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  1. impish15

    Running lights across scaffolding

    Hi, I have run some outside lighting for a customer in Hi-tuff cable. He now wants 2 additional lights run across scaffolding which has been put up. Slightly hesitant running the cable across the scaffolding using the Hi-tuff as I feel it can easily get damaged with the other trades using the...
  2. G

    Resistor across L-N in an adapter box. Possible or asking for trouble?

    If I place say an 80 Ω resistor across L-N, would that generate a load of approx 2.8A. I’m looking to create an artificial load of a socket circuit so I can locate the current at the DB using a clamp meter. Used to use plug in 3kW heaters but not an option anymore, also definitely not able to...
  3. M

    has anyone came across the part below?

    Has anyone ever seen the above? Is this a fuse or coil or Tx? I need to find a replacement.Thanks
  4. V

    Have come across a 16A Ring Final

    I've not come across this before. The current regs state it should be on a 32A MCB. I've been asked to re-wire a bedroom which will involve extending this ring. It already serves two other bedrooms and the lounge. I know I probably should tell the client to upgrade this MCB to 32A, but is it...
  5. M

    Capictor and resistor across a flow switch

    Hi I am reconfiguring a hot wash unit and need to use a flow switch as in attached files. It controls a light powered relay and timer module I can use a separate relay to control the the others, does this count as a inductive load? We are talking 25v ac the switch is a reed switch rated at 3A...
  6. OnlQQker

    DNO Cables Running Under Soffit Across Houses...

    Just wondering what your thoughts are about this before I renew the facias/soffits/guttering. Any help would be appreciated as it's my sons new house. I've attached some pics
  7. Rockingit

    Recommendation for an RF tx>rx unit across a relay, please

    I need to find a decent quality ('set and forget') rf switch that can be triggered by a contactor or heating relay, distance is only about 10-15m from one outside pump house to another, standard London brick jobby. I've lost track a bit of what's out on the market these days - any suggestions...
  8. S

    What Sort of Consumer unit would you Guys Advise me to use to replace this old unit

  9. S

    Went to a job today and noticed a length of metal conduit going across a pathway. The metal conduit is not earthed.

    I just wondered what people’s thoughts were as to weather it should be earthed being an extraneous conductive part? It’s fixed to the concrete floor and if there was a break down in insulation there could be a potential difference. If you do bond it could it be introducing a risk? 1598092922...
  10. J

    Has anyone come across this type of cable for a submain.

    hello I did an EICR today on a flat probably about 10 years old. everything fine except the usual C3s for non rcd protected circuits and for plastic boards etc. my question is has anyone come across the type of cable I found going from 80mcb near cut out to con unit in the flat. at first I...
  11. F

    Cat 5e cables lashed across ceiling

    Doing a commercial EICR, the original electrical is very good, 25 years old, all trunking and conduits, with klicks on tube near as dam it above the light. (This is what I was brought up on) Anyway cat5 or whatever have been lashed across the ceiling no support or anything. Is this now deemed a...
  12. P

    Relay switching max voltage across contacts

    Thought i would put this out there for any experience faced with this design issue. TP Immersion heater 11KW, has built in contactor, coil voltage 400V I want to bring in the immersion heater via control system and ideally not alter the immersion heater package. The control system can operate a...
  13. S

    UK Fuse link

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me more about a fuse link (I came across several in a communal cupboard today) . Was not expecting this and immediate thought was Bodget and Scarper had been here. Best described as a brass link similar to a piece of galv pipe inserted in place of a BS88..hence my concern!
  14. Stevie g

    Any body come across this?

    Replaced 5ft strip light never seen one before tube with BC caps on, age off property it came out of was 200 years old, Google d smart an brown dated 1961,
  15. J

    208v across 2 pole range plug

    Hello guys. Im a plumbing and heating guy. I work with low voltage all the time and get calls from property managers everyday. I looked at a range tonight. They've blown two boards and were told by the appliance sales company that they had an issue at the plug so I went and had a look...
  16. P

    Anyone come across this before?

    The MCPB are heat damaged and breaking down. But theres a white residue also on the cabling in places. Anyone else ever seen this?
  17. H

    need a capacitor across relay contacts to arrest arcing. wondering about type and value ?

    wondering what capacitor type and value across relay contacts at 7amp ac load to avoid arcing
  18. mattg4321

    Came across some cable I haven't seen before

    I came across some cable today I haven't seen before. It has some sort of tough, inflexible pvc type sheathing (definitely not rubber). It's quite a light silvery grey and more oval shaped than modern flat T&E. Rubber insulation. No CPC. Probably tinned copper conductors, but maybe even...
  19. L

    Earthing across flanges

    With regards to electrical continuity across pipe flanges to bs 7671 I cannot find anything on how to size flat braided cable. Could someone point me in the right direction please is there a rule of thumb with regards to bolt size? Thanks
  20. D

    Volt reading across N and cpc

    I'm in a vineyard. There is a 300m buried SWA from the ccu direct to a 2 gang socket. I'm getting 247V across N and L at the ccu.... But at the socket I'm getting 100V across E and N and 147 across L and N. Continuity as a radial tested ok IR All over 500 M Please list possible issues here...
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