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  1. qaz

    Domestic trying to understand 3 phase motor/capacitor installation

    I'm a qualified mechanic but always tackled small electrical jobs without incident. wonder if i can get some advice re a 60's potters wheel. it consists of : -a 220-250 volt 3 phase, c/s 50, motor -an largish oval capacitor [with a resistor between the 2 contacts] some distance away from...
  2. P

    Replacement capacitor required

    Hi I need to replace a capacitor from a fan but I can't seem to find the exact one online. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction of where I might be able to get hold of one? Details say cbb60 450vac 50/60hz 40/85/21, please see attached photo. Many thanks
  3. M

    Wilo Pump Capacitor Replacement

    Hi All, new member here. I have a Wilo Gold RS50 pump fitted to a solar thermal system. I suspect the capacitor is faulty and wish to replace it. However, I cannot see the method to disconnect one of the capacitor leads (sited between the L & N connections). It is very tight and I don't want to...
  4. Edtwozeronine

    How fast should a capacitor lose it's charge?

    I've been testing some capacitors off a treadmills PCB using a 9 volt battery to charge them up, then taking voltage readings with a multimeter and watching as they discharge. Most seemed to release the 9v very slowly but one 25v 470uF capacitor leaked it away considerably faster than the rest...
  5. Vortigern

    Calculation of capacitor value for conversion from star to delta

    Hi does anyone have a notion of how to calculate the capacitance value for the above?
  6. telectrix

    Capacitor Fail?????20 bloody characters.

    motor runs fine if i give it a push. i assume the cap in the pic is a dual start/run. only shows 1 value (4mfd) so does that mean it's 2 x 4mfd caps in the one can? assuming that.best place to get one?
  7. M

    Inverter went pop, can you identify this film capacitor?

    Hi all. I recently had a 300w inverter go pop and I'd really like to try to repair it if possible (it's a valuable part of a solar energy system). Upon first inspection, the big metallized polypropylene film capacitor right next to the AC output has burnt. I've no idea if there is any further...
  8. D00DY_T00DY

    Washing machine capacitor

    Hi all, My washing machine is buzzing which I thought the motor was f&&*Ed but thought to test the capacitor by giving the motor a push start. Starts just fine after which confirms it for me. Anyone know any sites for spare parts? Part number is 11.126/856-324 Not sure if this is the start...
  9. B

    Motor advice

    Good Evening All Not too good with motors so was wondering if anyone could help me. 110v cement mixer, press on button, buzzing and no rotation. Tried moving via belt, moves no problem. Measured start capacitor and have nothing (though its not been used for some time). Any ideas? Thanks!
  10. rolyberkin

    Drayton Digistat +RF losing connection

    As per the title, I have a digistat +RF which is losing its connection, it has until now worked fine for eight years, last week i decorated the office so the only difference is the colour of the paint I connect it and it runs fine during the day and then overnight when the time clock switches...
  11. Z

    Whats up !

    transformer battery charger - http://overunity.com/16932/transformer-battery-charger/msg494683/#new Basically do you know what will be the voltage of the charged capacitor on the right side? the three phases have same number of turns. so 240 V AC 50 Hz is splitted into two 120 VAC 50Hz (left...
  12. S

    240v 1ph 1600W Table saw motor wiring question

    Hello everyone, This is my first post, so please bear with me. I am trying to work out how the motor to my table saw is wired. I bought it second hand and I think the previous owner has messed with it. One of the brush holders had been forced in and was touching the commutator. I am wondering...
  13. A

    Medusa t2801 generator help!

    Hi all, My generator is only putting out about 50v when I start it up. After revving it for a bit it puts out 100v, but obviously still not enough for my 110v drills. It's quite old but don't really want to get rid of it. Anyone able to help with what's wrong with it? TIA Austin
  14. S

    Pulsating LED

    Hi all, I have an 82 coaster and I put together some day driving lights. Problem is, they pulsate. With my limited knowledge, I think I need a Capacitor in parallel, though I wouldnt have a clue as to what value Id be looking for? I looked around and it seems like Id need to read a whole book...
  15. H

    Saccardo Motor Fault!

    hello, so basically the motor on my saccardo cut off saw has just stopped. how should i go ahead and diagnose such a motor? i have had a little fiddle with it taking the motor off the cut off saw. Connected it to power, when i press the trip switch it has on it, it makes a noise but dose not...
  16. C

    anyone know what is in a 3 phase power correction capasitor

    Disconnected a old one today stood about 600mm off floor said on front contains hazardous substances. Does anyone know if they full of copper or just oil.there was some copper links in top . Has anyone ever dismantled one
  17. M

    Fault table saw Advice needed

    In the Workshop we have table saw which sometimes doesn't start just hums and you need to start the with a bit of wood, I have only just started with them and they asked if it could be fixed for me its a capacitor problem but i don't want to say order a new capacitor and it will it work in-case...
  18. R

    four post car ramp 3 phase to single phase conversion

    Hi , I am new to the forum not a sparky but Physics background .had to make the decision with a car lift whether to buy an inverter or change to a single phase motor . My lift is a Bradbury 40 series 4 tonne .The motor does not need to reverse as it is gravity that takes it down .Also purely...
  19. I

    RCD Tripping - Boiler Control Box

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can shed some light on a recent problem: We have attended a problem whereby an RCD was tripping in a property due to a capacitor (suppressor) in a boiler control box shorting. We have removed the capacitor, and now all seems well. The questions are, Does anyone know...
  20. R

    air compressor faulty

    hi just wondering if anyone can help me i have a air compressor, the type used for spray guns, air tools etc that is no longer working. I opened the case as I could smell burning and found the capacitor was all melted and blown, it was a 25mf so I changed that and the compressor fired up again...
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