1. happyhippydad

    You've just got to give DPG a like haven't you!

    What a positive fellow! Dishes out the likes like snowflakes peppering a field :D Top chap :)
  2. mattg4321

    Came across some cable I haven't seen before

    I came across some cable today I haven't seen before. It has some sort of tough, inflexible pvc type sheathing (definitely not rubber). It's quite a light silvery grey and more oval shaped than modern flat T&E. Rubber insulation. No CPC. Probably tinned copper conductors, but maybe even...
  3. andysparkfree

    Been on a few days but haven't actually said hi , also anyone any ideas on electrical related course

    Hi all , i love these forums , full of semi like minded guys with different opinions etc, so thank you what I'm after is a course that can be mainly undertaken in my own time and not need to sit in a class room , that will possibly actually have some value with commercial type work currently...
  4. N

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma want a CV?

    I called stroma and they were fine with me joining their scheme with my experience and were helpful. I however, received a list of things I need to send them and all was as expected, except for a CV. I never had to supply a CV when I was a member of NICEIC and haven't even got a CV and have no...
  5. G

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic online cert, can you re-number DB ways

    Just moved over to the online Certs and filling in the DB schedules for the boards but can't get just the few ways that I need, ie 10L/123, 11/L1. Is it possible to do this or do I need to fill out not worked on/tested for the rest of the ways in the DB to get to where I want?
  6. E

    Domestic Reverse polarity on kitchen socket

    Hi Guys Looking to see if anybody can shed a wee bit of light, got a phone call earlier tongiht from a customer stating he was getting a shock from the socket and the sink. went over to have a look he advised he replaced all sockets with stainless steel ones and one kept shocking him so here...
  7. K


    Just found out passed both 2394/2395,time to find a job for my nvq3:wink5:
  8. onions1066

    Solar pv

    Just a quick question, I've not had much to do at all with pv at all, but I've just been signed up for a 4 day course with the NIC/EIC. Has anyone been on this particular course and is it any good?
  9. J

    Solar PV

    Hi just been told I might have afew weeks work doing solar pv installs. I have never done these before. Just looked at the course and its £1500. Haven't had any work for afew weeks so am tempted. However I think it might be better as much as I need the work to pass it on. Is there anyone who...
  10. Dan

    Clearing up unused accounts

    I'm clearing up unused accounts on most of the forums. So if people haven't confirmed their new account within 30 days, I'm assuming they're not going to and they'll be erased. If people haven't logged into the forum for 300 days, and have no posts under their account, I'm assuming they don't...
  11. Richard Burns

    New GN8 book

    At last, eleven months after ordering I have got the new version of GN8 Earthing and Bonding Right what did I not know before that I can learn! Nice to have some bedtime reading!
  12. B

    Domestic RCBO noise

    Hello All. I have recently rewired a house, and fitted a TD-Line CU (main switch and all RCBO's). All has been fine until now, 1x 6a RCBO for the kitchen and TV room lights has started making a sort of buzzing/humming noise. I haven't heard it myself but the client says that it isn't very...
  13. trev

    Business finder websites

    Lately I seem to be finding loads of these sites springing up that promise upon payment of £x they will find business for you, or they will give leads each costing however much. My question is does anyone have any experience of them and are they worth investing in?
  14. Dan

    Member Account Pruning

    I've removed accounts that have never been used to post, and haven't logged in since late 2009. One would assume they're not going to post now and don't read the forum still. All the others that haven't posted have had an email telling them to, or they risk losing their account. So your...
  15. D

    For sale brother PT7100

    I'm selling a 6 month old (hardly used) Brother 7100 Labelling machine Brought it 6 months ago because I needed a labelling machine and had lots my dymo, Found the dymo about a week later and haven't used the brother since. These machines come with 2 year warranty (I can also supply a copy of...
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