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  1. FatAlan

    Trainee Getting across ceiling joists from below - tricks of the trade.

    In the day and age of ..how many downlights can we get into one house, I'm intrigued to know what tricks / techniques folks use to install multiple downlights into an existing ceiling in replacement of a central pendant. In particular, once having located the joists, how do you get the cables...
  2. markthebuilder

    Commercial Split 3 phase across 2 domestic properties

    Hi gents I m looking for info comments advice that will help me look knowledgeable to my boss (money man) northen power grid. & mep consultant . I have been given a project to split 26 student clusters (6 bed) into 54 x 2 bed flats. current supply and metering to each student cluster is as per...
  3. G

    Anyone come across this light fitting?

    Hi all, Been to look at these light fittings which all seem to be failing. They have 2 lamps, one centre spot and a circular tube around the outside, both switched independently. Does anyone know of a suitable replacement or where I can find the same fittings? Thanks
  4. littlespark

    Maximum load across both sockets of a double socket

    We've had this discussion before, but does anyone have any idea what load can be put through a double socket? The socket in question is an MK logicplus, installed in a commercial kitchen. The supply cable is 6mm, converted from a previous cooker circuit to a double socket. (information gathered...
  5. J

    Seal smacks kayaker across the face with large octopus

    Seal emerges from water and uses an octopus to smack a kayaker across the face - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/seal-slaps-kayaker-video-octopus-instagram-new-zealand-kayak-a8557016.html Amusing. Reminded me of this Monty Python sketch ....
  6. K

    How to use E7 across rest of house?

    Hi folks. I've got a property in a village with no gas supply. As such, it's E7. I'm about to ditch the storage heaters and go with EHC DSR radiators - it's a guesthouse so I can't continue with the storage system as guests don't know how to use it properly. I've already got them in the...
  7. Vortigern

    Came across this little gem today, then got the sack!

    It may be a little hard to see but there is a Line and Neutral fuse in it. Advised Landlord it was potentially dangerous and needed upgrade advised contacting DNO for upgrade of cut-out. Landlord asked me to phone them which I did the DNO said they will be around as soon as possible to do a...
  8. O

    Voltage across neutral to earth

    Hi I recently had a PV system we installed switched off after the Electrical Contractor got a shock off the Neutral. He was wiring lighting but after a processes of elimination found the fault was on our PV circuit. We did dead tests on the circuit Insulation resistance (1000v) Continuity...
  9. Paula

    Electric Cable running across Garden

    Hello Looking for a bit of advice. I live in a flat and the upstairs neighbours had an unarmoured electric cable running from their house down the property wall and across my pathway. I asked them to look at it as live and unarmoured and they got someone in who has put armoured cabling in...
  10. M

    Came across this today .......

    Got sent to a house today to remove a supply to a shed down the bottom of the garden...maybe 20m away from board. Went out the 32a breaker in 6mm t and e jointed under a floorboard to 2.5mm armoured,down a wall to the outside and then under the garden. Entered the shed through a drilled hole and...
  11. R

    Electricians needed for sites across London

    Our company is an established and innovative BMS company offering a complete range of services associated with BMS and building control services to the construction industry. You’ll be working 7.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday. You will be met with a generous start off rate, workwear + PPE. Rate...
  12. charlie76

    I came across a belter today

    I am at a customers to do a consumer unit swap amongst other bits and bobs and its one of those jobs where you end up fault finding and rectifying before you even strike a blow. Well, fitting some replacement outside security lights to existing feeds off the lighting circuit, I was baffled to...
  13. Dave Jenkins

    Anyone come across a wall filled with sand?

    Took a socket off an old house and sand poured out!
  14. M

    RCD trip across board

    I am a relatively newly qualified electrician and have completed a re-wire but come across a problem i dont understand. I have a dual board with a lighting and a power circuit on each side. On the right side the power and lighting is entirely stable, but whenever a load is applied to the...
  15. Spunkywads26

    Borrowed Neutral across Lighting Circuits

    I've go a situation where a property has 3 lighting circuits: Downstairs Ltg Upstairs Ltg Rear Downstairs Extension I've discovered that the landing light is fed via the ground floor lighting circuit but has a borrowed neutral from the upstairs circuit. I wanted to separate these on the...

    Came across this yesterday

    Domestic supply to a first floor two bedroomed flat above a shop sharing the service head with another flat next door. I haven't been next door so don't know what or how the cable has been terminated but if it's anything like this ......
  17. F

    RCD Tripping Hell with high load

    Hi all. First time poster here with a hell of a lot less hair than I had 3 weeks ago now! so please be nice, I'll try and explain best I can. I am not a sparky but have some idea of electrics. I also own a multimeter. Short version. 100A, 30mA RCD trips INTERMITTENTLY on WYLEX 8 fuse board...
  18. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Aye up Guys new tester from across the pond

    And you can make it yourself
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