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  1. P

    Relay switching max voltage across contacts

    Thought i would put this out there for any experience faced with this design issue. TP Immersion heater 11KW, has built in contactor, coil voltage 400V I want to bring in the immersion heater via control system and ideally not alter the immersion heater package. The control system can operate a...
  2. J

    Motor starter A1 and A2 coil contacts

    Does it matter which part of the coil power is supplied? (can you reverse polarity)? For example can I put the “hot” current carrying conductor on terminal A2 and leave with a grounded conductor from terminal A1 (assuming power supplieD is 120v.) (what about 24V?) Is there a specific type of...
  3. H

    need a capacitor across relay contacts to arrest arcing. wondering about type and value ?

    wondering what capacitor type and value across relay contacts at 7amp ac load to avoid arcing
  4. NDG Elecs

    ADT Door Contracts - poor advice given

    Hi All, been a while since been on. Life very hectic.. Hope all are well.. Anyway.. Very regular customer tied into an exorbitant ADT contract. Last time she called them out was to A) remove magnetic door contact from door and B) return and refit contact on new door.. Cost +£1000.00 yes over a...
  5. L

    New guy, looking for contacts.

    Hi everyone, I’ve been registered on here for a few years but never really used the site, thought I’d say hi! Interested in working abroad if anyone has any thoughts, specifically the Middle East.
  6. B

    Accenta Gen4 - Magnetic Contacts Repeat Failure.

    Something I have found nobody has experienced before, just me unfortunately, but I thought I'd try you guys for one last fault finding. Thank you in advance. Over some years I have had to keep replacing the magnetic contacts on my outbuilding where I have the Accenta Gen4 system setup. Issue...
  7. Dan

    Looking for an Electrical Supplier for a Forum Sponsor - Any contacts or suggestions?

    Hiya lads, hoping somebody can help. CEF appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth. After several attempts to try and get in touch with our contacts there we aren't getting any responses. So it looks like we've lost them as a sponsor for whatever reason. That leaves us with what...
  8. S

    Domestic Why do my bathroom light switches keep failing?

    Hi folks this is my first post on this forum. I have no electrician qualifications but i DO have a degree in physics and know about electricity: i'm a teacher and teach GCSE and A-level students about current, voltage, power, resistance, resistivity, DC, AC, frequency, electromotive force...
  9. L

    Smartphone app

    Does anyone know of a good app for a smartphone to organise appointments and hold customer information etc? Preferably something that would sync up to iphone and iPad etc. Preferably free as I'm just starting out (no smart arses quoting pen and diary please). :)
  10. driverman

    PVC Door alarm contacts

    Hi Guys, Burglar alarm question regarding fitting surface door contacts onto PVC doors. I've fitted a few surface standard everyday type contacts on timber doors and PVC doors before. The doors when in the closed position have been flush with the door frame. Therefor,the contacts are side by...
  11. D

    Simple alarm problem

    1st off if it was a simple alarm problem i would have ot sorted and it would no longer be a problem!! Here we go...was sent today to install a simple alarm to alert a shop whem its back doors are opened. 2 rear doors. Both fitted with door contacts. 1 transformer. 1 small control panel with...
  12. D

    Looking for ideas for a wired gate alarm

    Hi, I'm after some ideas to make a wired gate alarm, I have tried a wireless version and it's hopeless, despite claiming a 100M range I have found it has to be so close to the house that the 'visitor' is by the door by the time the alarm goes off. My plan was to use bell wire connected to two...
  13. G

    door alarm system

    Hi everyone. I have had a request to fit a door alarm system. Basically client needs a buzzer fitted within an office that will operate when either the front or back door opens at night time only. I have a general idea of fitting 2x door magnets, when door opens buzzer activates, psu fed by...
  14. O

    Commercial D.O.L With Timer Circuit

    Hi. I am new to D.O.L but have sussed them out except I have one scenario I still need help with. There is a single phase pool pump which is set to come on with a honeywell single channel 7 day time clock. I have wired the D.O.L as single phase with a 230V coil. The problem is I need the...
  15. B

    Sizing Contactor to control Photovoltaic DC

    I know this is a U.K. site but I'm hoping someone will be able to answer a qn. Recently I saw a that a company was producing a remote disconnect safety system for PV panels mounted on a roof.This is to disconnect the arrays automatically if the mains is disconnected or manually after a storm or...
  16. M

    Relay help much appreciated.

    Evening sparks... i'm a relay virgin and need your help. First one I need a 12v thermostat to bring a 230v pump on... am I right in saying that in a relay your L & N from fuse spur in the top side, a L & N in the bottom side (output) then an 'a1 + a2' which would be my closed contacts from my...
  17. H

    Alarm door contacts Help!!!!

    Hi I have no experience of alarms, I have just bought an alarm kit for my own house, it is a Honeywell accenta G4 mini panel, anyways I want to wire two door contacts to it, 1 for front and one for back doors, but I haven't got a clue on what connections are required at the contacts as there are...
  18. L


    Hello, I am just about to fit my new alarm and just one little thing is bugging me. The tamper circuit. Firstly I am having 2 Door Contacts, 3 PIR's 1 Keypad and 1 Live Bell box. Now I know about the Bell Box and Keypad tamper but I am not sure about the PIR and contact? I will be running each...
  19. S

    IR ON/OFF Motion Detector Sensor Switch. Problem

    Hi i bought "IR ON/OFF Motion Detector Sensor Switch from Mr Resistor, i wanted to install it in the bathroom, to switch on and off LED light above cabinet, after instalation switch doesnt work, Just hear click sound but doesnt switch off the lights, any ideas please? Where is the problem...
  20. W

    Losing voltage at E stop

    Hi lads,ladies I have just put together an E stop circuit that is integrated into an auger motor control circuit w/ forward/reverse DOL. I have posted this awful diagram on another post but i am having some trouble when i put 24v down the + line and getting a readying of 0V as soon as it hits...
  21. C

    Relay help please...

    I have been wiring a heating system. The main hot water tank is heated by an oil boiler, a multifuel rayburn, some solar panels, and an electric immersion. There are 4 seperate heating zones including two underfloor with network stats and a separate circuit for towel rails. This is not like any...
  22. La Poste

    Timer relay question

    Greetings. I have a question about timer relays. Basically what I want is a Din rail mounted timer relay that operates from a trigger pulse from a garage door limit switch. As the door travels up it hits the limit switch and from this the coil of the relay is energised and hence the relay...
  23. Rockingit

    Need a keyswitch that actually looks like a proper key

    Evening gents and gentesses, have a customer with an electric actuated door on their wine cellar - like you do. The 'key' that the install firm fitted is just an ordinary EM test switch, so not exactly secure, and they'd like me to fit a proper one. But they'd also like one that looks like a...
  24. La Poste

    Megger 1552 Rotary selector

    Greetings. I have a Megger 1552 and the rotary selector switch seems to be getting a bit tired. I sometimes have trouble getting it to select the function I want be it RCD test or resistance etc. My question is has anyone ever stripped one down and cleaned the terminals behind the rotary...
  25. G

    Wiring interlock switches into machine controls to inch only when doors open

    One potential job that needs looking at (not been to site yet) is to fit 3 interlocks to doors on a Webster & Bennett vertical borer. The way they want it wiring is so that the table can only be inched when any of the doors are open. I'm not sure if there's an inch button though assume yes as...
  26. D

    switching ballasts

    can someone clear this up for me? is switching electronic ballasts more severe on contacts than switching magnetic? and also according to this spec Steinel it can switch 8 electronic ballasts max or 500watt of standard(low-frequency with cap) fluorescent lighting do i have that right ?for...
  27. S

    Finding work

    Does anybody know how you can find out where contracts are up for tender? I know there are swebsites which claim to help you do this but they seem very expensive for doing something I can do myself if I knew where to look!
  28. S

    Heating wiring problem.

    Does anyone know how I can resolve the following problem . -Two rooms are fitted with plumbed underfloor heating. -Room one has own thermstat wired to call 4 wire Actuator on manifold. -Room two also has own themostat wired to call seperate 4 wire actuator on manifold. -Second switch wire on...
  29. Jay Sparks

    Commercial Relay

    Does anyone know how to check a solid state relay to see if it is working?
  30. M

    No Volt contacts ??

    Forgive me for being clueless here but I am hearing a lot at the moment at work about no volt contacts and wiring them ! mainly for air con equipment, such as chillers pcb's and sometimes contacts for shutting down air conditioning in the event of a fire for obvious reasons from the fire panel...
  31. A

    Faulty Freezer

    Hi, I was just wondering if any expert can offer me advice on the following. After a manual defrost of an integrated freezer (CDA CW783) I put the freezer onto fast-freeze, which appeared to working normally. A few hours later the "Sockets" RCD tripped and wouldn't reset. I traced the fault to...
  32. S

    auxilliary contacts in relays and in vcb's

    what function does the auxilliary contacts in vcb and relays serve? what's the need for auxilliary relays??
  33. L

    Contactors : and how they work

    Let me rattle your brains and if you can you give us a brief desciption on how they actually work with the windings n that? why we use them? drawing would be nice :)
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