1. A

    UK Fixed load mcb

    hi all, I've been asked by a chippy mate to install an extractor in his workshop. Had a look at the spec and its 2.2kw so nothing major. Spec say to install on a 16a socket protected by a 30a d type mcb. Ideally then a 2.5mm radial and 16a cform. I understand the 30a d type is for start up and...
  2. T

    Confused about 5year fixed wiring report and certificate.

    Hi Im trying to understand when a 5yr fixed wiring test is due for a few sites. I have 2 documents for each site, one is a report the other is a certificate relating to the report. Throughout the 2 documents there's 3 or 4 different date ranges. 1) The report has a date of inspection. 2)...
  3. wsoppitt

    Insulation resistance issue.

    This is a new 1 on me. Testing a ring final circuit within a timber outbuilding. All clear on insulation resistance with socket fronts connected but not screwed into metal back box lug. As soon as I connect any of the plates to the back box I'm getting around 16megohm between n and cpc. When...
  4. Zdb

    Maximum kW fixed load on RFC

    So if 2kW is the maximum fixed load for a 2.5mm RFC. What would you say the maximum fixed load on a 4mm RFC should be? If different.
  5. S

    Using SY cable in a fixed installation

    Hi, got a job that’s coming up which involves putting electricity to a wagon that’s half way down a field from someone’s house. They want it so it’s like a caravan, so they can disconnect the power lead whenever they want and move the wagon around. There’s only 2 circuits in the wagon; 4 lights...
  6. M

    Intermediate switch to fixed always on

    I have purchased a number of expensive copper dowsing&reynolds light switches which have been fitted by an electrician as part of a refurb project. I am not proposing to do this myself, but as previous advice on the forum has been very useful, so would like to know if this is possible before...
  7. DRM

    UK Where should sockets be fixed for integrated fridge and freezer?

    Happy new year anyone reading this! First thing on the agenda this year is a new kitchen which is being fit by ikea. Part of it is a free standing breakfast bar that has integrated fridge and freezer and I'm wondering where the sockets will need to be mounted for them because there's no wall...
  8. Dan

    Text delay when typing is now fixed.

    There was a slight delay when you were typing and it was down to the smilies bar I had installed. So I've removed it. But not the smilies. Those are added to a post by clicking the happy face in the text options area now.
  9. J

    Domestic 559.5.1 18th Ed. p219 Luminaire fixed connections

    Hi 559.5.1. My question is that for any luminare in the UK must be complaint to one of the methods (BS standards) listed in the list, or else we would not be compliment fitting and connecting to? Is that correct? So if the fitting is not supplied with any details in relation to the points...
  10. D

    Fitting air blower as fixed appliance in dog grooming room

    My wife is planning to have a dog grooming business in a spare room in our house. It is 2.6m x 2.8m. It will have a dog bath in one corner with an electric shower fitted to the wall nearby. Much like this... I know if I have a shower in this room that I cannot have any socket outlets due to...
  11. C

    Fixed Wiring Inspection

    Morning, Is it still permissible to have fixed wiring in a factory inspected by an external company every 5 years? I have the company who we used last time hassling me saying its due, but are very vague on saying what 'due' means.
  12. O

    Fixed installation back to a plug or fused spur

    I have been asked to fit a set of electric gates and some garden lighting to a property. I'm working behind the guy doing the indoor electrics. He is talking about me wiring the gates back to a plug and the garden lighting to a fused spur. Question is do I issue a minor works certificate for...
  13. S

    0.75mm2 flex for fixed equipment - reality check.

    Hi Folks I've never thought twice about using 0.75mm2 flex for connecting fixed equipment (e.g. extractor fan in window) to a fused connection unit with 3A fuse where this is sufficient for the load of the equipment. But table 52.3 of BS7671 states minimum csa for copper cable in lighting...
  14. G

    Outdoor Heating, Blind Motors, New Circuits - Brain hurts!

    So, with the house job nearly completed, the wife wants some outside heating and the blind man needs to connect his motors for the new outside blinds coming... HEATER She’s found a 2kw infra red heater that, while I’m not keen on trailing cables on the deck will probably do the job if it’s...
  15. K

    Is there a requirement for 3 phase fixed equipment to have RCBO PTOTECTION

    Hi is there a requirement for 3 phase equipment to have RCBO PROTECTION
  16. LeeH

    Aid package for Marvo?...still not fixed the limit then!

    Full on social breakdown possible here as Cape Town runs out of water. Cape Town is warned it faces riots amid water crisis | Daily Mail Online - Looks grim, hope it rains cats and dogs soon.
  17. charlie76

    Flex for fixed wiring

    Would you suggest flex for fixed wiring on an EICR is a C3? The client has basically run flex from one socket to a surface socket (i.e. a glorified extension lead). However I would say this is fixed wiring. What does 521.9.1 mean where it states "only where the the relevant provisions of the...
  18. Midwest

    Fixed wiring for Kitchen Island Unit

    Doing a kitchen refurb' at the moment (for my son actually), which has a kitchen island unit, between the kitchen area & dining area. Its going to have one twin socket, mounted somewhere inside and some led tape lighting around the edge of the work top. The supplies come into the unit via...
  19. 8

    Minor works, fixed dwelling with commando input.

    Hi gents, I'm working on a container thats is ply lined and has lighting and power inside all run in plastic 20mm surface conduit. Protective device is a garage 2-way consumer unit with 30ma rcd main switch (already installed on arrival). The container is in middle of a field on a mod site -...
  20. 1Justin

    MFT1700 series wandering zero problems fixed.

    Here's a tip for anyone still using an old MFT1700 series tester. Mine dates from 2012. I found about three years in - by 2015 in this case, that the zeroing of the leads on my MFT1720 was becoming increasingly random and the zero would wander about by a fraction of an ohm which became...
  21. S

    Location of switches for fixed kitchen appliances.

    Hi all, Can someone tell me what reg's there are now, that dictate the requirements for, and the positions of, switching for fixed kitchen appliances? For example --- Is it now acceptable or prohibited -- according to the latest reg's --, to fit the cooker switch, the hob switch, and the...
  22. D

    Domestic Fixed Ring in Kitchen - Wanted to check my understanding

    Hi all, I've just been talking with a kitchen fitting company as we're currently looking at (surprise surprise) getting a new kitchen. Anyway, we are wanting to add in a dishwasher, and also replacing the existing freestanding fridge/freezer with two separate under counter ones. I've tried to...
  23. A

    Fixed wired testing in situ

    I have got some heaters etc to do and after reading my PAT420 manual it can test fixed wire equipment in situ. It will do continuity test @200mA and touch leakage. Would this be OK or do I need to connect it to my tester? I have read a lot but I would like some opinions from people that have...
  24. M

    Zs Measurement on plug and play lighting

    Hi Everyone, Any advice on the following - Lighting circuit in a commercial installation (shop), Fixed wiring to Junction Box, The new light fittings are wired using 2.5mm plug and play flex's which are fed from the fixed wired jb's. Where shoul Zs be measured ? At the end of the fixed wiring ie...
  25. T

    Downlight bulb not fitting properly

    Would appreciate any help. I have a bathroom downlight bulb where the pins are too thin for the holes in the plastic cube attached to the wire of the transformer. The other type of pins would be too thick. Is this "cube" missing a part? When the bulb blew I first noticed the pins of the bulb...
  26. Pat H

    Domestic Cable size less than protective device rating

    Noted today an interesting comment on page 43 of christopher kitchers Practical guide to inspection, testing and certification of Electrical Installations ( a great book ) Under Shower curcuits he states: For this type of circuit it is possible to have a cable which has a current rating of less...
  27. Lou

    DG Electrical

    DG Electrical started in 2012 and has been growing ever since. We work very hard to meet all customer needs and have developed a wide customer base within Pembrokeshire and throughout South Wales. It is our aim to continue to develop excellent working relationships with a wider customer base and...
  28. J

    10w led floodlight /protection

    Hi all Question 1 Is a flood light omitted from over current protection? I normally go a lighting circuit but this job would be a lot easier if coming from the outside socket, which is part of the ring, As this is fixed, would it be okay to wire it in 1mm or 1.5mm flex, without over current...
  29. M

    Would you code a 60 amp main switch been fed from a 100 amp BS1361

    I carried out a EICR and the main switch for the consumer unit is only rated at 60 amps and the main supply fuse is a BS1361 rated at 100 amps. Im thinking this should be a C2, what are your thoughts please. Many thanks Martin
  30. T

    3 phase Cooking Appliance

    Just been asked to quote for running new supply & connecting a 3 phase cooking appliance in a small bakers. Don't really do much with 3 Phase so just a quick question. DB has 3 phase 3 pole breaker spare and the run is around 40-45 meters away from the DB Done a quick calc and the SWA needs to...
  31. R


    Hello, my first post. Older houses seem to suffer from a lack of sockets when modern life demands more and more, usually for low power items. Is there any reason why a multi- socket strip (4, 6, 8, or even 12 sockets) cannot be used in place of several double sockets. Could it be wired in as a...
  32. K

    Fixed appliance testing/point to point testing

    Hi, Is there a risk of tripping a consumer unit RCD when measuring earth continuity on a class 1 fixed appliance e.g. a wall heater supplied via a FCU. I carry out a continuity test between accessible earthed metal parts of the equipment and the earth in the supply (i.e. FCU screw with...
  33. R

    Commercial Emergency lighting test -pricing

    I have been asked to submit a quotation to carry out emergency lighting pir's for a chain of medium sized shops at various locations throughout Scotland .could anyone give me an idea of typical pricing for this as it is the first time I have had to quote for em testing only .
  34. D

    when is a bathroom mirror not a mirror - or use of light in a hinged cupboard door

    Hi All, As a new member and newly qualified I guess you always get the things you haven't seen before in your early jobs. So just picked up a small job of a new socket - spurred off existing RCB protected ring - so no prob there. But also can I wire up this bathroom mirror with 2*internal...
  35. G

    Exposed metal work

    Does the metal support framework of a mezzanine floor require bonding to earth.The electrical installation trunking is fixed to the underside of the framework,so in effect it is earthed already via the network of trunking and metal conduit fixed to it(any advice)
  36. R

    Fault advice

    Evening guys, Been to a customer today to investigate a fault that they have had for over a year now. When the cooker/hob is on then they are getting a tingle on the taps and in the shower. didnt have much time today but can tell you that water pipes in bathroom and the boiler area are all...
  37. I

    Bathroom zones with a ceiling shower head

    If I fit a fixed shower head flush with the ceiling, like this one: Would that make Zone 1 include the ceiling, the walls up to the ceiling or would zone 1 still finish at 2.25m? Ceiling height is 2.4m. Wondering whether I will need zone 1 lighting & vents in the ceiling.
  38. D

    generator help

    Hi all, is anyone familiar with the following generator: genset supersilenced MGK20/55 SS? I have been asked to inspect and test some portacabins, which are to be supplied from this generator. I have never had any dealings with generators before and am completely unfamiliar with them. There are...
  39. A

    Socket feeding conservatory - Part P?

    Quick question - as a temporary measure our conservatory is fed by a normal 13a plug via an RCD socket in the house - a shed nearby is also connected on the conservatory circuit via armoured cable. Is this Part P notifiable? Thanks for any advice.
  40. D

    10.8kW shower cable size

    Hi, I'm installing a 10.8 kw shower and looking at other forums everyone is saying 10mm is OK however i can't see how. 10800W/230V=47A breaker size 50A the only way it can be a 10mm is if its clipped direct with no insulation as it can take 64A however if it is any other reference then the...
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