1. M

    Start-up Capacitor

    Hi Guys, can anyone advise on the values of a start-up capacitor for an old 1HP GE motor. Model: 5KC47PG902 ?
  2. M

    Sewing machine query - capacitor requirements

    Hi guys. Any advice greatly appreciated, please. I have a 1970 Bernina sewing machine. It works a treat, but has just popped loudly and emitted a puff of smoke. I gather that the motor suppressor/capacitor gives up the ghost on these old machines as a regular thing. Sadly, Bernina don’t...
  3. J

    What equation can be used here to find the value of the capacitor?

    Hi all, I'm struggling with these questions for this circuit as the equations I have in order to work out impedance etc all seem to need the value of the capacitor so I'm at a loss now and was wondering if there was a way to work out the capacitor value or if there was another equation I could...
  4. S

    Electrical and capacitor help please

    Hi all, New to the forum. I have been asked to look at this for one of our guys who's had an issue onsite after some electrical works had been carried out, after some advice and potential causes and remedies please. Long story short. Asked for a socket to be installed inside a depot only...
  5. gazdkw82

    Help testing small motor

    Friend of mines dryer machine has stopped working, 2 days out of warranty. I am trying to help theme out as money is tight for them however, I'm a little unsure my diagnosis is correct and I don't want them spending unnecessarily on replacement parts. The dryer is a Candy machine and has a...
  6. W

    Capacitor in loom - why?

    Hi Gurus, I found a capacitor/condensor in the wiring loom of a motorcycle. It's connected between the switched power circuit and earth. It has a broken connection that looks like it broke many years ago (rusty) but the bike runs perfectly well. I was wondering if anyone knew the purpose of such...
  7. S

    Ceiling Fan Capacitor

    The other day I noticed my ceiling fan wouldn't turn on. The light still worked but the fan was dead. Is it possible for the capacitor to look pristine with no bulges or even a burnt smell and still be bad?
  8. N

    Soft Starters for Single Phase Submersible Pump

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone ever encountered an undersized start capacitor (from manufacture) for a single phase pump??? I would like to integrate some sort of soft starter for my submersible pump which pumps rain water to a tank. Is this possible??.... Thanks, NKC
  9. T

    Capacitor in AC circuit

    I have a question about a school circuit called a capacitor in an AC circuit. The capacitor is connected directly to the AC source and the phase shift is measured, which should be 90° voltage to current. My question is whether this phase shift will be 90° in every case or this also depends on...
  10. M

    Is anything special about motor start capacitors?

    My dishwasher was failing, and I quickly found the problem was a failing capacitor on the circulation pump. Marked as 2.5uF 400V. No problem, except not easily found locally. So I rummage around and find an old fluorescent lamp with a power-factor correction capacitor of the right value. Well...
  11. T

    Inrush into 4.3mF capacitor bank

    Hi, We have a 4kW PFC we are doing. (100-265VAC, +/-180V) The input is a Boost has 4.3mF of output capacitance. We want to inrush into it through a resistor, then short out the resistor with a relay. We want the resistor to be 20 Ohms. Whats the smallest 20r resistor we can use for...
  12. P

    What purpose is a capacitor in a motor circuit?

    So basically, if I wanted to increase the voltage across say a motor winding I would need to add a capacitor in parallel?
  13. P

    Can someone once and forall tell me what a capacitor does in an AC circuit?Thanks.

    Can someone tell me once and for all, what a capacitor does in an AC circuit?
  14. Y

    Pump tripped RCD - capacitor fell out when inspecting

    Hi, Not quite a central heating system but the same kind of pump used I believe. It is used to increase the pressure of the water system when the tap is turned on. Today it started tripping the RCD. It is located on the roof below the exterior water tank. I removed the plastic cover that...
  15. S

    Washing Machine Starter Capacitor constantly engaged

    Hi all, I am trying to diagnose an issue with a BEKO WMB101433LW washing machine where it was reported (by the missus) that the drum has far more resistance than usual. I've ruled out bra wires etc and anything between inner and outer drum and have isolated the issue to the high torque setting...
  16. N

    bosch router repair, suppression capacitor replacement or remove?

    Hi all, I have an Old bosch router that has had a suppresson capacitor fail. I can't get a replacement part to match and was wondering if i could just remove it and carry on. Would this be safe? It is an 0.1uF X 2 x 2500nFY and has three wires, its inline with the negative wire from the...
  17. J

    Im replacing the original run capacitor in my RV's ac unit.

    Hello. Im replacing the original run capacitor in my RV's ac unit. The label says 45uf + - 10%, 7.5mfd / 370vac, 3.4 amp. The one I have to replace it is all the same except it says 30uf + - 5% and its a bit smaller. Will this work?
  18. Riatsila

    UK Is double pole switch necessary in this case?

    Hi all A friend bought an extra control switch for his winch so that he'd have controls at upper and lower levels during building work. His problem was that the new switch was single pole while the switch in the original control unit was double pole (both double throw, centre return). However...
  19. R

    Motor-Start Capacitor Questions

    I picked up a 7.5W 110V TEFC single-phase induction motor for super cheap. I may use it on a home made lathe or stationary-sander for my woodshop. It's not running. I read that the run windings would probably have less impedance than the start windings. I was only able to get and measure...
  20. I

    Tumble dryer capacitor

    Hi, Through other posts on here I've diagnosed a problem with the capacitor on my Beko tumble dryer. The problem is, now I have opened the panels up, the capacitor is soldered at the pin connections rather than having crimped attachments. Am I alright to snip the wires and solder them to the...


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