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  1. J

    Hi, I have noticed the grill element in the top of the oven has completely warped and hangs down. Is this dangerous? Should I not use it. Thanks

    Hi, I have noticed the grill element is warped in the oven and hanging down. Is this dangerous and should I not use it
  2. Ruairi Hansen

    Gas bonding

    Hi guys just wondering what peoples thought is on this. I was out looking at a job today and noticed the main gas pipe is not bonded at the meter but has a 10mm earth at the boiler is this a code c2, c3 or nothing?
  3. polo1

    Off topic, van security.

    Hi peeps, anyone out there had deadlocks fitted to the lower part of the side sliding door of a Vivaro panel van (2009-14 model)? I've just had this work done, and I'm unhappy with the finished product on the side door. Sure it locks, but the cylinder sits on a slant (the back door lock is...
  4. S

    Epcs solar savings number

    I have noticed that the EPC figures for a 2.5kw system for the solar savings is extremely higher than any other method for working out the savings. Anyone else noticed this and surely this is extremely misleading? RECC figure is nearly half of this for SAVINGS alone. regards
  5. R

    Shower light on when shower not on?

    Hi, I've noticed my shower power light is on when the shower isn't in use, it's no-where near as bright, quite dim but flickering. After this shower has been used it doesn't happen. I have a couple of ideas, but would appreciate thoughts. Thanks.
  6. A

    fluke test meter boxes

    I've noticed that these have some kind of a black seal around the lip, and was wondering if anyone owns one and does it stop moisture getting in when you leave test gear in the van overnight. I've started bringing my metrel in at night as its only the standard fabric bag that it came with.
  7. Gromit2014

    MK filtered double socket K1816WHI cheap!

    I was browsing in B&Q while the rest of the family were looking at the plants and I noticed they had K1816WHI in stock for £19.98 (also at that price on their website). Good price if you need any. Also noticed that MK 30A j-boxes (MK1130WHI) were £1.38. Another good price! Have a good Bank...
  8. D

    Domestic Question regarding instant water heater fuse and main fuse box question

    Good evening all, I have two questions for you, which I would very much appreciate input on :>) 1: I have a Stiebel Eltron DHC hydraulic instantaneous water heater in my toilet room, next to my bedroom. It has not worked since we moved in two weeks ago. It has a switch spur in close proximity...
  9. S

    Voltages Dropping

    I not sure if others have noticed but I have noticed that over the last few months in my local area Essex that voltages have been dropping to become more in line with 230v. I know harmonization occurred a good few years ago, but I was always seeing voltage or 240 to 245 until very recently I...
  10. gazzamikes

    Difference between customer generations!

    has anyone else noticed this? the older generations are lot better and thankful than the younger ones? i'm only 22 myself and my apprentice is 17, and we've noticed a huge different in the ages. even got to a point we've removed ourselves from a local site recently because the 28 yr olds were...
  11. S

    cooker switch

    Hi guys, I went to give a quote for a kitchen job last night. While I was having a look I noticed that the cooker circuit had no cooker switch and we couldn't find one anywhere. Now the C/U was changed in dec to a dual RCD board by a local well known company:(. I'm I right in say that they...
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