well looked after. The eBay listing tells you the rest. VW CADDY 1.9TDI EXCELLENT COND (CURRENTLY OWNED BY VW GROUP SPECIALIST) | eBay Perhaps the perfect van for a sparky that doesn't carry too much to his jobs?
  37. S

    Starting up doing PIR's

    Im currently looking into doing domestic PIR's possibly on a part-time as i currently have a full time job. Im looking for some advise on starting up, what are the requirements for me to do this i have never started up on my own before so require any help i can get. I do lots of inspection and...
  38. P

    AC volt drop on pv system

    I am currently designing a 29kW system for installation on an agricultural barn. The PV system will feed into a 3ph db in the barn. The exisitng db is fed from a 63A fuse switch, approx 50m away with a 16mm cable. The fuse switch is in turn fed from the DNO cabinet approx 100m away with a 35mm...
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