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  1. C

    Why does a bathroom rad have to be earthed to its feed?

    I'm currently in my MIL's house and saw she has an earth connection bolted to the underneath fin of the radiator in the bathroom which goes to the copper feed pipe. Why does this need to be done? I'm probably being stupid but i can't figure out what it's actually doing since the rad is metal...
  2. L

    UK secondary gas meter

    Does secondary gas meter to be earthed .
  3. Nightmer

    UK Earthing a vintage brass lamp to the lamp base

    I have a couple of old metal/brass lamps to which adding an earthed lampholder would be tricky (either the entry for 3 wires is VERY small or the lamp holder is integral to the lamp and is original). All of these lamps have a screw within the base which appear to be for an earth wire - is this...
  4. C

    Cables Earthed on Pylon

    Hi guys, Can anyone explain why the high voltage cables on this pylon appear to be earthed at the pylon? It's on the north side of the M60 at Stockport. 53°24'24.3"N 2°11'21.7"W See attached. Regards, Charles
  5. happyhippydad

    Does this metal post need to be earthed or bonded or neither?

    I have 5 x 6m metal posts sticking out of the ground used for 200w floodlights to light up a manege. This is a domestic stables. The posts test as 35ohms to earth. The installation is TNCS and has 30mA RCD protection on all circuits. The floodlight will be earthed and in doing so the post will...
  6. Fitzy

    Domestic SWA outer armour not earthed at either end.

    A friend at work asked me to take a look at the electrics in his shed, RCD would occasionally trip out, turned out to be a very loose neutral going in to the RCD. One thing I did notice though was that the 10MM2 SWA entered through the back entry point of both the shed & house CU and neither...
  7. D

    Not properly grounded/earthed

    Hi All I know next to nothing about electricity and wanted to ask for some advice. Apologies for any cross-posting. I moved into a rented house in Spain a few months ago. Turned out it wasn't grounded. Providing a ground turned out to be a little complicated as the property is build on top of...
  8. G

    Domestic Garage wiring unsafe and not earthed

    I have a two storey garage with supply from house. On closer inspection I saw that the main supply in was not earthed at the junction box and neither was the light switch(feeding three lights), there is also a double socket in the garage not earthed either. I have ripped out all the wiring and...
  9. A

    How is a generator earthed and given neutral?

    Hi I have a question i cant seem to get an answer too. If you have a portable generator and you plug for instance a fridge or any appliance directly into it, how is the neutral/earthing provided?? I know already that normally you can connect the neutral and earth from an existing...
  10. P

    Bonding non-protective conductor conduit

    Recently qualified and started working for a company that don't put a fly lead from socket outlets to back boxes and ceiling roses to conduit boxes etc. The engineer says you don't need them because the circuit has its own CPC and the conduit isn't being used as an earth. My understanding was...
  11. L

    DC fuse blowout

    I was asked earlier this week to look at a solar system on an office/warehouse that had stopped working (not my install). The strings all come into a Fronius DC box on the roof. When I opened it up it was pretty clear why the system had stopped producing: I'm looking for opinions on what may...
  12. R

    Domestic Replacing security light fitting

    Hi Guys, I need to replace my halogen security light fitting with one that is LED and also comes with PIR. As this is a swap, am i allowed to do this myself based on current regulations? If so can you recommend a good security light fitting with PIR? I have looked at a few online and went on...
  13. uksparks

    Old BS7671 Books

    Hi, I have just purchased a 16th Edition and a 15th Edition BS7671 book both in excellent condition. I am looking for a 14th and 13th edition if anyone has one they don't want. No particular reason that I want them other than to look in and to have sitting on the shelf as it would be a nice...
  14. robd

    EICR SWA not buried.

    Hi All, Just writing up an EICR I did today, got a long garden with SWA feeding shed at bottom, armoured not earthed (code 2) but I also noticed for part of it's run, near the veg patch, the SWA is lying across the ground. It doesn't meet 522.8.10 so I'm guessing code 2 and a recommendation...
  15. G

    Exposed metal work

    Does the metal support framework of a mezzanine floor require bonding to earth.The electrical installation trunking is fixed to the underside of the framework,so in effect it is earthed already via the network of trunking and metal conduit fixed to it(any advice)
  16. D

    Anyone read this book "An Illustrated Explanation of Earthed Equipotential Bonding"

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Illustrated-Explanation-Earthed-Equipotential-Bonding/dp/1449041612/ref=sr_1_sc_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1363822682&sr=1-3-spell Apparently its terrible. Check out the reviews they are pretty funny........im quite tempted to buy it just to see what they are on about lol
  17. J

    2 core cable to metal light switches

    Went to a flat recently where the cable is run through metal conduit to metal back boxes on a TN-S system. Built in the 60's the flats have aluminium strand cable that is sheathed by a braided woven material (vic cable?) and although old is serviceable. The matal conduit is earthed back to the...
  18. N

    Metal conduit as earthing - is that OK

    Hi, Just been to a block of flats - 1920's - testing the landlords lighting (that's all that there is communal area run off a timer, no switches for users). There's no earthing to the lights - although they're all out of reach - but I got excellent Zs reading as I guess all the earthing is...
  19. K

    extending a cooker circuit

    hi all quick question,cooker switch is behind the cooker,can i through crip it to extend it,cover it with a blanking plate then come out left or right off it to re position the switch in a safe zone.no rcd there on a tight budget ?# many thanks for your help
  20. B

    Earthing conduit boxes

    Is there anything in regs to say that conduit boxes should be earthed where there is an electrical connection Ii.e. klix unit
  21. S

    steel conduit

    Would you put this as a code 4 on a pir? No steel conduit boxes have earth fly leads. By my understanding they all needs to be eartherd.
  22. D

    Domestic Concealed cable

    I've got to route some 4mm TnE cable out the middle of an internal wall and up to a safe zone. For the part of that route which is not in a safe zone I'm looking to provide mechanical protection (reg 522.6.6) through earthed armouring (something like...
  23. G

    Does underfloor heating need an earth?

    Must underfloor heating always have an earth? I was under the impression that it always needed an earth, but a builder I sometimes do work for has already put it down and there are only two wires and no earth at all.I know that normally the earth is the metal sheathing that comes with the...
  24. F


    Guys Can someone explain 50mm gap rule what`s acceptable is PVC conduit ok protected by mcb?or rcbo? cheers
  25. carl9254

    RCD Protection

    Goin to quote a job tonight, went round yesterday for a quick look. Basically there redecorating there master bedroom, there is only 1 double socket next to the door, they want 3 more around the room. Its an old use box with no rcd's and dont want to upgrade, will i be ok putting the new...
  26. M

    Light switch

    Hi all, i intend replacing my old light switches in my house. I have a 2 gang light switch wich operates single lights. what do you call this type of switch? also i have a 2 gang switch, 1 is a 2 way and the other is for a single light, again what do i look for to order a replacement? lastly if...
  27. E

    No earth in lighting circuit

    HI Guys Hope Santa was good to you all :D Something I have not come across before and was hoping someone could point me n the right direction. My mother inlaw wants me to put up a light in her Kitchen. The fitting needs to be earthed but there is no main earth in the light circuit. How do I do...
  28. V

    plastic throughout the building

    so i have plastic pipework through the whole house (domestic) even coming right out the consumer side of the stop tap,the only thing that isnt plastic is the 22mm gas main which is earthed 10mm. now am i right in thinking all i have to x bond is @ the boiler...? ie gas-flow-cold-hot-return. i...
  29. Y

    Earthing conduit

    Hi all. Just a quick question for the more experience sparkies out there. Haven't done alot of conduit work before, so am not sure babout bonding. I'm helping to second fix a job and the builders have removed an internal wall, leaving a leg of the ring and shower cable. Since the runs...
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