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  1. H

    Soffit spotlight

    Hi all, I would like to fit 2 spotlights in the soffit board above garage door. Planning to come off the garage lighting circuit and feed them from either - - Existing feed to floodlight - could I simply come out of the junction box for the floodlight and connect to two spot lights with some...
  2. P

    UK Can i connect garden lights to soffit

    Hi all. I'm looking to put some of them golfball style string lights around my patio area. Is there any way of connecting them to my soffit lights. All the lights I can see are plug in ones. Thanks
  3. D

    Tried endlessly to fish a cable down a soffit, can it be ran along the fascia instead?

    As title suggests, I've tried and tried to get my cable rods down the soffit to run a cable from one spotlight to the next, can't get through because of support beams etc. in the way. I know it'd be ideal to house the cable inside the soffit but taking the fascia and soffit off would be a big...
  4. D

    Fit a downlight into soffit but wasn't wood!

    I drilled into a soffit to fit a downlight. The soffit wasn't wood, growing a bit concerned it's asbestos. Few questions: 1. If it's not wood, what other building material could it be? It's a thin, dry almost plasterboard like sheet. 2. If it were asbestos, would sticking the downlight in the...
  5. B

    Soffit lighting

    I have never installed downlights in a soffit before and have been asked to do it. New build house. Is it a case of drilling the holes in the soffit and fishing the cable into the loft or is there more to it ?
  6. multimick

    small soffit downlights

    I know i hate them as well,but need recommendations for preferably mains ones with 50mm ish cutout cheers. About 5 or 7 in total
  7. gazdkw82

    Angled soffit LED downlights

    Need to install some soffit lighting (downlights) into the soffit of a bungalow. The problem is soffit itself isn't 90 degree horizontal with the building, it's more light 45 degrees. Installing downlights into this would just create a small spot of light on wall. Does anyone have any...
  8. M

    I want Smart Soffit Lights.

    Hi I have outside lights in my soffit which is controlled via this timer you push the legs up of it to come on or off at which ever time you put in, I want to make this smarter to fit in to the whole smart home genre, I want to be able to control this on and off with either Smartthings or RF...
  9. MFS Electrical

    Soffit lights, only problem is soffit is concrete

    So was round giving a quote to install soffit lights on a house today no problem some nice IP rated downlights will do I thought, went round to see the job and to give a price and noticed the soffit is in fact made of concreteo_O anyone got any ideas of a fitting to use that won’t look daft? Saw...
  10. R

    Eyelid Lights Fitted Under Soffit

    Wondering if anyone has fitted eyelid type wall lights under soffits? I think I've only seen these wall mounted but I want to light up my double garage door, I want the light to point more out towards the drive than light up the door itself so wondered if this would work? Also there is a sensor...
  11. J

    soffit lights with no soffit

    A customer i have has just bought a new build by persimmon homes and the house is built with the soffit flush to the brickwork but the customer wants lighting round her house like i did with her old house so i was thinking these lights on to the soffit...
  12. SparkyChick

    Soffit Vent - Recommendations

    Hi all, Been asked to install an extractor fan in a bathroom and am looking to go down the soffit vent route. Having looked on-line, there are quite a few to choose from. Does anyone have any recommendations based on past experience? At the moment, my favourite is this:- Lambro Under Eave...
  13. D

    Solar powered soffit downlights

    hi folks, A regular customer of mine really wants soffit downlights on their outside soffits. Having had a look at access, there is no easy way to access the inside of the soffit - it's a new build. Can anyone recommend a decent solar powered option for this? Thanks
  14. D

    Short distance PIR, Danlers??

    Evening all, 1st fixing a job at the moment and the client is having 6x LED Aurrora sola IP65 down lights installed in the soffit at the front of the house, the road is less than 3m from the front door and soffit obviously, they want them to be triggered by a sensor, so i suggested fitting a...
  15. G

    Fan in bathroom listed building

    Hi all, customer want a fan in the bathroom of her house trouble is its a listed building so we cant go though the wall or penetrate the slate roof. any ideas in this situation, she did ask if she could duct it to the bedroom but i advised against this. cheers Grand
  16. E

    LED Downlighters

    Can you help me a tad confused which way to go ??? If i was going to install led downlighters in the soffit outside , i would need a ip44 rating min and and above , whats the best way to buy these . 1/ being buy a downlighter with led bulb as package 2/ or buy downlighter fitment gu10 ...
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